Chapter 44: Intermission – Blessing

“I’ve heard that this guy is the real king.”

Wei faltered and asked,

“What’s a real king? There is no such thing as a real king or a fake king.”

Giallo frowns.

His cynical nature, which had been lurking for a while, seems to have returned.

“Because we’ve all gotten a glimpse of light.”

“I saw it. It just disappeared.”

Fee excitedly said that royal palace had been bathed in light. Not that it was just Fee. The entire orphanage…no, probably the entire Royal City shared the same excitement, and fervor, as well.

“Hey, hey, is the coronation over yet?”

“That’s what we’re talking about.”

“Hey, are we there yet?”

“Not yet. They haven’t rung the bell. They’re still doing the ceremony.”

The main street, which was crowded with people until yesterday, is now empty. All the stalls are closed. They are closed during the parade and can open again afterwards.

But their stall had nothing to sell. They had used up most of their stockpile in the next church until it was all gone.

This was because Giallo was determined to make himself known by selling all the goods here, even if it meant going overboard. In addition to that, he went a little out of control and got the bishop of the neighboring cathedral into a frenzy.

The story that His Eminence Shion brought to them was such a great story that they couldn’t keep their cool.

“Well, what happened to the stall? Giallo.”

After today, the stalls on the main street would be open for business for about two days. They had nothing to sell, so they decided to rent out their stall space.

“I decided to rent it out for 30% of the sales profit. I’ve already made a deal with Lela to have her present.”

“Thirty percent! You drank that well.”

“At first I said half.”

“That’s a bit much, isn’t it?”

“It’s not about sales. It’s about profits. If you don’t sell in that place, it’s zero, okay?”


“Well, I originally thought 30 percent was the bottom line.”

Giallo seems to have blown something out of the water. The last few days. He’s been on a surprisingly high note.

And it’s not just Giallo. Things that can’t be done by children on their own are smoother with the help of adults.

Lela Adele didn’t look good at these things, but since the former prince archbishop asked her to help him, she helped him surprisingly smoothly.

Lela is a former noblewoman, so she doesn’t understand much about business and making money. But status and…well, authority is a little weak to her. His Eminence the Archbishop was very well aware of that.

He was very perceptive, and he even said a few words to the bishop next to him to help them out. Thanks to that, they were going to be able to do a lot of things without too much trouble.

The bell rang.

There was a collective cheer in the distance. It was as if the cheers were rippling through the air like waves.

“Oh, I think they’re coming out.”

The murmur came overflowing from the royal palace.

There were so many people overflowing on both sides of the main street, and all the windows and doors of the buildings facing the main street were open, and the fidgety people from earlier were peeking out many times.

The climax of the Founding Festival is a ceremony in a place called the Garden of Beginnings. It seemed to take a little longer this time because there was also a coronation ceremony.

Giallo and the others don’t know much about the ceremony because ordinary people like them don’t normally have anything to do with it.

What they do know is that today His Majesty the new King and Her Majesty the Queen will be paraded down this main street.

“Hurray for His Majesty!”

“Hurray for Her Majesty!”

Everyone chants those words from afar.

A better time is coming for everyone. Everyone was filled with the hope that a better life was about to begin.

The sound of the hurrahs were getting closer and closer.

It was a sign that the carriage was getting closer and closer.

“Hurray for His Majesty!”

“Hurray for Her Majesty!”

They also say those words in unison.

The sound of the horse’s hooves are in the lead. A flag bearer with a royal banner goes in the front. Behind them, a well-dressed man on a large black-haired horse walks past them along the roadside with a big smile on his face.

“…Who’s that guy?”

He asked Giallo secretly.

There were a few names in his head that seem to apply. But unfortunately, his knowledge doesn’t allow him to narrow it down.

“Duke Radeld, Commander of the Kings Guard Division.”

Giallo said so easily. Giallo’s head was filled with a whole book of noble names, so he’s probably not wrong.

“How do you know?”

Fee asked curiously.

“First of all, that cloak. Only someone with the title of royalty (Thea) is allowed to have it at that length. But I’m sure he’s a military man. There are a total of seven people with the Thea title who are in the military. But that deep scarlet is the color of the Kings Guard. Royalty, military,, and Kings Geard. So far it’s been narrowed down to two, but based on his age, I can tell that he’s the Duke of Radeld…You don’t need to know everything, but if you just know that he’s a Kings Guard, and see that the insignia on his collar is for a divisional commander, then you’ll know who he is right away.”

“I see.”

“Oh, I see.”

Wei mimics Fee’s words of admiration.

After that, a company of cavalry from the East, West, Confederate, and North divisions passes in front of them. That is the Central Division dressed in black.

The moment the black is seen, a shout of admiration comes from the crowd.

Everyone knows that the black Central Division is led by the brother of the new King.

“Hurray for His Highness Alfred.”


The bearded, dull looking man in their orphanage a little over a day and a half ago was a completely different person.

Although the word ‘good looks’ don’t quite apply to him at all, his appearance, with its glimpses of military strength, was undoubtedly good-looking.

The black and silver formal wear also evokes his strength and was oozing fearlessness.

“…Hey, Ragg, that guy.”

“…Oh, yeah. The guy from yesterday, himself.”

“He really was a prince, wasn’t he?”

“Well, yeah.”

“…His Eminence the Archbishop was real too, wasn’t he?”

“Of course.”

“…So, well then, then the Miss…she’s…”

It was at that moment that Fee was about to say.

The old man standing next to them shouted from the bottom of his stomach.

“All hail His Majesty the King! All hail Her Majesty the Queen!”

The sound of light wheels rattling.


It was only for a moment.

It was really only a moment when she looked at them.

They don’t even know if she recognized them.

But they did see it.

The figure that was in the white fluffy fur-trimmed cloak, clad in the gown of royal forbidden colors—Her glistening golden hair in the sunshine, and strange shades of blue eyes were smiling softly at them.

And…a peacock green scrunchie was on the wrist of the person who smiled and waved at them.


Tears welled up in Wei’s eyes.

They couldn’t comfort him well, because he still couldn’t get that person out of his mind, who had left him without saying goodbye.

They were all aware of who she was, but they couldn’t mention her name.

Because it was too unlikely. They felt like if they said it, it would be a dream.

“…Wei, the Miss has returned home.”

“…I knew that her house wasn’t old.”


“She lived in a crazy place, didn’t she?”

“…Wei, that’s a secret.”


Wei rubbed his eyes and gently touched that peacock-green ornament on his wrist as well. Seeing this, they each touch their own ornaments.

“…Hurray for Her Majesty the Queen!”

Wei shouted as loudly as he could as the cheers of the many people echoed like tree spirits.

“Her Royal Highness Queen Arthirea! Hurray!”

I also shout as loud as I can.

“And three, two, one…”

Suddenly, Rufa took the lead. But everyone knew what to say.

“““““Hurray for Her Royal Highness Queen Arthirea!!!”””””

They shouted at the top of their voices to deliver it to that person.


The person turned in the seat of a passing carriage. I think she was smiling.

Then she waved her hand, the one with the peacock green ornament, to us.

…It may have been a dream because it was only a moment.

But those eyes were definitely looking at us.

We also waved our hands with the same colored decorations.

Something hot was welling up in my eyes.

No matter how despised or cursed, it was something that I couldn’t stop from running down my cheeks.

Then I raised my voice to congratulate the new era.


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