Chapter 38: Commander vs. Leader

I moved as much of what I could move from the pantry, and with difficulty, I managed to barricade myself inside and hide.

Then the door opened again and a very happy leader walked into the room.

“Well, sorry to keep you waiting, Princess! I’m ready to…what? Where’s the princess…ah, there she is.”

With that, Rabi walked without hesitation to the barricade I had put up.

I built it with some pretty heavy shelves, and I should be able to buy a little time! Okay, if there’s an opening while he is breaking down the barricade, let’s dash out of that open door!

I was secretly timing my escape with this thought.

“Princess, you don’t have to hide like that, I’ll just take you and eat…or maybe I’ll eat you sooner or later. Well, I’ll leave that alone, but I’m ready to go.”

The next moment when I thought I heard Rabi’s voice nearby, I let out a loud noise and one after another the objects I had used for barricading were lightly thrown away by his hands.

Huh? Huh? I mean, that’s a steel shelf that’s probably a few dozen pounds long! No, no, no, you can’t even flick a full keg with one hand…what an idiot!

Rabi seemed to sense no weight at all, and I just watched the barricade dwindle and diminish, stunned.

Then, when everything in front of me was removed, I finally realized that I had forgotten to run away.


With that thought in mind, I hurriedly got up and was about to run past Rabi to the door.

“Oops, you won’t get away with it.”

After all, there was no way they would let me go that easily, and I was caught by him in no time at all.

“Hey, let me go!”

“Whoa, don’t get out of line, Princess…I don’t want to hurt my precious wife if I can help it. Keep quiet.”

“That’s why I’ve told you over and over that I’m not going to be your wife!”

“Oh well, let’s go then. It might be a little painful, but bear with me.”

“Huh? Hey!”

Rabi picked me up lightly and carried me over his shoulder like luggage.

Well, this position again! This is hard for me because it puts a lot of pressure on my stomach!!

I thought so, but I couldn’t move because he was holding my legs firmly in front of me so that I wouldn’t get out of control.

In the meantime, Rabi climbed up the ladder with one hand while holding me, slipped out of the underground storage room, and walked straight to the front door.

“Hey, really think about this again! I can’t do anything as your wife, can I?”

“It’s fine, It’s fine! If you don’t understand, you can ask my henchmen’s wives and they’ll tell you everything you need to know. It’s normal to make mistakes at first, and I don’t mind. And the princess who is in trouble for making a mistake like that…she’s absolutely adorable!”

Rabi was chuckling to himself as he said this.

I heard Rabi’s laughter, and although I was being carried on his back, I could easily imagine the grin on his face.

How did this happen…?

I let out a deep sigh, thinking that in my heart.

I managed to make a barricade and hide in it, even though I had a hard time moving things that could be moved in the grocery store. As I was grieving, Rabi, who thought I had given up on him, walked out of the house with a light step.

I had been in the dark basement pantry earlier, and the sunshine outside felt so bright that I looked around, creating shadows with my hands.

I found out that I was trapped in a hut deep in the forest.

There were many men gathered near the hut, and in the center of the hut was a wagon.

Then Rabi stumbled toward the wagon.

“Oh, leader!”

“Hey, sorry to keep you waiting. My wife was throwing a little tantrum, and I had to wait a little while to quiet her down.”

“Leader, you’ve got a big grin on your face! Well, flirting is fine, but…preferably out of my sight!”

“Yeah, I know. I know, I know. And I’ll find a lovely wife for you guys who don’t have one yet.”


Then Rabi and the men all burst out laughing happily at the same time.

“I know it’s a bit cramped, Princess, but you’re going to have to stay in this truck for a while. It’s a bit too conspicuous with your appearance. And besides…I don’t want the other guys to see you.”

With that, Rabi grinned and set me down through the open door to sit in the back of the carriage.

“…So I’m telling you that I’m not going in the first place!”

As soon as I shouted that, I thrust both legs out in one fluid motion and kicked Rabi in the stomach, just at the height of the loading platform.


Rabi moaned and cowered there, holding his belly where I kicked him.

And the men around me looked at him and me with stunned expressions.

Okay! Now!!!!!

As soon as I decided that, I jumped down from the loading platform, passed by Rabi who was still crouching, and rushed out into the forest.

“What are you just standing there doing!? Hurry up and get the princess! But don’t let her get hurt!”

“Hey, hey! Missus! Wait!!!!”

“Don’t call me Missus!”

I was yelling back at the men as I ran away from the leader’s shouting at me, calling me Missus, as the men desperately chased after me.

I have to run away until I can get to some village or at least see someone and get help!

Even though I thought so, I ran with all my strength while slipping through the trees so as not to get caught.

But after all, with only a woman’s legs, and since the only exercise I got was dancing, I was immediately out of breath.

And the men who lived as bandits, begging catching up with me, and surrounded me in a blink of an eye.

