Chapter 5: Preparedness

“Let’s go, then.”

As promised, His Highness went out of his way to meet me in my room.


I was happy about it, and when I added, “Thank you,” he expressed that he was not sure what I was saying.

“I was glad to have you here to pick me up,”

“…It’s part of our official duties.”

“But I’m glad.”

I’m glad to be able to smile from the bottom of my heart without any hesitation.

I’m his wife, so I don’t have to hold back in these situations.

I don’t have to hesitate to tell people I like him.

So I want to convey it to my heart’s content.

I’m sorry I can’t tell you in words, though.

I wish I could hug you innocently here, but my thirty-three years’ worth of memories get in the way of doing so.

I’m too embarrassed to do that!

“You take too much pleasure in such trivial matters.”

His Highness let out one small sigh with an expression that looked like he was in a mood.

But I was properly aware of it.

Although he looked somewhat confused, a small smile appeared on His Highness’ mouth.

“Because Nigel-sama’s feelings, no matter how trivial, are pleasing to me.”

To have favors returned for favors. I’m very happy about that.

And I understand it properly.

It was for me that he picked me up.

“You’re exaggerate too much.”

“Is that so?”


Nigel-sama’s hand was stretched out towards me to escort me, so I gently laid my own hand on top of his.

I felt a great sense of relief as my hand touched his silken gloved hand.

I gulped at the thought of holding hands here, but I couldn’t bring myself to say it. A little too excited.

I think it’s Nigel-sama who’s exaggerating.

His Highness seems to have decided to take care of each and every unnecessary obstacle for my safety as I actively participate in official duties from now on, and even in the case of the chair, even though it was only a cushion, he told Anya that he would investigate the cause of the problem, and even changed his schedule to come get me.

I told him there was no need to make such a big deal out of it.

But His Highness shook his head quietly.

He didn’t want to incur greater malice by overlooking just one small malice.

Malice is contagious.

We are all aware of the example.

His Highness must have been concerned about the ripple effect it would have in the special enclosed space of the Rear Palace.

As had been the case in the past…

That’s why the current ‘me’ even exists today. Because of that.

Just when I think His Majesty’s influence has been eliminated…maybe Nigel-sama is a little pissed off after what happened.

Nigel-sama is not going to allow malice to sprout again in the supposedly renewed rear palace.

He’s being thorough…

Nigel-sama is not one to cut corners at all in such matters.

The long, long corridor we walk down is a long gallery.

All of the works on display here were taken from the history of Dardinia, and all of them were big paintings by famous artists of the time.

I’d like to take time to see them, but I haven’t been able to do so yet.

This is because I have been instructed not to leave the corner of my own territory as it is not yet safe to do so.

Maybe I should ask him out on a date with this one.

The purpose of this is to have him take me on a tour of the royal palace in the name of a date. I think the idea is to kill two birds with one stone, to spend more time with His Highness and also to get to know him better.

…Yeah. Not bad.

If it was still in the palace, I wouldn’t be instantly rejected, and if I wanted to, I could just pack a basket of snacks and a water bottle and have a picnic.

I simulate in my mind the steps to make it happen.



When he called my name, I turned my attention to Nigel-sama.

He always looks at me with a sweet look in his eyes.

“The executive chef would like to have a critique of the outcome of the lunch later on. If possible, make time to do it in the near future.”

“I understand. I’ll have Lilia adjust the schedule.”

The menu for today’s lunch was decided by me at the request of His Highness.

Of course, I had a detailed meeting with the head chef of the main palace.

It was pretty hard work, but…

He was a chef with a strong sense of craftsmanship and a strong sense of territory, but that’s about it.

After all, good food is justice.

When I served him the breakfast that His Highness usually has at the palace, he quieted down completely.

After that, I often met him in the palace kitchen.

My cooks in the palace are treated as my personal assistants, not subordinates of the head chef, but they seemed to get nervous in the presence of the head chef, and it was not easy for them to get used to it.

It’s not that he’s not the kind of person who would go around nagging people who aren’t under him, but the title of Executive Chef of the Royal Palace was enough to make everyone feel uncomfortable.

Though Elda didn’t seem to care too much.

But at the end of the day, chefs have a strong sense of craftsmanship. The most important thing to them is to make the food in front of them more delicious.

So while they were making the food, everyone forgot the identity of the head chef.

And once they understood that the head chef was also only one chef, there was no problem after that.

“…I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of food will be served.”

“I hope You Highness likes it…”

“Everything you make is delicious.”


I clutch the fan in my hand without a second thought.

Of course, the right hand, which is entrusted to His Highness Nigel, is only gently held in place. I’m not going to clench that hand with full force.

Well, I don’t have any grip strength at all with this body, anyway.

“This time, it was a little elaborate.”

“The planning?”

“Yes. I was told that all four dukes would be together, so…”

The four dukes— There are not many opportunities to bring all of the heads together.

