Chapter 13: Disturbances part 1

“…Your Highness, the Crown Prince, I have come upon been summoned.”

In front of His Highness, the Duke, dressed in a black and gold decorated evening garb, placed his right hand in front of his chest and folded deeply at the waist. It was a beautiful bow that could only be called textbook.

His Highness Nigel gently took me into his arms.

The Duke’s hair and beard, which had turned completely white, had once been a beautiful silver color like His Highness Nigel’s. The shadow of his younger days, when he was apparently famous for his good looks, always seemed to be hidden behind a stern expression.

He’s the best looking grandpa ever…He looks extremely stubborn.

“…Duke, the crown princess and I were just about to leave when your princess interrupted us, saying she wanted to see me.”

His Highness’ tone was very cheerful, but the Duke’s expression was cloudy.

“…Moreover, it’s not your princess who really has a purpose, but the daughter there.”

The Duke looked at Queen Elaine who gave a soft little smile.

…What is it? It’s something that’s stuck with me.

Every time I look at the two of them, I feel something strange and uncomfortable.

The duke glanced at the daughter.

Under his gaze, the young lady jolted and shook her body.

Cutting it off with a mocking expression, the duke opened his mouth.

“…His Royal Highness the Crown Prince.”


“With all the warmth for Grachie, will you please listen to this girl?”

“…Are you serious?”

His Highness gives him a surprised look.


The Duke of Grachie bowed his head reverently.

“…All right. Then it is my thanks to your merit to hear about it.”

His Highness gave a small sigh and then whispered into my ear, “I’m sorry. I’ll be quick.” I lightly grip our hands that are stacked on top of each other as if to say ‘I’m fine.’ The gloves, which were supposed to be smooth, felt a little damp, and I glanced at them, wanting to take them off quickly.

“Thank you, Great Uncle.”

With a sweet sounding voice that almost had a heart mark at the end of it, and a smile that couldn’t hide her joyfulness, she thanked the Duke and turned to His Highness.

“I have a favor to ask of His Royal Highness.”

The air buzzed somewhat at those words.

There were a variety of expressions on the faces of people, some were bitter at the young lady’s rudeness, others were glowing with curiosity as they wondered what was going to happen, but the majority of them looked disgusted.”

“…Identify yourself first.”

The Duke says coldly.


She had a look on her face that said she couldn’t be unaware of herself.

Indeed, the young lady was an eye-catching beauty. Besides, she was born into a family that would call the Duke of Grachie a great-uncle. She must be the daughter of a prominent family that everyone knows.

Because she’s already an adult, she must already know His Highness…

It is a rule that a nobleman’s daughter, who has been crowned, is always accompanied by her parents to an audience once.

And once they meet, His Highness’ memory will never forget it.

Seeing that the name Felicia is muttered among the crowd that surrounds us so as not to be unnatural, it must be the daughter’s name. I didn’t know that as this was my first evening party.

“First, give your name.”

The Duke’s tone, which was slightly irritated, was even colder than before, and the young lady rushed to name herself after being silenced from complaining.

“Wah, I am Felicia Judier, the third daughter of the Marquis Rhodelia. I have a request to make to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince, and I am grateful for the opportunity to make this request.”

I can hear someone making fun of her set up.

…The Marquess of Rhodelia is one of the most influential relatives of the Duke of Grachie.

Originally, the marquis was the concubine of the seventh Duke of Grachie, whose military prowess earned him a knighthood and a separate family. Since then, they have intermarried with the Grachies for generations. If Princess Alienor had not married, the bride of Count Diha would probably have been chosen from the Marquess off Rhodelia.

“You’re quite rude, aren’t you?”

“I’m sorry.”

His Highness’ expression is smiling. So maybe that’s why the young lady doesn’t think she is being blamed. She smiled at His Highness while verbally apologizing.

“…So, what is all this fuss you’ve caused to beg for?”

“I didn’t mean to cause a scene. I just wanted to share my thoughts with His Highness the Crown Prince.

Miss Felicia gently folds her hands in front of her chest, making her eyes water.

