Chapter 25: Door of the Miniature Garden part 5

Today, there is good weather in the Lost Forest. Of course, I can only tell from parts of the forest that are visible from the rooftop, but it’s so nice to enjoy the sight of the birds.

It has been a month and I have decided to open up a shop. At last, the points needed to exchange for the door of the miniature garden were accumulated. Yes, I worked hard!

I had to make a decision about the shop, so I had worked on it in parallel with creating the potions, and it took me a month!

The current funds are the remainder of the money I got from my previous trip to town and the money from Alfred’s purchase of a recovery potion for me.

This is my current balance:

Original balance: 22,100 Rill

From Alfred’s sales

Garnet potions: 80 × 1,400 = 112,000 Rill

Marine potions: 60 × 3,000 = 180,000 Rill

Princess potions: 50 × 1,300 = 65,000 Rill

Total: 379,100 Rill

[Points: 51,015]

I got rich all at once. And there are still so many Potions that it isn’t funny.

“Before we can use the door to the miniature garden, we have to buy a house, and for that, we have to go to the city first!”

“It sure is going to be busy”

Ikuru takes a breather.

That said, he really does help me a lot.

For the time being, I decided to head to the city tomorrow and prepare for that today.

I’ve already put together what I plan to do.

First, I will secure an inn.

Next, I will contact Thia-chan with the mirror phone.

After that, I’ll ask Alfred-san to introduce me to the merchant’s guild.

Then, I’ll go buy a house.

And finally, I will use the door to the miniature garden to connect my house to the new house. 

Also, in case there is not enough money, I will sell a few potions at the market and to make up for the difference.

Along with Ikuru, we brought 20 potions each in a backpack and a few clothes. I also brought the exchange diary. Tomorrow, I will go to the city and we’ll manage somehow.

“Still, I’m looking forward to it…Tomorrow seems so far away.”

“…calm down”

“Sorry sorry…it’s just, somehow, it seems like the two years I was alone were a lie”

I am very content now.

And now there will be the shop. Ikuru and I decided to think about prices after observing the market in the city well. After that…I do not know much about management, so we will decide after hearing more about the business of this country from the merchant’s guild. 

The matter of whether or not we should hire part-timers is also a problem. I also have a lot of things I want to do, so I don’t want to have to stay in the store all day. Therefore, there might be a business in the mornings and evenings only. It will be enough time for adventurers to leave the city and come back.

Hmm…thinking about it this way, I really do not know the business situation of this world at all. There seems to be no strict rules like Japan had…what is it?

Well, I guess I try to decide by tomorrow.

“Hinami-sama, are you going to bring a poison?”


While watering the herbs, Ikuru suddenly said something unusual. Why would I need poison to go to the city…?

Two weeks after Thia-chan visited, Ikuru had found the kukuri trees that are now being cultivated on the roof. Also, the snake scales, which were a material for poison, had been collected after defeating snakes in the forest.


Poison grass · snake scales · water · bottle

<<Poison antidote>>

Kukuri fruit · magical water · bottle

“With poison, you’ll be able to defeat the monsters you encounter in the forest, right?”

“Oh, I see…!”

Certainly, that might be an efficient way. It is not a rushed trip, and my level might go up…!

I tell Ikuru “I understand” and pick up poisonous plants and kukuri fruits to make poisons and antidotes. With those, I’d be able to create everything with bottles and magical water.

“Oh, but it’s a poison, so making it here might be dangerous to make it in the garden.

“That’s right. Wait a moment, and I’ll bring magical water and a bottle.”

“Okay, I will prepare it for you.”

Because I did not use kukuri and poisonous plants that often, I did not grow very many. That’s why I used <Angel ‘s Sanctuary> to increase the number of poisonous grasses, and kukuri fruits.

The fruit of a kukuri is round with a clearly separated yellow top and orange bottom. I can’t tell at first glance but…Isn’t it similar to mandarin oranges? Because I had not tasted them yet, I couldn’t say anything.

