Side Story 1: The Duke’s Son Matchmaking

My name is Roberto de Heinz. I am the eldest son of the Dukes of Heinz, and I turned 23 this year.

I have a younger sister, Cecilia, who is six years younger than me, and so pretty and dainty that it even hurts to look her in the eyes.

From the moment she was born, Cecilia captured my heart with her angelic loveliness.

But she has a fiancée, Prince Kaiser, the crown prince of the Kingdom of Beizelm.

To be honest, I don’t approve of their engagement at all, but since it came directly from the king, there was nothing I could do about it.

To make matters worse, other men, and even some women, who are clearly interested in Cecilia, appeared around her.

Sure, I know I’m in love with my cute Cecilia, but still, I didn’t want to admit my relationship with her.

…I’ll definitely break her engagement to Prince Kaiser one day too!

With that kind of enthusiasm, and thinking about taking over the Heinz family in the future, it was time for me to find someone to marry.

So I went on several couple matchmakings with my father’s introduction, but…the decision of the other party has not been decided yet.

That’s because I couldn’t find anyone who fit the requirements of what I was looking for in a partner.

The requirement is, of course, a woman who loves Cecilia even after she gets married to me, and wants to live with Cecilia for the rest of her life.

I would always present these conditions to the young lady I was going to meet at the arranged marriage, but all the ladies would be turned off by the idea and the marriage proposal would be broken off.

My father repeatedly told me to stop this requirement, but I had no intention of listening to him.

Then my father, who was half ready to give up, approached me again about a matchmaking meeting.

As I recall, this time it was Count Dandia’s daughter. Her name was…Miss Marie, I think.

I was waiting for Miss Marie in the parlor, remembering the information my father had told me.

Then, after a knock, the door opened and a young lady entered the room in a ladylike manner.

She was a pretty woman with pale light blue hair pulled back into a bun and pink eyes.

Heh~ I wasn’t expecting much…but her appearance isn’t bad. But…I had heard that she was 19 years old, but she seems mature for her age.

I got up from my chair with a smile on my face and welcomed Miss Marie with that thought in mind.

“Welcome, Miss Marie. I am Roberto de Heinz. It’s a pleasure to meet you today.”

“Nice to meet you, Roberto-sama. I’m Marie Dandia. It’s nice to meet you too.”

After saying that, Miss Marie smiled softly, plucked the hem of her skirt and bowed beautifully.

…Her etiquette is perfect. Honestly, quite good

It was the first person of the opposite sex, other than Cecilia, I had an interest in.

So we sat in chairs facing each other and talked about each other.

“Fufu, Roberto-sama really loves Cecilia-sama, doesn’t he?”

Miss Marie laughed happily and listened to me talk about Cecilia with no disapproval.

…Miss Marie is the first young lady who hasn’t drawn back after I talked about Cecilia.

I was getting more and more fond of Miss Marie, and I was hoping that she might agree to my conditions.

I spoke to Mistress Marie in a fit of seriousness

“Mistress Marie…/if you are considering marrying me, I would like you to agree to one condition?”

“Condition? What is it?”

“…To live with my sister for the rest of your life after we are married. Of course, it is a prerequisite that you take good care of her.”


“…Is it impossible? Well then, I’m sorry to say that our conversation is…”

“That’s fine.”

“What? What did you just say?”

“I have no objection to living with Lady Cecilia, and therefore, I am prepared to accept the terms.”

Then Miss Marie smiled at me.

“Huh! Really?!”

“Yes. And I would very much like to be friends with Lady Cecilia as well. To tell you the truth, I met Cecilia several times at the ball held at the castle, and I’ve been hoping that she could be my sister ever since.”

“Is that so! Then I can grant you your wish!”

“Yes. And…and…I would also be the wife of Master Roberto, whom I have always admired…”

Miss Marie’s cheeks tinted with embarrassment as she turned her gaze away from me.

My heart was beating loudly at the sight of Miss Marie.

“Ha! Miss Marie!”

So loudly, I got up from my chair and moved to kneel in front of an astonished Miss Marie and kneeled in front of her, and then I took her beautiful hand and looked at her seriously.

“Miss Marie…no, Marie. Please be my wife.”

“Hmm! If you don’t mind if I do.”

“Thank you! I swear to you that I will cherish you for the rest of my life.”

And so we were engaged to be married.


T/N: Brother sis-con meets Sister sis-con

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