Because there will be many more national events this year, such as the accession of His Highness to the throne, there may be another opportunity to have an audience with all of them together, but the role of the four dukes in guarding the four sides of Dardinia means that it is not normally a good idea for them to all gather in the capital.

“What are you planning to do?…No, let’s not listen to it. It will take the fun out of it.”

“Yes. Please enjoy it together.”

His Highness Nigel gave me a somewhat mischievous look and laughed.

I also smile back.

Just by looking into each other’s eyes, there’s something that passes between us.

What is it about that alone that makes me feel so fulfilled?

I wonder if that means we’ve moved on to the next level as a couple, but something about it feels a little different.

I’m being escorted, but from the side, it probably looks like I’m being led along by the hand.

I hate this height difference of about two heads.

There are knights of the guard standing here and there in the corridor, their eyes casually fixed on us.

The security in this corridor leading to the rear palace is tighter than anywhere else, and we are never truly alone there.

A stifling daily routine…

That’s what living as royalty is all about.

I want to put a little wind in that routine.

After the time when I had no memory of being an Arthirea and was just struggling to get by, this life where everything was set in stone and I could only be alone in my bed and toilet was something I found unbearable at times.

I never thought of that when I was in the other world…

Over there, I was basically alone.

Instead of being able to make all the decisions for myself, I had to do everything alone.

Just a bit lonely, but free.

Now, I don’t have a shred of freedom to be alone.

Wherever I am in the room, there is always a maidservant, and I am always told to have more than one maidservant in tow when I go out of the room.

Partly because I’m an Elzevert and partly because my security is so high.

Wherever I am, it’s inevitable that people will be following me around.

And it’s the same with Nigel-sama.

In just a short while, Nigel-sama, who will be His Majesty and not His Highness, will not be allowed to be alone for any other reason than me.


I want to add color to the daily routine of repeating a tightly defined schedule.

I hope that breakfast with me will be that kind of time for him, and I’d like to reserve that right…to have as much time as possible for that kind of time.


If I can, I would like to give Nigel-sama a small surprise that would make his heart skip a beat.

I’d like to give him a little fun or something like that that would excite him.

I can’t make a difference in politics or govern the country.

I can’t even express an opinion that would help.

Therefore, I want to support Nigel-sama in any way I can.

Because Phil told me that Nigel-sama is predictable in everything he does…

Something unpredictable…I want to change what seems to be routine.

I want to create a moment with my own hands that comforts the heart of Nigel, who has to bear the burden of the throne.

“…Luthia? Are you feeling okay?”

“No, I’m fine. I’m just a little nervous.”

He gave a small smile as if to say, ‘Don’t worry.’

His Highness Nigel nodded as if he understood.

I need to get fired up.

I am no longer the doll princess.

Today is the first step in demonstrating that publicly.

“I’m here…so there is absolutely no need for you to be nervous.”

The azure silver eyes that peered into the room were tinged with a warm glow.

“…That’s right. If Nigel-sama is here, then there’s nothing to worry about, right?”

I’m sure that’s true, so I simply relaxed my shoulders and gave him a confirmation, and His Highness put his hand on his face and looked up to the ceiling.

“…Nigel-sama? Can I help you?”


Here, Nigel-sama lets out a sigh.


“…You need to learn to doubt people’s words a little more.”

“…Doubt Nigel-sama’s words?”

“Yes…you trust me too much. People, including me, no matter how sincere they appear to be, no matter how loyal they appear to be, in the end, they only say what’s convenient for them.”

He gives a small shake of his head and says so to me with a very serious expression.

“It’s not a problem.”

I shake my head.


It sounds a bit blameworthy.

But I am no longer afraid of that.

“Because I believe in Nigel-sama more than anyone else.”

That’s already a major prerequisite.

It’s impossible not to trust Nigel-sama…

“…Luthia, I’m not a man who deserves those words.”

However, Nigel plasters a blank expression on his face like a Noh-mask.

…this is probably confusing to him.

I kind of understand.

I mean, what are you talking about now?

I don’t know if it’s because of the guilt because of who I am now, or if it’s for a different reason…

I don’t think that’s Nigel-sama’s character though.

It doesn’t matter what kind of Nigel-sama he is. Nigel-sama is Nigel-sama, but I don’t know how to respond to him.


Therefore, I softly spun the name.

His face, peering from above, met my eyes. I looked straight up and told him.

“…My faith in Nigel-sama is a major prerequisite. If that falls apart, my world will not be able to exist.”

Nigel-sama’s eyes widen lightly.

This is definitely a look of surprise.

“So no matter how much Nigel-sama denies it, it’s useless.”


“Faith does not waver just because it is denied by others.—Even if it is denied by the person in question.”

For me, to believe is to be prepared.

So I smiled at Nigel-sama with confidence.

If I am prepared, that mean’s I’ve already done it.

That night was when I decided to live in this world.


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