Chapter 11: Crossdresser

When I told Alexel about Lateia-sama as he asked me, for some reason, Alexel fell silent with a straight face.

And it was the same for Noel, who was standing behind Alexel.

“Alexel? Noel? What’s going on?”

“No…I’m just curious about that story.”

“Is something bothering you?”

As I looked at Alexel and Noel with a curious face, wondering what the hell was going on, Alexel shifted his gaze from me to Lady Lateia.

“Miss Lateia, just to check a few things, have you met that other man?”

“Yes, well…my father told me about it, and he introduced me to him right away, so…”

“Then, would you mind giving us the name and facial features of this person?”

“His name and facial features?…Well, I believe his name was Russell Mendia. He’s 26 years old. And as for his facial features…he had a well-defined face with a slightly longer brown hair and blue sagging eyes. Oh, and there was a slightly larger mole on the lower right side of his mouth.

Lady Lateia answered Alexel’s question as she remembered.


“Yes It is probably what His Majesty has in mind.”

“I knew it.”

I’m not sure why, but Alexel and Noel looked at each other and nodded at the same time.

Lateia-sama and I were looking at them with a scowling face.


“Cecilia, Miss Lateia, I’m sorry to inform you that we have an urgent matter to attend to. We will leave you in peace.”


Suddenly, Alexel got up from his chair and told us so, and was about to walk out of the room with Noel in tow, so I hurriedly turned and called out for Alexel with a surprised look on my face.

“Wait, Alexel! Are you just going to listen to Lady Lateia’s story and leave!?”

“Yeah. I’ve got most of the information I need.”

“What information did you need…”

“The only thing you need to know is that we’re going to be a little busy from now on, so there’s no need to deal with me for a while. Well, you’ll be busy helping Miss Lateia, so I’m sure you won’t have time for that in the first place.”

“That’s true, but…it’s heartless…just listening to the story.”

“Well, don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone about this. But…just don’t do anything dangerous.”

Seeing my sullen face, Alexel let out a chuckle, and this time he and Noel walked out of the room.


“I’ll leave that person alone! Better yet, let’s talk about the future!”


And so Lady Lateia and I had a detailed meeting.


A few days have passed since then, and the day to put the plan into action has finally arrived.

We were eat the residence of theMarquis, the home of Lady Lateia.

I was standing by the window in a room at the Marquis’ house and looking out at the scene below.

There was a neatly landscaped courtyard with desks and chairs in the center, around which the maids were busily preparing for the occasion.

As I watched in silence, I heard a knock at the door of the room and a voice asking for permission to enter.

The door opened slowly and a beautifully dressed Lady Lateia entered the room.

“You are very beautiful, Lady Lateia.”

I smiled at Lady Lateia as I said my honest opinion.

However, for some reason, Lady Lateia had a fawning look on her face as she looked at me.

She also blushed slightly

“…Lateia-sama? How can I help you?”

“It’s the best!!”


Lateia-sama, who had stopped near the door and froze, suddenly said so forcefully, and at once rushed to me, grabbed my hands, and looked at me with an enraptured expression.

“After all, Cecilia-sama’s mother has the best sense of style!”

“Wait, Lady Lateia, please calm down!”

“No! I don’t know how to calm down! Because…there isn’t a woman who wouldn’t flutter at the sight of Cecilia-sama in her appearance as a man!”

Lady Lateia turned to her handmaids in the room, asking for their opinions.

Then the handmaids nodded their heads strongly in the face of Lady Lateia.

No, you don’t have to affirm it so strongly…

I had a distressed smile as I looked at everyone.

By the way, my current outfit is, just as Lateia-sama said, the clothes of a man.

I’m wearing the gray-based clothes of an aristocratic man, but this time I dressed more carefully than I did before.

First of all, in order to hold down the protrusions of my chest, I wore a specially made vest inside so that it doesn’t look like he has a chest from the side.

Well, I was able to do this because my breasts weren’t that big to begin with…

Next, my long silver hair was gathered up on my head, and I wore a similar-colored silver wig to hide it over my head, making my hair short like a man’s.

I also had a maid who was a skilled make-up artist apply makeup to my face to make it look more like a man’s.

When I was completed in this way, I could only be seen as a beautiful young man as long as I kept silent.

By the way, it was my mother who worked on my overall appearance.

As soon as I finished discussing the details with Lady Laitya, I went back to my parents’ house and told her about her, and she gladly offered to help me.

Then she immediately made arrangements for my men’s clothing.

Mother…you prepared my male attire for me with a lot of fun.

I smiled wryly as I remembered that moment.

“Ahh~ Cecilia-sama, it’s too nice…”

“Lady Lateia, I…I…I told you to call me Ceylan today, didn’t I?”

“Oh, yes, that’s right! I’m sorry…Mr. Ceylan.”

“Is it okay to just call me Ceylan?”

“No, that’s not possible. However, you may call me Lateia, Ceylan-sama. And I would prefer it if there was no honorific.”

“That’s not…”

“I think we look more like lovers that way!”

“I understand…Okay, Lateia.”


When I gave up on the fact that I had no choice, and called out her name as Lateia-sama begged me to, Lateia-sama blushed and froze as she stared at me again.

…Is this all right?