…Is she really serious about that?

I don’t know what it is. It’s so itchy.

You did that on purpose, didn’t you? You’re not serious, are you?

No, it was too deliberate or too much of an act. I feel like she’s putting too much effort into it, or is too intoxicated with herself.

The way she looks up at His Highness with moist eyes and waits for his words is somewhat fake.

His Highness Nigel says with a small sigh,

“……Then you should state those thoughts and such.”

The young lady blinked her beautiful purple eyes when His Highness said that he would lend his ears for a bit, and she fluttered her beautiful purple eyes.

Maybe she thinks it’s something different.

Miss Felicia is indeed a beautiful person.

Her slender yet firm-breasted body is something that even the same sex can admire.

…She’s a bit of a different type of beauty than Nadi’s cousin princess.

Miss Renate, whom I met at the luncheon, was also beautiful, but she did not have the thinness of line that Miss Felicia had.

“…Your Highness, I have always admired His Royal Highness. Therefore, I have refused all proposals of marriage that have been made. I am sure there are many things that Her Royal Highness is missing….Please Your Highness, let me serve by your side.”

As she said that, Miss Felicia looked down.

I think she knows that such a gesture makes her look healthy. But I didn’t see it that way at all.

…What should I do, I’m getting angry…

I know there are things I am missing but that’s not what I’m angry about.

Because if I’m being honest, there is no reason for me to be told that by her, an irrelevant lady! I’d like to say that, but I don’t want to ruin my impression as the quiet crown princess, so I’ll keep my mouth shut.

I won’t say that she’s lying about the fact that she’s admired him. It’s not unusual for a young lady to adore His Highness. Even if there is a calculation there, or if she was blinded by the position of crown prince, it can’t be helped. I don’t mind if you include all of that in your “admiration” for him.

But…But even I can’t forgive her for saying that His Highness is the reason why she had refused all marriage proposals so far.

Because refusing those marriage proposals was just selfishness.

Miss Felicia is probably over twenty years old.

If she is still unmarried, then she must have some problems.

Because if she really liked His Highness Nigel and that’s why she refused the marriage proposals, then it’s not right to impose it onto His Highness!

It’s very annoying to see that kind of feeling be imposed.


His Highness smiled and summoned the Marquis of Rhodelia, the daughter’s father.


A middle-aged man with thin bangs came tumbling out of the crowd and kneeled in front of His Highness and me with an terrible expression on his face.

“Your daughter tells me that it’s my fault she has declined marriage so far, is that true?”

“Oh, far from it, Your Royal Highness. I’m sorry, Your Royal Highness. My daughter is lost in a dream that she does not deserve. I have brought her up by a brusque male hand and am truly sorry.”

The marquis bowed his head again and again in a low profile manner that did not seem to fit the high position of a marquis.

To show such an appearance in such a crowded place must be humiliating, even if you are not a nobleman.

But I’m sure that’s not the point…

I don’t know how much blame is to be placed on the young lady. And this is definitely an event that can also be blamed for a lack of supervision.

“Father, why!? I wish to serve at the side of His Highness.”

“Shut up, Felicia. How rude you are!”

“It was indeed rude, but His Highness will not know my thoughts if I do not tell him in person.”

…What’s with that? It’s like she’s in a different world.

It’s not a generation gap or something so simple as that, but it’s more incompatible or incomprehensible.

“Father doesn’t understand, no matter how many times I tell you! I’ll have to say it myself!”

“You are not the kind of person who can serve His Highness.”

The Marquis said in a screaming tone of voice.

“Terrible, father.”

The lady shrank back to embrace herself and tried to move towards us.


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One thought on “Chapter 13: Disturbances part 1

  1. ? So, the father marquis knows she’s being ridiculous and improper, but the Duke of Grachie still asked Nigel to listen to her request?? They’re close relatives, so why put push her to such an embarrassing situation where she digs her own grave? The criticism will also affect the family of the Duke of Grachie! This just reeks of a plot. Maybe they’re actually testing Luthia to see how she’ll react??


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