Oh, but if I will be going through the forest, it might be better to exchange the adventure set God prepared. I’ll exchange it while Ikuri is preparing.


[Hina Adventure Set] = 500 points used

[Total: 500 points use]

[Total points: 50, 546]


After going back to the room, I immediately opened the exchange diary and exchange for an adventure set. Nothing appeared this time, so the treasure box was probably in the basement again. 

“Oh, a treasure box came out suddenly.”

“It’s an adventure set that I exchanged for with points. Wouldn’t it be useful for going through the forest?”

“Oh, that’s right. It’s definitely better to have it.”

An adorable treasure chest with flower motifs had appeared before Ikuru ‘s eyes. It must have appeared suddenly, but it did not appear to have surprised him very much. I wonder if this was just an incredible Ikuru trait…

When I softly opened the treasure chest, equipment was inside.

<Blessed Flower Bow and Arrow>

—A bow and arrow with the divine protection of the God Ligris.

—Can only shoot three times a day. Arrows are set automatically when pulling the bow.

<Blessed Flower Knife>

—A knife with the divine protection of the God Ligris.

—Has a light attribute, and does not lose its brilliance even in the dark.

—It is dangerous to rush forward, so please keep it for your self-defense!

<Blessed Flower Robe>

—A robe with the divine protection of the God Ligris.

—Cuts all attribute attacks by 20%.

—An excellent item, resistant to both heat and cold.

<Blessed Flower Ribbon>

—A ribbon with the divine protection of the God Ligris.

—When you are about to be attacked, the ribbon is transformed into a defensive form by shouting “Help Ligris.”

—Sometimes, you’ll be able to talk to Ligris.

“This is…amazing.”


The equipment with feminine flower motifs was definitely meant for girls.

I do not understand much about the effects, but it is surely amazing if Ikuru said it was. In the first place, I do not know anything about weapons and armor so it might be good to study.

The blessed flower bow and arrow is not long like an archery bow…it is about 50 cm? It looks like a relatively small bow and arrow. Flower vines were sewn into the strings, and flowers were blooming on the underside of the bow. Oh, it’s like fresh flower…!

Is the blessed flower knife a message from God? I wonder if I can really fight with this. Though I am happy about God’s consideration.

The blessed flower robe of opens in the front and has 3/4 sleeves. The robe goes down to my knees. There is also a hood on the back, with a cute flower motif ribbon in front. It has 2 pockets, and seems very easy to use.

the blessed ribbon is also good. And well, I guess it can help me talk to God. The ribbon has lovely flowers that match the rest of the set.

I wonder if this had a whole-body coordination thing going.

“For the time being, it looks like it’s okay to equip it tomorrow. Or rather, it should be fine to equip it all the time.”

“You really think so?”

“Yes, but the attack limited to three times…Do you only plan to  battle three times?”

Oh, I see. If I have this, I would not need poisons.

Hmm…I do not know what to do. But I’d be scared if my first battle used poison…It wouldn’t feel very good.

“I will try using the bow three times tomorrow.”

“Hmm, that might be good.”

“Yeah, I’ll do my best!”

I am ready for tomorrow. Regarding poisons, I think that it would be better not to make them if they were not necessary, so the materials were stored in the basement.


“Hey, Hinami-sama! Because it’s a bow, you can pull it out on the spot.”

“Oh, I see, that’s right!”

The next day, Ikuru and I left the house early.

While glad that it was not raining, I realized that this forest did not rain often. Is it the area itself, or is it just the characteristics of the Lost Forest?

And right now, I am fighting a slime.

When I walked about 15 minutes from my house, two slimes suddenly appeared. Ikuru had stopped one slime and I was looking at the other slime with the blessed flower bow and arrow.

Because I am not familiar with it, I walked ahead and was careful of interruptions. Ikuru is a guy who fights more instinctually.

“Well, it’s your first aim at a single opponent…It’s just one hit so you do not have to worry.”

“You ought to defeat the slime on the left. I can defeat slime on the right side.”