“Look, Missus, please come to terms with this.”

“Don’t call me Missus!”

“Well, I’m a person who has such a clever wording, but is surprisingly caring and reliable!”

“We owe our leader a lot, and we want him to be happy!”

“Missus, why don’t you try being the head wife for now?”

“And…that blow you gave the leader was the best! I’d love for you to be our Missus!!!”

I flinched as the men hurled such words at me one after another.

“As expected of the kind of princess I’m in love with! These guys already adore you, don’t they?”


And opening the men’s enclosure, emerged the grinning, joyful Rabi, smiling and laughing.

“You can move now!?”

“Well, it hurt a little, but I can move from that easily. Now, would you mind getting on the wagon now? You don’t want to be tied up and taken away, do you?”

“I don’t…”

“Then don’t try to…”

Then Rabi approached me, reaching for me.

“No! Somebody help me!!!”



As I cried out for help, I heard a familiar voice nearby, and as I was startled by the voice, the men around me were suddenly blown away one by one.

I was confused by the suddenness of the event, and then I was suddenly drawn to someone.

“Huh? Huh?”

“Princess! Are you hurt!?”

I heard such a desperate voice from above my head, and I looked up in horror to see Viktor’s face, staring at me with worried black eyes.

“Huh? Viktor! Why are you here!?”

“That’s because I’m here to save the princess, of course! But more importantly, are you hurt somewhere?”

“No, no. I’m fine.”

“That’s good…”

Viktor looked relieved to hear my words and hugged me even tighter.

…Hugged me? I mean, I was hugged by Viktor!

That’s when I finally realized that Viktor was holding me to his chest with one arm holding my shoulder.

I didn’t expect Viktor to do such a thing, so I was very flustered and restless.

Then Rabi approached us with a dagger and a steady eye.

“That black hair and those black eyes…you’re Viktor, aren’t you? But hey, it’s time to let go of my princess!”

“…‘My princess?’”

“Yeah, well, you can call her my wife, if you want.”


Viktor, who had been staring at the leader while protecting me, heard the leader’s words and slowly looked at me with the wrinkles between his eyebrows growing.

“Ah~ It seems that for some reason, Rabi, the leader of the bandits, has taken a liking to me…He insists on taking me as his wife. I’ve refused him many times…”

“Don’t be so shy, Princess.”

“I’m not shy! Listen to me!”

I complained to Rabi, who was still saying that to me without learning his lesson.

“…the princess will never belong to you.”


“I’d rather do it to you!”

“…I see~. But it’s my style to take what I want by force, no matter who I’m dealing with. Fine, I’ll be your opponent.”

Rabi lowered his stance as he said this, a dangerous shimmer in his eyes.


“You guys stay out of this. Stay back with the other guys who are hurt.”


And so the men dropped back with the men who had been knocked down by Viktor.

“…Princess, please stand back and wait for a moment. I’ll go finish this in a minute.”


Viktor let go of me and let me go after him, but as expected, I was beginning to feel uneasy.

Because I remembered Rabi’s foolishness that I saw earlier.

Viktor, are you okay? No matter how strong Viktor is, Rabi is the leader of the bandits, even though he looks like that…

The two men stared at each other, swords at the ready, and the next moment the fight began.

Rabi was the first to move, closing the gap between himself and Viktor in one fluid motion, and quickly raising his dagger in the air.

But Viktor reacted quickly to the move and jumped back and swung his sword Rabi as if to return the favor. 

However, Rabi also responded to Viktor’s sword handling and evaded the tip of the sword so that it would roll sideways. Then, a fierce battle was fought in front of me for a while.

Wow! In the game we only got stills and descriptions of the fight, but I never thought I’d get to see a fight this powerful in front of me! But… if possible, I’d like to get this situation fixed without anyone getting hurt…

I thought so, but I was praying that somehow this would be settled soon, because if I messed up and it led to a big accident, that would be a disaster.



Suddenly Rabi let out a yell and grabbed a nearby tree, pulled it out of the ground and threw it to Viktor.  As expected, Victor was surprised at his behavior, but immediately held his sword and smashed the flying big tree with a single stroke.

However, perhaps he was reading Victor’s actions, because a dagger shot by Rabi was flying from between the two split trees toward Victor’s face.


Viktor avoided the dagger in time and the dagger went straight into the tree behind Viktor.


Then Viktor pointed the tip of his sword at Rabi’s throat with his weapon missing.

“I have won. Surrender.”

“You’re not gonna kill me?”

“I can’t let the princess see the blood, you know. You will all be captured and turned in to the nearest city guard.”


Finally, the fight was over and I let out a breath of relief.

But then I noticed that Rabi’s mouth was slightly raised.

When I looked at the dagger that leader had thrown, I saw a glittering object.

The moment I noticed this, I rushed towards Viktor.


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