Chapter 2: A New Life Begins

Apparently, I was reborn as the eldest daughter of a duke’s family.

I was named Cecilia…Cecilia de Heinz.

My mother, Leila de Heinz, was the one who held me as a baby, and my father, who saw me with a smile, was Reinhardt de Heinz. And my brother, Roberto de Heinz, who was six years older than me.

In addition, this Heinz family was related to the royal family and was the highest ranking noble family in the world.

I was born into such a blessed family, and naturally I was able to lead a comfortable life, and I grew up to be 3 years old while being doted on by my parents, brother and the people who served the Heinz family.

…How lucky I am to have such a happy life after my ordinary life in my previous life…how lucky I am!

So, satisfied with my too-happy life now, I decided to enjoy my second life for now.

And now I was playing with my mother and a few maidservants in the nursery that had been prepared for me, assembling building blocks.

As expected of a toddler with the adorable appearance of a three-year-old, but in spirit I was worried at first whether I could play like a child because I am a 27-year-old arasa woman, but when I played with her, I surprisingly returned to my childish mind and enjoyed playing with her.

“Well, Cecilia, you can stack them up so well!”

“It’s true, ma’am! I’ve never seen a child at this age stack up so well!”

“Your daughter has a lot of moves, don’t you, Miss?”

So, from a moment ago, they have been praising me and smiling at me, but for me, it’s just a bunch of building blocks… I was puzzled by the fact that they were praising me so much, but I pretended to be happy and smiled.

I smiled and pretended to be happy.

“Cecilia is so cute!”

My mother said happily and hugged me tightly, making my cheeks rise and fall.

And the maids, who I saw while being hugged by their mother, were also writhing with tears on their cheeks.

…How many times have I seen this scene?

With my face buried in my mother’s chest, I had a bitter smile on my face.

“Oka-chama it hwurts…”

“Oh, Cecilia, I’m so sorry.”

When I complained in a lisping voice, my mother immediately let me go.

…as I thought, my mouth isn’t fully developed yet, so I can’t pronounce it clearly and it’s hard to speak!

Yes, I feel the physical disability of a 3 year old, but well, I’ve decided to accept my current state because kids grow up so quickly.

“Now, Cecilia, what shall we play with next?”

Uhhh… Oh, man!

So I’ll have her come up with something.

Mother seemed happy to hear my words and immediately instructed her maidservants to get the dolls ready.

Mother… she loves playing with dolls the most, so she’s happy when I say she wants to play with them.

So I was looking at my mother’s happy face, smiling and waiting for her to be prepared to play with me like a child.

Just then, the door to the nursery opened and my father and brother walked in together.

“Welcome home, dear.”

“I’m home, Leila.”

Mother immediately went to greet her father with a smile, and he smiled at her and lightly kissed her on the forehead.

…You two are as lovey-dovey as ever~

Your mother’s cheeks stained with happiness at your father’s kiss, and then she smiled at your brother who was standing next to your father.

“Welcome back too, Roberto. How was the castle you followed your father to?”

“I’m home, Mother. It was very spacious! And I’ve learned a lot of things! Father, may I follow along with you again?”

“Oh, that’s fine. I want you to take over this house and my position as Prime Minister in the future.”

“Yes! I’ll do my best!”

His father patted his brother’s head happily as he replied emphatically.

…Well, it’s about time.

I slowly stood up at the thought and ran to the three of them, smiling and holding my hands out in front of me, smiling.

“Otou-chan! Onii-chan!”

“Oh Cecilia!”

As soon as he said this, he folded his knees and opened his arms to receive me, as if to welcome me, and took up a position to receive me.

And my brother watched me with a smile.

But then my feet got caught in the carpet and I fell forward, still unaccustomed to my three-year-old body.

“Look out!”

I heard such voices everywhere, but I quickly closed my eyes and braced myself for the impact, and as soon as I opened them, I saw my brother’s face in front of me, catching me.

No matter how long I waited, the impact of my fall didn’t come, and when I opened my eyes, I found my brother’s face in front of me as he caught me.


“Thank God you’re in time. Cecilia, are you okay?”

“Yes! Thank you, Onii-chan!”

I thanked him with a smile and hugged him tightly.

Then he hugged me back gently.

No~ He’s seriously like a prince~! It’s great to have a man like this as my brother!

I was rubbing my face against my brother’s chest as he gently stroked my head, thinking that I was happy.

Then father and mother approached us with a smile on their faces.

“Leila, what angels our children are.”

“It really is true.”

“Especially Cecilia’s cuteness, which is out of this world!”

No, no, no, no…

“This would surely make Cecilia the ‘Celestial Maiden’ in the oracle that will take place when she turns seventeen!”

