Chapter 20: Hinami and Ikuru part 8

Ikuru’s POV

I was born with the <curse>, and lived a relaxing life in a curse-slave village.

Somehow, I managed to read books, but when I ran out of money, I earned some more by hunting monsters and collecting herbs.

I thought I would be able to live peacefully with this curse, however, one day, my eye suddenly lost its light.

Even if I couldn’t see through one eye, there would normally not be too much inconvenience because I could use search and wind magic. However, it was extremely inconvenient because the curse does not allow attack magic to be used. Even if it’s possible to fight with one eye, it’s difficult to fight without both eyes.

So in order to be able to use attack magic, I became a curse-slave to release the curse.

I can fight well, and because I liked to read books, I have a decent amount of knowledge.

So, well, it didn’t matter to me what kind of master I would get.

Because you get to choose what type of curse slave you are, when I traded myself to the curse slave trader, I chose to be a “guard slave ” because I could fight.

“But even I didn’t think a girl like that would become my master…”

Well, I thought I could do whatever my master wanted me to do…but as expected, it’s still astonishing. Because this child does not know about this world.

However, she has no problem with geography and calculation of money. So is there a bias in knowledge or what? She does not know the common sense of this world, or about the goddess…

In the room that Hinami-sama prepared for me, I laid down and recalled what happened today.

Hinami-sama told me that she was “God’s toy,” but in this world, there is a “goddess” not a “god.”

Hinami-sama did not know about the goddess…but gods and goddesses are not equal, and there is no god in Letisreel.

A god’s toy who is not from this world. A younger sister who is far away and cannot be visited. This strange house and Hinami-sama’s power.

In other words…

“Hinami-sama is being played around by “God”…she’s truly a toy”

She treats me, a curse slave, normally and even gave me a nice room to stay in. The only work I do is to ‘escort’ her. Moreover…in this shallow forest of weak monsters, the work is so easy that I’m starting to have too much time to think.

Hinami-sama speaks to me sincerely even though I am a curse slave. And although there is no information about my master, when I look at her eyes…she holds no malice towards me.

The relationship between Hinami-sama and God.

I have nothing to do with it…but it doesn’t give me a good feeling.

However, it isn’t good to assume things about my master. As expected, being her ‘guard’ might be quite impossible with a god as an opponent.

“Well…I’m going to take a bath.”


“I wonder if Hinami-sama went to sleep after all?”

The living room had no lights on by the time I finished taking a bath.

For someone who is usually so strong, I remembered Hinami-sama’s tears from earlier. Hinami-sama, who was doing her best all by herself just for one person…it made me confused.

I have no way to heal that confusion and anxiety, but…well, I wish I could hear her story.

As I am thinking, I wonder what we will do in the future? She said that it was her first time going into the city when she made a contract with me…will we go back and forth through the forest and go into the city?

When a chemister with no knowledge can make that many potions, they need to be careful. Guarding her might be more difficult than I had originally thought.

I went down into the basement and saw the marine potions made earlier. There were also a lot of potions packed into the bag beyond that

I had thought of this earlier but…just how many recovery potions does she have? There must be thousands, no…maybe there are 20,000…

Anyways, if we go to the city to sell potions in the future, I can just gather them here in the basement first. I don’t want to do anything bad though.

The basement is buried in potions which are also packed into bags. I just need keep some of them in a backpack to carry them out at anytime.

“But, selling all of these good potions will be troublesome.”

The market price isn’t stable because there are a lot of people who sell low quality potions. The price differences are particularly intense in the markets. If I were to go into town with these potions, it would be stable because they would be sold at a quick pace as they are of good quality.

It should be okay to open up a stall in town…however with this large an inventory, it wouldn’t be  very good plan. It might be better to open up a shop in town if done skillfully.

Well, that requires money, though.

Although, come to think of it…

As she was talking with the curse-slave trader, didn’t he mention that the Melditi family was an acquaintance?…It might be good to have the Knights buy the potions. I am not sure if Hinami-sama has connections, but if she does have them…it would be better to use them wouldn’t it? It would be easier.

“Well, if that’s the case…”

First, I will organize the basement, and then I’ll think about it later.

It’s not like it was particularly dirty, so I’ll prepare a portion of potions to bring into town to sell the next time we go. I had also toured the basement to get a better grasp of it and closed it when I had finished.

Then I decided to return to my room and sleep for today.


“Oh…Hinami-sama is early.”

“Good morning Ikuru.”

“Good morning……”

When I went down to the living room in the morning, Hinami-sama was getting breakfast ready. 

Yesterday she was so weak and tired, so what is with this quick change? It’s surprisingly wonderful.

Well, her facial expressions are bright, and it looks like she’s convinced herself of something. I think that’s good then.

“Today, I cooked rice with eggs, salad, and a lot of soup.”

“Other than breakfast, I will do the cooking.”

Because I have a contract, I should be the one doing it. But because it’s Hinami-sama, there should be no problem.

It seems like Hinami-sama is done with making breakfast since she started to bring out dishes. I go and help her arrange the dishes and we both sit down together.

“Thank you for the food”

Oh, it’s tasty.

It tastes fresh because I rarely eat rice. I had always substituted rice for bread and I did not know what else was good to eat with rice.

“I have something to say” is written all over Hinami-sama’s face. She really does not know the meaning of a poker face. Well it’s better to know what she’s thinking rather than not knowing. However, when it’s plain to see, it can cause hardship.