Such worries were boiling over when I saw Lady Lateia as she was now.

After that, when I went with Lady Lateia, who had regained her composure, to the courtyard I had just seen, the Marquis of Daiharia was already there waiting for su.

And beside him was a man with brown hair and a mole in the lower right corner of his mouth who was happily talking with the Marquis of Daiharia.

…That’s Russell Mendia, isn’t it? I see, he looks like a good-natured, young man at first glance…but that smile looks very fake to me.

I couldn’t help but feel like there were other people who had been fooled by that smile as I thought about it.


“You’ll be fine. I’ll make sure Lateia stays safe.”

“Yes! Thank you!”

I smiled to reassure the anxious Lateia-sama, and then firmly put my arms around Lateia-sama’s waist and held her body close to me.

So we moved in front of Russell’s, showing off.

Then Russell saw us and glared at me with a stern expression.

“…Lady Lateia, who is this man?”

“Mr. Russell, I neglected to tell you that this is my lover and fiancé.”


“You must be Russell…we haven’t met before. My name is Ceylan Demillion. I’m a duke. And although Lateia and I have been lovers for years, and we’re just now getting engaged, but it seems you’ve taken a liking my Lateia, right?”

I narrowed my eyes and looked at Russell in a moody manner.

“Ah! Da-Daiharia! What the hell is going on here!? You were lamenting to me that Lady Lateia has yet to have a fiancé, let alone a lover!”

“Well, it’s just that…I only just recently heard about it from my daughter… I’m surprised too.”

The Marquis of Daiharia, wiping the sweat from his forehead with his handkerchief, explained to him reproachfully.  Of course, we had told the him everything in advance, and although he seemed uneasy, we managed to get his cooperation.

However, when Russel cornered me with a terrific sword, the Marquis Daiharia glanced at me with a tight smile.

…This is your fault, isn’t it!? But I must try a little harder!!

I screamed in my heart, but I couldn’t help but sigh a little and spoke to Russell with a dismayed expression.

Russell, isn’t that rude of you? That person will be my father-in-law. Well, of course I heard about how Russell was wooing Lateia. As I recall, you have a contract, right?

“Oh, that’s right! As long as this contract is in place, Lady Lateia is mine!”

With a triumphant look on his face, Russell took out a sheet of paper from his pocket and opened it up to show me.

I stared at the paper and sure enough, it contained the same contents as I had heard from Lady Lateia.

But if you look closely at the bottom of the paper, it’s not what I had expected.

Oh, I thought it said that if anyone violated it, he would receive all of the Marquis Daiharia’s property, but…it only says the amount of money. Well, it’s certainly a great amount of money, but at worst, it’s not like I can’t pay for it with the hard-earned money I’ve been saving. What…this person is a lot lamer than I expected.

I felt like I’d been let down by going below the surface of my imagination, but I still couldn’t bring myself to give money to such a man so easily.

I snickered as I looked at the contract and smiled at Lateia-sama, who was looking at me with an anxious face, and gently held her to my chest.


“A piece of paper like that won’t tear us apart. I love this Lateia with all my heart. And I am the only one who can make her happy.”

Then I lightly kissed Lady Lateia’s head.

“Oh!!…Oh, I don’t care if I die now! I can die happy!”

Lateia enthusiastically stared at me with ecstatic expression and leaving her body.

I’m not sure if I overdid it, but I tried not to let it show on my face.

“So why now just give up on this, Russell.”

“…There’s no way I’m giving up!”

“Heh, I see you’re finally showing your true colors. Well, I expected you to say that. But…if you don’t back out of this, I’m going to crush you to the bone, okay? You haven’t forgotten that I’m a duke, have you?”

“Hmph! Did you really think I would succumb to such a threat? The contract is in my hand! I have the advantage in all aspects! More importantly, it’s stuck together forever! So go away!”

Russell, who had now become completely crude, reached out his hand to grab Lateia-sama with an angry expression on his face.

I tried to protect Lady Lateia from that, but I held Lady Lateia in my arms and turned my back to Russell.

Then Russell’s hand grabbed me by the hair and tried to pull me back.

But with my hair in Russell’s grip…the wig slipped off my head.

And then my hair, which was hidden in the wig, flowed out of my head.

I hurriedly tried to hold on to it, but it was already too late.

“Oh, are you…are you a woman!?”


“Hah, hahahahahah! This is interesting! The Marquis’ daughter let a woman pretend to be her lover? I see, so it is true that Marquis Daiharia was right. It seems that Lateia doesn’t have a fiancée, let alone a lover. Huh, that’s too bad. It seems that you were trying to deceive me, but now the situation is reversed. The name of the Marquis family will be ruined if such an ugly story is revealed, right?”

I could only glare back at Russell, who was looking at us with a triumphant face.

And Lady Lateia, her chest was trembling with tears in her eyes, and the Marquis of Daiharia was frozen with a blue face.

”Kuku, you are no longer of use to me, Ceylan…hmm? Is that a fake name? Well, I don’t care. We have a contract. So hand Lateia over here.”


“Huh, so much for this farce.”

“What? Who is it!?”

Suddenly we heard a voice other than ours, and Russell turned around in the direction of the voice in surprise. Before I knew it, Alexel was standing there with Noel, smiling wryly.


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