Chapter 17: Hinami and Ikuru part 5

Ikuru had taught me about this world Letisreel.

The story about a person with the ‘curse’ is not in the book of general information that was given to me by god.

The book of general knowledge only showed how to calculate money and a brief history of this world. It also described each continent, similar countries and villages and what topography they has. Furthermore, monsters and demons that appeared nearby was mentioned. 

However, the goddess Letisreel was not mentioned.

The thief who stole the “jewel flower” from the goddess Letisreel, and their descendants, were engraved with a curse on their chests, causing status reduction, lack of attack magic, and an abnormal condition.

There is only one way to release it.

Engaging in a contract of servitude for five years.

Those who decide to engage in a contract are called “curse-slaves,” and the curse slave traders mediate the contracts.

Then the person who bought the cursed slave performs a “contract of engagement.”When I bought Ikuru, this is the process we went through.

The contract only lasts for five years, and after five years the curse will disappear.

People can have the curse, but it is not a necessity to erase it. If a person does not wish to become a slave, they will have the curse for life.

Therefore, the amount of people who carry the curse does not diminish. If you have the curse when giving birth to a child, that child will also bear the curse.

So then, why is it they are called “slaves”?

It is because of a religion that exists everywhere.

It is thought that a person with the curse is an enemy to the goddess Letisreel, and therefore an enemy to them. Therefore, there are not very many places where they are treated well.

However, it seems like there is normal treatment with people when their curse has disappeared.

This is the system of slavery in this world.

The goddess’s <curse> is called the “curse slavery,” and the sales and contract relationships carried out by the curse slave trader are called the “curse slave system.” The Guild also manages the curse-slave contracts.

The “curse slave village” where Ikuru lived is a so-called popular name, and it seems that the people who worship the goddess began to call it that. “A village where people become curse slaves.” They are called curse slaves, because they trade themselves for a contract to be free.

Such a sad system…I think it would be better if it were to disappear.

“Hinami-sama…it’s burning”


More time had passed than I thought while I was summarizing the things Ikuru had told me. 

Looking at the frying pan in my hand, I saw that the meat that we had bought from the market was scorched.

No way…the first meat dish I’ve cooked since I came here was scorched…such a failure.

“You were thinking about the curse slaves, right?”

“……Was it that obvious?”

“Yup. However it’s not something that Hinami-sama needs to worry about particularly, right?”

“Well, that may be so, but…”


“But it’s a sad story. Something that was important to the goddess was stolen…but why is the goddess not here anymore?”

The meat that was burnt is put on the cutting board, where I cut off the burnt parts.

Ikuru is chuckling as he is making the soup. My idea may sound hypocritical, but…I want to help the goddess.

Is it because the <curse> still exists that the goddess’ sorrow is continuing?

“It is said that the goddess is still somewhere in the this world…If it’s Hinami-sama who is an excellent chemister, you might be able to meet her someday.”

“Eh! Is goddess-sama really there…?”

“The goddess’ church says that the goddess loves nature, so she loves people who are close to nature—like chemisters.”

So the goddess may be still be here…! If it’s true, then I would want to meet her. No, but even if I go to meet her, I might be troublesome to her.

However, it’s sad. I want to meet her, but I don’t know if I can see her. I wish for the goddess to be happy. And I think that it would be nice if such a sad curse disappeared.

“Well, I made the soup and salad…is Hinami-sama’s meat…okay?”

“ Uh…! No, it’s perfectly fine!”

I place the meat and the rice, which was cooked in a pot, into a bowl.

My eating situation has improved in the past two years that I have lived here, other than the meat. Also, the fruit and vegetables that I get from the points exchange… although they are completely random…I noticed it several times! The dishes are sometimes exchanged for miscellaneous goods which appear in the point exchange. So this house has become very comfortable to live in.

However, there are no explanations for them, so I need to think of one by myself. But because I’ve gotten so comfortable, I’ve spent my time not thinking about it too deeply.

However, When I go out to the city and from now on…I firmly believe that I want to live as myself.

“Thank you for the food.”

Two people fill their stomachs while seated!

Even so, my stomach is growling and it’s super embarrassing. Even though everyone eventually experiences it… it’s still embarrassing! I would want to hide in a hole if I could.

The items on the menu that I had cooked include meat (just baked) and rice (just boiled). Ikuru made the vegetable soup and the salad.

…Wait, does Ikuru have higher feminine ability than me? No, that’s not true. Of course not.

“Hmm…I’m getting warm”

“The soup made by Ikuru is delicious!”

“Yes? I can only make soup though.”

Ufufu, so I do have higher feminine ability then—I’m relieved!

“Why only soup?”

“Because I was not from a wealthy village. I would just make soup in the evening and then go to sleep, so my ability to make soup improved.”

“Only soup at night, it seems good for dieting”

“Hinami-sama is skinny enough, so that isn’t necessary.”

Hmm. Is that so?

I do not know my exact weight since there isn’t a scale, but I am fairly confident that I look normal even if I do not know anymore. I mean, it’s because Ikuru is skinny. Hmm, I see, he has a figure of a model. If you look at how delicate Ikuru is, he gives off the feeling of an idol.


“…It’s okay because it’s not burned this way. The pepper is delicious and good.”

“I’m glad!”

As Ikuru was eating the meat, I was impatient to see if it tasted okay. I immediately put the meat in my mouth and tasted it as I was chewing it. I bought a little extra meat, so I put it in the basement because items do not deteriorate in there.

“Oh, that’s right!”


“The jewel flower of the goddess, what is it?”

“Oh…it’s a gemstone like mineral which was the favorite of the goddess of nature. In theory, it’s shaped elaborately like a flower.”

“Jewels and flowers…it’s certainly goddess-like.”