…what? “Celestial Maiden”? I’ve heard that somewhere…

“And with this cuteness, you could be Prince Kaiser’s fiancée, one year older than Cecilia and just the right age.”

“Father! My little sister, Cecilia, doesn’t need a fiancée!”

He stared at our father and hugged me even tighter.

But more than that, what father said stuck in my mind.

………Hmmm? “Prince Kaiser”? This and that, too, somewhere…hmm! The Celestial Maiden and Prince Kaiser! Wait, you don’t think…

An idea came to me and I slowly looked up from my brother’s chest and looked at my father.

“What is the name of this country?”

“Hmm? The name of the country? The Kingdom of Beizelm? What does it matter?”

Father looked at me with that strange look on his face, but I didn’t have time to worry about that.

“The Celestial Maiden,” “Prince Kaiser,” “Prince Kaiser,” “The Kingdom of Beizelm” …”Cecilia”… maybe this is completely the world of the maiden game I played in my previous life, “Eternal Time with You,” isn’t it! And my name ‘Cecilia’ is the name of the villainous daughter who interferes with the heroine!!!!

When I realized this fact and screamed in my heart, I let go of my consciousness in despair.

People around me who noticed me called my name in a hurry, but I couldn’t hear them anymore.

A few hours after I lost consciousness, I woke up to find my parents and brother lying in their bed, looking at me with worried faces.

“Oh good. I see you’re awake, Cecilia.”


“Really good… Hey Cecilia, how are you feeling?”

“Yes, I’m doing very well.”

“Cecilia, you don’t have to hold back. If there’s something you want, just let me know and I’ll get it for you. I’ll get it for you in a minute.”

“Thank you very much, onii-chan. But I don’t need anything now.”

“Yeah, well…”

“Well, according to the attending physician, there was nothing particularly wrong with her body, but for now, she’s been told to rest and rest today. Let’s all give Cecilia a break.”

“Yes, my dear.”

“…Yes, Father. But Cecilia, if you need anything else, call me.”

“Yes! Good night then.”

I smiled at them to reassure them that I was okay, and as soon as I said my bedtime greetings, I closed my eyes.

Then each of them kissed my forehead in turn and told me to go to bed, then turned off the light and quietly left my bedroom.

I closed my eyes for a while and waited until there was no sign of life before I opened them again.

I stared at the darkened space, and when my eyes finally got used to the darkness, I quietly got out of bed.

I lit the lamp on the bedside table and went to the desk in the bedroom with it.

I carefully placed the lamp I was holding on the desk, which was a bit large for my still three-year-old body, and then pulled the chair with both hands and climbed into the chair to sit down.

After sitting down, I took out a large quantity of white paper and a pen from the drawer, which was kept for drawing, and started to write letters on the paper.

This is the general story of ‘Eternal Time With You.’

Once every few decades in the kingdom of Beizelm, an oracle is held to select a maiden called ‘The Celestial Maiden.’

The story begins when the heroine, at the age of 17, is chosen to play the role of the “Celestial Maiden” in the oracle.

She lives in the palace for a year in order to fulfill her role as the “Celestial Maiden” and meets and falls in love with men who are her targets.

One of the targets is Prince Kaiser, the first prince of the Kingdom of Beizelm.

Furthermore, Prince Kaiser has a beautiful, selfish, jealous, and horrible fiancée, Cecilia, who is a Duke’s daughter and looks beautiful, but is envious and cruel.

Cecilia, the villainous daughter, has been harassing the heroine with all sorts of nasty things and annoyingly interfering with her love life.

But in the end, when the heroine has a happy ending, she is brutally murdered by each of her opponents.

That’s when I put down my pen, put my head in my hands, and roared in my mind.

Ugh!!!!! It’s totally me, this “Cecilia the Villainess”! I just remembered “Cecilia” in the game, and her hair color and eye color were exactly the same!  Is it because I wished in a past life that I could go around the dying game one more time? But then why would they reincarnate me as a ‘villainous daughter’!? At this rate, this life will surely end at the tender age of 17…

I stared at the ending of Cecilia, which I had written out myself, and gawked and sagged.

But soon I looked up and clenched my right hand to put my resolve into it.

No, it’s too early to be pessimistic! There’s still 14 years to go before I turn 17! I should just manage to keep the death flags from going up before then!!!!!

When I told myself that, I took my pen again and wrote down as much information as I could remember about the game and the target of the attack, and then I thought about how to deal with it from now on and wrote it down on paper until nearly mid-morning.


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  1. Thanks fir the chapter!
    I always get stuck over this “break the flag” plot… like… what is this game correction thing or else… If you think normally its strange to accept it so easily, right?
    Maybe I believe too much on stuffs like butterfly effect xD

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  2. Oh well, I didn’t remember the plot until now hahahhah
    Now I’m getting the pieces together. Let’s reread again 😆


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