I put my fingers on the bowstring and pull. Then, an arrow covered in flowers appeared in my hand. The arrowhead was made of sharp nuts, and the arrow feathers were made of leaves.

“Here I go!!”

When I let go of my right hand holding the string, the arrow flew straight toward the slime. The distance was about 5 meters.

The arrow hit the slime on the left.

“Ah…! I did it, Ikuru!!”

“Hah, it’s funny!”


Oh, the arrow…did it get stuck in the slime?

“No, the arrow penetrated the slime!”

Ikuru ‘s voice reaches me and I can see what happened. Well, the arrow penetrated the slime! So then what happened to the arrow?

The arrow danced through the sky, then turned toward the ground and began a steep descent. It was stranger than I could imagine. Then the arrow stabbed another slime.


“What’s with this arrow…is it a cheat?”

As a result, one arrow killed two slimes. The slimes disappeared, and the remaining arrow became rooted in the ground and turned into plants.

……Huh? Arrows become plants? What??

“Well, it can’t be helped to think about it here, right?”


The slimes did not drop any items, so we decided to continue straight ahead.

Rather, I had my first battle! Although, Ikuru stopped the monster, so I only shot the arrows. Even so, I was really nervous. Oh, my hands are sweating now.

Hinami-sama, are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m okay!”

“I understand. If anything is wrong, tell me right away.”

Ikuru speaks to me with concern. Somehow he seems just like a mother.

I gradually moved slowly through the forest and decided to take a break where there was a big rock.

“Here, a sandwich, and some tea (potion),”

“Thank you~! I was hungry.”

I take the sandwiches and eat them. Wow, so delicious! Ikuru, sitting next to me also starts eating. It’s like a small meal, and I always eat as much as I can. He’s a man, so he probably wants to eat a little more. By the way, is he refraining from doing so? When I looked at a lot of the ingredients from the soup, I got a delicate face.

As I finished eating and drinking tea, Ikuru suddenly turned a gaze to the back of the bush.

This…there is something!

“There are two hard wolves out there. Hinami-sama, can you go?”

“Hmm, leave it to me!”

I have my bow and can go any time! Seeing that, Ikuru nods and grabs his staff.


“Hinami-sama, you can shoot it now.”


As soon as Ikuru’s words are heard, I release an arrow towards the Hard Wolf. It hit it straight on, and both the hard wolf and the arrow disappeared.

That… this time the arrow is not piercing the second time? What??

“Well…Hard wolves are stronger than slimes, so I guess you cannot defeat two of them with 1 arrow.”

“Oh, I see…!”

Then, once more…I just need to shoot an arrow…! I put my fingers on the strings, pulled a big arrow again and shot.

The third arrow flew straight toward the remaining hard wolf.


“Oh, I beat it…!?”

“It looks like it. You okay?”

“Yeah, I will be fine!”

I fell down in relief…!

I did it, I defeated that hard wolf! No, it was thanks to God most of the time, but I’m still happy.

Thank you, God.

“Well, you have no way to attack now, so be careful.”

“Okay, I understand.”

Because I had used all three bow attacks, I just follow Ikuru.

Just like when I came to the forest the first time, Ikuru avoids the trees and slowly progresses while clearing the way. It is very simple and kind, just like Ikuru.


“Finally out of the forest!”

“Yes, but we’ll be walking from here. If a horse-drawn carriage comes along the way, we can go to the city on it.”

“Ah…definitely. Well, let’s walk for the time being!”

“If you feel tired, you can just t say it properly.”

“Yeah, I got it!”

At long last, I feel like I can see the way to the city. Yet the city is still far away and can not be seen.

I wonder…did I level up? While thinking  this, Ikuru and I started walking towards the city.

<Hinami Kusunoki>

15 years old

Lv. 3

HP 50/50

MP 65/76

ATK 10

DEF 16

AGI 21

MAG 33

LUK 84


God’s Miniature Garden

Rhapsody of Light

Angel ‘s Sanctuary


Divine Protection of the God Ligris


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