But why would someone steal it? I guess it was worth something. I wonder if God knows something about it? I’ll ask him in the exchange diary later.

“It feels really nice to eat a meal with someone.”

“What is it, suddenly saying something like that?”

“Oh, I just thought of it.”

All of the dishes were cleaned up and tea was made after the meal. Well, the contents are potions for recovering physical fitness, but still. After all, if you are Japanese, you drink tea. Oh, wait, I was Japanese. But am I a Letisreel citizen now?

After this…I will collect points and make a room for Ikuru. I had previously exchanged points for a room and I do not really need to add anything, but I wonder if there’s anything else that needs to be added? I can’t think of anything right now. Well, I will just add things whenever something is needed…I wonder if that’s okay.

Oh, that’s right.

I had forgotten about it because Ikuru was telling me the story of the goddess, but I am living with him in this house from now on. I understand that it’s nothing in particular, but I am still nervous.

…When I glanced at Ikuru, he seemed calm. Anyways, let’s stop thinking about this. I am as calm as I can be…!

“Come to think of it, what about the snow rabbit?”

“How about it being a new family member…?”

“You don’t know about snow rabbits do you?”


Really, I have seen Ikuru’s exasperated face quite a lot now.

“Earlier, I said that a snow rabbit is very rare, and that it is a ‘monster’ if you find one?”


“But this snow rabbit seems to be a ‘spirit,’ because it fulfilled certain conditions. However, it’s extremely hard to find examples because the conditions are very difficult to find and fulfill.”

“So monsters can become spirits…”

“Yes, it’s something that I have not seen personally, but there are such cases. However it’s also possible that what I saw before was a lie.”

That same snow rabbit is running around the house, or the garden. Or rather, despite it being so cute, it’s weird that it’s considered a monster. It makes me even more convinced that it can become a spirit. Because, well, it’s adorable!!

By the way, while brewing the tea after the meal, when I peeked out the window slightly, I could see the snow rabbit playing with the chicken. Yes, this is very peaceful and good.

“For the time being, it seems like the snow rabbit has a strong power relating to ‘snow…well, I only know this much.”

“It’s enough, thank you!”

“It’s already dark outside…wouldn’t it be better to play with it tomorrow?”

“Yes, I will do that……Ah!”

That’s right, it’s getting dark.

I have to add the room for Ikuru.

“I’m sorry, let me go prepare your room!”

“Do you have an extra room? I can stay anywhere other than the basement.”

“It’s okay, leave it to me! I will prepare it properly”

“Okay, then I will go wash the dishes”

“Thank you! I’ll be back soon!”

I hurry to go to my room, and take out the exchange diary to see the list of point exchange items.


[Exchange diary] = 3 points added

[Current Points : 31,193]

[Potted plant: Small]  1

[Potted plant: Medium] 10

[Potted plant: Large] 20

[Vegetable seeds set] 10

[Fruit seeds set] 10

[Herb seeds set] 10

[Wheat seeds] 50

[Rice seeds] 100

[Brick : x1] 5

[Fountain] 1,500

[Bottles: x100] 3

[Room] 50

[Bath – Extension] 5,000

[Hinami’s Room – Extension] 2,000


“Hmm…my name is next to the room that I am in. I wonder if God did that to make it easier to understand? For the time being, use points for another room and enlarge it!”


[Rooftop – Extension] 10,000

[Basement – Extension] 30,000

[Compounding (crafting) room – Extension] 15,000

[Door of the miniature garden] 50,000

[Room – Ikuru] 50 points used

[Room extension – Ikuru] 1000 points used

[Total of 1,050 points used]

[Current points : 30,143]


Oh, and this time Ikuru’s name is next to the room. It makes it very easy to see.

The second floor currently has my room and a crafting room. Then on the third floor is the rooftop. The bathroom is on the first floor, and then the basement is underneath.

By the way, by extending Ikuru’s room by one, it is the same size as my room. I do not know what will happen when I extend the room by one more, but right now the room is the size of about 10 tatami mats (~16.5 square feet) along with a bed. In other words, the room becomes slightly wider with an extension and a bed is added without asking.

Thunk! A loud sound resounded throughout the house as it was adding the new room.

I went out into the hallway from my room to check on the new room…huh?

“My room has a lock and key…?” (***Lmao, Ligris doing his best keeping Ikuru away from Hinami)

I did not have this before, but because the number of residents has increased, did god make my room a private space into consideration? Somehow, this small consideration made me very happy.

When I went out into the hallway. There was a plaque on my door that had ‘Hinami’ written on it! This is also because of god’s consideration—thank you! I feel like looking at my room makes me calm.

As I climb up the stairs, to the right is the crafting room, and the first door on the left is my room, then Ikuru’s room. There is also a plaque with Ikuru’s name on the door.

“Ikuru! Come on up, the room is ready!”

“Okay, I understand.”

Ikuru came up just as he finished cleaning and he was surprised when he came up to the second floor for the first time.

“This is a really strange and mysterious house …I cannot believe that this house is a stump.” 

“It’s the house I’m proud of!”

It’s god who made this house for me.

As Ikuru is looking at his name plaque on the room door, his face seemed to be asking me when I even had time to do this? 

…But I was surprised too, you know?

I gently opened the door and entered the room. Near the window is a desk. A bookshelf and a bed was also put in here.

However, it has a completely different atmosphere compared to my room.

My room has more of a cutesy feminine feel to it. However, Ikuru’s room was cute, but had a more calm atmosphere to it without the cute items. Is it because it’s for a male?

“Amazing…Is it okay for me to use such a nice room?”

“Yes, feel free to use it.”

“…I understand. Thank you Hinami-sama.”

“You’re welcome.”

The two off us are smiling naturally.

This peaceful feeling makes me very happy.


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