Chapter 29: Apprentice Householder

Within a week, Phil-Lynn had completely settled into his position as a householder apprentice and substitute tutor.

I say “substitute tutor” because my current official tutor is Count Stassen, who is currently on a business trip.

The only reason for the “substitute tutor” position is to be able to sit in on my tea.

Basically, you can’t sit at tea with a servant. But a tutor is a special case. Because he’s a teacher.

Substitute or apprentice or whatever, but it suits Phil-Lynn.

Phil-Lynn belongs to His Highness, anyway.

In other words, it’s temporary and he’ll be back eventually.

As long as Phil-Lynn is okay with being here now, his title can be whatever he wants it to be. He doesn’t care about it at all.

“Ah, hey…Your Highness, good morning.”

In response to Lilia’s one glare, Phil-Lynn coughed and changed his words.

“Good morning.”

I nod, as I always do.

Phil-Lynn usually calls me ‘you’ or ‘princess’ right away, but Lilia would never allow it.

The first time she heard Phil-Lynn call me “you”, Lilia’s panic was amazing. It can be said that she was even more frightening because she usually acts like a pristine lady-in-waiting.

“Count Altheidel Exanidium, please be very careful with your language. Her Highness is tolerant and has nothing to say, but your rude behavior will cause her to feel insulted if you continue to use it.”

“Uh, I’ll be careful.”

The ‘please’ and ‘rude’ are piled on top of each other for emphasis. Both in usage and tone!

Phil-Lynn listens with a divine look on her face.

“Lilia, please don’t be so upset with Phil-Lynn. It’s not that Phil doesn’t take me lightly and calls me that.”

“Your Highness, you can’t. You mustn’t look so sweet here…It’s easy to say “you” when you’re not careful. It’s “you.” “You!” No matter how many scholars there are, ‘you’ will not be tolerated against Her Highness!”

Lilia, you expression is a little different…

I learned for the first time that many scholars are weirdos.

I thought one usually becomes more polite when they get higher education, but it’s not like university is a place to teach politeness.

The “Vera” I know is His Highness or Count Stassen, so maybe that’s why I had such a strong image of them, because they are both intelligent and precise.

“I am aware that the Count Altheidel Exanidium himself is not without respect for Her Highness. But those who hear that will insult her. I’m sure His Highness doesn’t give a damn about people who insult him on that level, but it’s not good for him either.”

I was a little pleased to see Lilia put it clearly.

“…Lilia is so kind.”



Lilia and Phil-Lynn look at me with a funny faces.

“Why would that be?”

“I’m sure it’s not particularly kind, but…”

Phil-Lynn asks with a funny look on his face. Lilia herself looks strange.

“Hmm, I know it sounds weird, but I think it’s kind of sweet as a result. Even if Lilia’s warnings make one more careful, the chances of Phil getting hurt badly are reduced as a result.”

Let’s both think about it. I have the strongest guardian in every sense of the word, right?


“…Well, I guess you could say that.”

“It may be a roundabout way to go, but I think it’s the result…because I think His Highness is rather overprotective.”

His Highness would definitely feel uncomfortable if he overheard that kind of thing.

The rest of the world may not be able to hear it, but I don’t think Phil, who is his own, would allow that kind of thing to happen.

Phil-Lynn blurts out a little, ‘yikes.’

“So, if anything goes wrong, I can tell His Highness all about Phil-Lynn.”

I mean, I’m so inattentive! I chuckle because it’s funny like that.

In addition…

For me, I’m also curious about what His Majesty the King is doing.

In many ways, he’s unreadable in the way he comes out and…

“Please don’t do this…Seriously.”

When I bring my attention back to my eyes, I can see that Phil has a look on his face that says he’s heartbroken.

I think he’s really weak to His Highness.

Perhaps His Highness would think nothing of being insulted himself.

He must laugh off that insult with his nose. I’m sure His Highness would not care about such petty attitudes of others.

But I’m sure he would not allow me to be insulted.

…Anyway, now it’s over.

“I understand. The next time the Count speaks out of turn, I’ll take it up with His Highness.”

“Please forgive me. Lana Hartley.”

Phil immediately changed his words.

That was a quick switch.

But it’s not like he’s not good at or respectful of Lilia.

“Then you should pay closer attention.”


Phil bows his head lightly. Phil can do it normally too.

That’s right, he’s the Crown Prince’s foster brother. They should be doing the same etiquette and things like that, right?

When I looked at the two of them, I felt that this perfectly demonstrated the power relationship or position between Phil-Lynn and Lilia.


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