As I am drinking soup, I call out to Hinami-sama. It seems like she is surprised to be seen through by me…?

“There’s something you would like to talk to me about, isn’t there?”

“Well…yes. It seems that Ikuru can see through anything.”

Hinami-sama is slowly nodded her head as if affirming something. It’s because everything shows on her face. There is no one that wouldn’t be able to see it.

I would then be surprised with Hinami’s words after this.

“I think I’ll go and see the goddess!”

“……I think you’re sleep talking, go back and lie down.”

Her next words were ‘let’s go meet the goddess’…what are you even talking about?

However…Hinami-sama’s face was serious.

“Are you being serious?”

“Yes…sorry…I’m sorry to burden you with this right now! It doesn’t mean now…I’m too weak and … “

“Do you know where she is?”

“I don’t know. She is probably in a place where there’s a lot of nature.”


I thought this when we came home, but shouldn’t Hinami-sama want to examine the destination first? I guess she’s the type to say ‘I think it’s north right now, so let’s go!’

Well, it’s not like I dislike it, though

“I also thought about the talk with Ikuru yesterday. Although all I remember is crying.”


“For now, let me tell you about my <status>.”


<Kusunoki Hinami>

15 Years old

Lvl. 1

HP 30/30

MP 45/45

ATK 10

DEF 10

AGI 13

MAG 20

LUK 50


God’s Miniature Garden

Rhapsody of Light

Angel’s Sanctuary


The Divine Protection of the God Ligris


“Your status is weak like a beginner.”


“Let me show you my <status>.”


<Ikuru – Cursed>

19 years old

Lvl. 21

HP  2,112 / 2,112

MP 1,267 / 1,267

ATK 387

DEF 310

MAG 310

LUK 20

<Abnormal Status>

Status value decreases

Attack magic unavailable

Cat’s tongue (***a tongue that’s sensitive to temperature)


“Ikuru is strong…a cat’s tongue?”

“It’s just an average value.”

I understand that Hinami-sama is strong, so I answered it that way. Please don’t rush into showing statuses to other people.

Rather, it’s fine that Hinami’s status is weak. The problem is her skills, but…I have never heard of these skills. She has a lot of unusual skills, and it’s rare to have so many of them.

And also, this divine protection…It means that it’s the God Ligris who is using Hinami-sama as his toy.

“Hinami-sama’s skills are special aren’t they?”

“Is that so?”

“Yes. There are people with special skills, but it’s extremely rare. It would be better to not talk about them too much.”

It’s for the sake of the country! People would come after her if they learned about that. In fact, just being able to cultivate herbs is quite different. She’s still young…she’s 15 years old…I had originally thought she was 10.

Meanwhile, Hinami was nodding her head as she realized that her skill was special.

“That’s why, God helps out a lot, especially with this house.”


“Whenever I save points, I can exchange them for items or improve and enlarge the house. I accumulate points by making potions.”

The house mechanism and structure…it’s because of God as I had expected. But the house is point-based? I guess Hinami-sama will tell me the details.

It seems that she can get more points from defeating monsters and such, but she mainly makes points by making potions. Still…looking at Hinami-sama’s status and skills, it would be better to make potions.

And ‘Releasing the curse’? So to do that, she wants to meet up with a goddess? Hinami-sama completely fits the role of God’s toy, doesn’t she? She’s probably unaware of it.

She also told me what could be exchanged for points.

“Can you tell me about this in detail?”

“I guess I trust Ikuru. That’s what my intuition tells me!”

Ah…as expected, Hinami-sama is Hinami-sama.

Well, I guess being carefree is good, too.


[Potted plant: Small]  1

[Potted plant: Medium] 10

[Potted plant: Large] 20

[Vegetable seeds set] 10

[Fruit seeds set] 10

[Herb seeds set] 10

[Wheat seeds] 50

[Rice seeds] 100

[Brick : x1] 5

[Fountain] 1,500

[Terrace Seating Set] 3,000

[Magical Mangrove] 10,000

[Bottles: x100] 3

[Room] 50

[Bath – Extension] 5,000

[Hinami’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Ikuru’s Room – Extension] 2,000

[Rooftop – Extension] 10,000

[Basement – Extension] 30,000

[Compounding room – Extension] 15,000

[Door of the miniature garden] 50,000


“What is [Door of the miniature garden]?”

While looking through the list, I received a ridiculous response.

“Oh that’s the one that I want the most right now. If I buy a house in the city and use the door of the miniature garden, it will connect this house to the house I bought in the city!”


I thought it would be something like a terrace…but it’s actually a ridiculous feature.

In other words, if you buy a house and use the door of the miniature garden over there, you can go back and forth from the city and here at any moment. Is that spatial magic or time magic…or is it special specification? Well, it’s God, so it may just be from a dimension that humans never heard of.

“So you want to save money and buy a house in the city, and then save points to exchange for the door?”


“How many points do you have?”

“Right now…I have 22,046 points. When I make marine potions, I get 2 points for each.”

In other words, you still need 27,954 points.

If I calculated it correctly, she needs to make 13,977 marine potions, right? She made 800 potions yesterday…so it seems that she can accumulate these points pretty fast.

My contract period is for five years…it seems like I won’t be bored.


T/N: Nice to finally get a chapter on Ikuru’s perspective!


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