Chapter 32: Archbishop Gittice

I met His Eminence Shion in the room next to the work room…A room I often use for tea.

His Eminence Shion, Archbishop Gittice. He is the youngest brother of Nigel-sama who shares the same mother.

For some reason, it’s not that Nigel doesn’t recognize his half-brothers and sisters, but he seems to lack the recognition that they are siblings, and he always treats His Eminence Shion as his youngest sibling.

As far as His Highness is concerned, His Eminence is well aware of this and seems to be spoiled in many ways. So even though I am younger than His Eminence, I somehow feel like His Eminence Shion’s is a younger sibling in reality.

The living room is a bit too large for me, as it is also a public space. So I prefer to use this smaller room.

Well, there’s a reason why I can’t use the living room at the moment.

“I am grateful for your permission to see you on such an evening. Your Highness Princess Arthirea.”

“It is alright.”

His Eminence Shion gives a soft smile.

I think they are siblings after all. The way he laughs is exactly the same.

Which, in a rather less personal way, is not very good…

The refreshing and perfect prince’s laugh…His Eminence Shion is a clergyman now…but it seems somewhat hollow.

But, just like the Crown Prince, I think this smile has been placed for the outside world.

Most of the scrapbook cards Nadi showed me showed His Eminence Shion had this same expression on his face.

“Did you feel scared? I heard from the maid that you couldn’t sleep until this time.”

“……It’s okay.”

I lower my eyes. In truth, it’s Lilia rather than His Highness, who I’m worried about.

But I can’t say it out loud because Julia is waiting by my side. I can’t suddenly pay people off…

To begin with, it would be a bad idea to pay people off here.

It might be strange for me, a 12-year-old, to be so aware of it, but this palace will be the rear palace of the Crown Prince. I think it’s not just a little bit wrong to want to be alone with a man other than your husband there, it’s quite wrong.

Even more so because the clergy in this country are allowed to marry on a conditional basis.

“…Are you worried about my brother?”

Apparently His Eminence took my clamming up to mean something else.

“Yeah, yeah…”

“My brother will be fine. He would never fight a losing battle.”

Yeah. I’m not so worried about His Highness.

To be honest, I can’t even imagine that His Highness will lose.

I don’t know how to say it…t’s deliberate, but when I looked at Julia, thinking that I should ask her to make a cup of tea, Julia returned a nod to me to see what she had misunderstood and opened her mouth with a smile.

“Her Royal Highness is so worried about the Crown Prince that she can’t sleep much at night…That’s why she wishes to pray for his victory in the war, Your Eminence.”

Damn it, no!

At those words, which were laced with a smile, His Eminence Shion gaped for a moment and then broke his face.

That’s not true!

You’re wrong! I’m not that worried about him, and it’s not the reason I couldn’t sleep!

I want to say that out loud, but it’s hard to say it.

“That’s good to hear. I’m sure my brother will be very happy to hear that.”

“I know she can’t go out to the cathedral, but I’m sure she would be relived if His Eminence would conduct the prayer ritual as a mentor…right?”


There’s something a little different about nodding here…No, I’m not complaining about wishing His Highness well. I’m just concerned that you’re misunderstanding me!

“Of course I’ll take care of it.”

His Eminence Shion nodded vigorously, then thought for a moment and continued.

“But…shall we at least move the place to the cathedral in the the West Palace? This is indeed an unsuitable place for prayer.


Julia hesitated.

It is absolutely forbidden for me to leave this place while the Crown Prince is away. That’s the basic rule. Moreover, there’s no Lilia to make the decision now.

If someone else had come up with the idea, it would have been immediately rejected, but the reason for Julia’s hesitation is probably because the person who is saying it is His Highness’ own brother, His Eminence Shion, who was entrusted by His Highness to watch over my absence.

…Is this a sign that he wants to talk to me?

“If we can sneak in, it’ll be fine.”

His Eminence Shion says with a mischievous and inviting expression. Julia’s cheeks tinted a bit at the charming expression that seems to draw her in.

“How do you like that? Your Highness.”

He’s smiling softly, but his eyes aren’t smiling much.


There was little to no hesitation.

I don’t know if this is a suggestion to have a mindless conversation with me, or if it’s for some other, more different purpose.

Because the timing is too good to be true…

I’ve lived 33+12 years of my life and I know that the world isn’t that convenient.

So I’ll just have to take him up on this offer.

My current situation is in limbo, so I have no other option anyway.

The upsides and downsides of me getting out of it…people who would be annoying and all sorts of other things go through my head.

But my number one priority is to help Lilia.

It doesn’t mean I understand everything. But I at least hope I don’t miss the most important thing.

And I also have a few possibilities in mind.

Maybe I’ll be able to accomplish my goal no matter how it turns out.

Then that’s fine.

I don’t mean to sound arrogant, but I’m a pretty brave person.

There are many things to worry about before making a decision, but once you make the decision, you can make up your mind.

Living alone, without parents, siblings or relatives, was a repetition of making many decisions on my own.

There were a few things that I didn’t want to remember, and I’ve been trained in many ways.

I should be able to do something about a few unforeseen circumstances.

“For the knights…”

Julia showed a worried look.

“It would be best not to mention it. It could cause a scene.”


His Highness Shion laughs softly and says,

Her Highness is also supposed to be lying down with a cold, and it’s only been less than an hour, Julia.”

I think it’s a bad idea to call a name or tell the story.

It’s similar…

When was the last time I saw His Highness the Crown Prince rounding up His Highness Al in front of me.

High Priest Shion and His Royal Highness the Crown Prince have a very similar in atmosphere.

But in truth, in terms of facial features themselves, His Highness Al and His Highness the Crown Prince are actually more similar.

I’m not sure how many people would notice this, since the second prince’s personality is completely different from the crown prince’s, and his hair and eyes are different colors.

“…Your Highness? What’s wrong?”

At my gaze, His Eminence Shion tilts his head lightly.


He smiled at me as I replied, and His Eminence Shion further folded into Julia.

“As long as you take the place of Her Highness, it will be fine.”

“It’s a substitute…”

“It’s not a big deal. All you have to do is go back to the bedroom in Her Highness’ clothes and sleep instead.


“Julia, please.”

I also added my words.

“…If Your Highness says so.”

I nodded to an anxious Julia, as if to say I was fine.


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One thought on “Chapter 32: Archbishop Gittice

  1. This is frustrating. I’m annoyed at her just deciding she can’t tell Julia or Shion anything. What. Is. Even. The. Point, Of. Keeping. That. A. Secret?? So what if the cuffs are a threat? It’snot like they’re gonna kill Lilia because she tells just one or two people. She makes decisions on her own without consulting anyone else while in an anxious state of mind. Of COURSE she’ll mess up like that! It’s annoying because there is literally NO reason for her to go out of the safety of her palace in the midst of a dangerous situtation where the aim is clearly to draw her out. She COULD have given the cuff links to him discreetly inside her palace!

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