Side Story: Princess and the Duke’s Daughter

“Good day, Miss Nadia.”

“Good day to you, Renate.”

For the second princess, Nadia Mireille, the older cousin in front of her is not only the cousin she gets along with better than anyone else, but also the one she can’t afford to lose her temper with.

Renate is a duke’s daughter, and…

Nadia understands that she is not as good.

She was born a princess and everyone praises her for the little things, but Nadia herself is just an ordinary girl.

In contrast, Renate, the daughter of her mother’s family, the Duke of Alhane’s family, has been known as a talented woman since she was a child.

She excelled in academics, including etiquette, something Nadia was not good at, and was known for her skill at embroidery, a favorite pastime of noble ladies. She plays the harp and other instruments, though she claims not to be much of a virtuoso, and has an excellent knowledge of the arts.

At the age of fifteen, she was married to Nadia’s mutual cousin, the son of the then Duke of Alhane, but the man who had become her husband died in less than a month. Shortly after that, her grandfather, then Duke of Alhane, died and Renate’s father became a Duke, so she still takes the surname of Alhane, and whether she stayed behind or returned, is unclear.

Because Renate’s father pretended that the marriage, which lasted less than a month, never happened, she is called the Duke of Alhane’s daughter. The fact that she did not marry past the age of 20 is not a flaw in her case, so much so that it is said that her talent is missed.

At present, the duke’s family reign is to be succeeded by Renate’s brother, Leon, but it has long been rumored that the duke might take a son-in-law to Renate.

That’s partly because of Leon’s allegedly poor performance.

The heir of the Duke of Alhane’s family, who is already nearly thirty, has not always had a very good reputation.

To Nadia, he is a very kind cousin and her favorite, but the public’s opinion of him is low.

It’s even said that his only value is that he was a schoolmate of Crown Prince Nigel. That, too, lasted only six months.

I’m not saying he’s strange or incredibly stupid, but Leon’s bad luck is that Renate was his sister.

The fact that Renate, who can do everything as well as anyone else, has been the closest thing to Leon’s misery since he was a child.

Even I get compared often and it sucks. But that brother and sister is even worse.

Leon is five years older than Renate, a man, and a brother and sister of his mother. It’s been a comparison that’s far from Nadia.

But Leon remains kind.

He didn’t get lost or twisted, and he didn’t falter.

‘That alone is amazing,’ Nadia thinks.

Even more so because her twin brother, Errol, is completely twisted compared to his overly good half-brothers.

I wasn’t compared much with sister Alienor…but it was much worse to be compared to Renate.

Perhaps it is because of the similarity in appearance. The fiery red hair and facial features peculiar to the Duke of Alhane…Nadia’s facial features are much tighter than her mother, who has a somewhat demure and windy face, characteristic of the Duke Alhane family.

We’ve been told that we look alike, but are completely different on the inside…

Nadia thinks that’s half the reason for her twisted personality.

“This is the inventory of the offerings. Please bear with me.”

She placed the inventory she had received on a silver tray dedicated by the maidservant.

“Thank you for everything. To the Duke…please give my regards to my uncle.

“That’s very kind of you. My father would be very pleased.”

Renate’s glossy red hair was tied up and decorated with white pearls. Such a large round pearl would not be available except in the Duke of Alhane’s family, who controls the southern sea.

The gown was a lustrous, pale cream color, overlaid with lace of the same color. The embroidery on the shoes, made of the same cloth, was probably done herselff. Roses in red, orange and white bloomed beautifully on her toes.

“…So how was the luncheon?”

Knowing that Renate’s visit was to pass the time after the luncheon and before the evening party, Nadia turned her attention to her primary concern at the moment.

Of course, Nadia will be at the evening party.

This is Luthy’s first evening party…If she’s nervous, I’ll have to help her out.

Nadia gets along very well with Arthirea, the Crown Princess.

She doesn’t know what the Crown Princess thinks of her, but she considers Arthirea to be her best friend.

This is her first evening party with Arthirea. It probably won’t be a problem for her, but if something goes wrong, she is prepared to follow up as much as possible.

At any rate, I’m glad Renate and today’s gown don’t match in color.

There aren’t that many gown colors that look good with red hair.

If they, who look so much alike, wore gowns of the same color, they would undoubtedly just be compared. There is so much difference in their shapes that it’s not just a difference in age.

“It was very, very wonderful.”

She must have been very moved. Renate’s hands are clasped in the shape of a prayer and her eyes are shining.

“…It was a luncheon, wasn’t it?”

Nadia tilted her head, not quite sure what the emotion was due to.

“Yes…I’ve never had a dish that good before.”

She sighs, enthralled.


“Yes. From the first apéritif to the last dessert, it was a wonderful, calculated meal…it was like music to my ears.

“Music?…The food?”

“Yes. The theme behind the well-calculated harmony of flavors in the many dishes was also excellent…”

The breath that leaked out with a whiff of air was somehow imbued with sweetness.

“I don’t really understand what Renate means, but…the sweets from the palace of the Crown Prince’s Palace are very delicious. Luthy is… Her Royal Highness Princess Arthirea is very knowledgeable about cooking.”

“Yes. The pudding I had for dessert was delicious. That rich yet gentle sweetness that melted on the tongue and was slightly bitter with a hint of sweet brandy…Isn’t that the dessert of God?”

“…I think you’re exaggerating a bit. Though I certainly think the pudding is great.”

When she and Arthirea had looked at Nadia’s scrap card collection, she remembered the day she ate three of them and didn’t fit her dinner in.

“Have you ever had pudding, Lady Nadia?”

“Of course. Luth—… At the invitation of Her Royal Highness Princess Arthirea, we used to have tea at the Crown Prince’s Palace, and we’ve been having tea parties together ever since she moved to the Rear Palace.”

It sounded a bit boastful, but Renate ate into it more than Nadia would have liked.

“My, I’m jealous.”


“I have never envied anyone before, but now, for the first time, I am envious of Lady Nadia.”

Is it possible that I’m being disgraced?

“If it comes to this, I should use my backhandedness to enter the rear palace.”


“I’ve been approached by my father.”


“I’m going to the rear palace.”

“Going to…that’s…”

There is only one queen’s seat left to be filled for Crown Prince Nigel, who will ascend the throne in less than a month.

And Renate, the daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Alhane, is eligible to be the full queen.

“Didn’t you know, Nadia? I was the most likely candidate for betrothal to the Crown Prince before his marriage to the Princess.”

Renate laughed, a little embarrassed.


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