Chapter 1: I’m pissed, Mom

T/N: This is a new series that also has a manga you should check out! A very cute and fun romantic fantasy. I finished the translation/editing already, so the chapters should be coming out very quickly. I hope you enjoy!


We have three children at home, including me. My brother, me and my sister.

My brother is 15 years old and has been going to school in another city since this year.

He’s good-looking and smart, and he was recommended by a school in our town to attend a boarding school in Slend, a commercial town near the capital, as a scholarship student. It was quite an impressive feat, and my parents were very proud of him.

My sister was twelve, one year younger than me. She has the same blond hair and blue eyes as our mother, who everyone says is beautiful, just like brother.

I have brown hair like my father, which is not unusual in this country, and light brown eyes with a hint of green.

I’m probably not ugly. (***lmao, me too pal)

Another thing to add is that my mother is the fourth daughter of a Viscount, but she met our father, a schoolteacher from a commoner’s home who she met through a friend, and apparently married him in a distant city on her own without telling her parents. They had a child, and eventually the Viscount family had no choice but to accept it, but they’re still estranged from each other.

Blonde hair and blue eyes are rarely found among the common people.

The reason being that the common people of this country are all brown-haired and brown-eyed, though they may be a little darker or lighter.

If there was a commoner with gold or silver hair or any other special hair or eye color, it would be an aristocratic blood relative.

So, for the common people, a special hair color that glitters gold or silver is something they admire.

The mother of our family was proud of her own blonde hair, and she took great care of her hair.

That’s why my brother’s and sister’s hair, which is also blonde, is always groomed and shined by my mother.

My mother doesn’t do any housework at all, but she loves to take care of her blonde hair and pick out clothes for all of my siblings other than me.

And there was magic in this world. But it’s an ability limited to nobles, and the strength of the ability is said to be based on genetics, so the higher nobles have a stronger magical power, and the lower nobles like mother’s parents’ family can only handle magic at the level of living magic, but even so, for the common people who don’t have any magical power at all, it must still be a dream-like power for them.

But, well, that kind of knowledge was only from listening to the stories that were being told by the common people here and there, so I didn’t know how true it was.

My parents dote on my good-looking brother and sister. It doesn’t seem to hurt, especially for my mother, to have them in her eyes.

She would buy good quality clothing for my brother and sister, even if it was a little too much for them.

My efforts to cut back and shop for groceries, and etc. are always pared down with that.

Me? I don’t need it because it doesn’t suit me so I don’t think it’s necessary. I have a savvy personality and was quick to give up on my parents, and my mother used to tell me at every turn that I was an unlovable, unattractive, un-adorable child.

Good things are given above and below, and I was given things that were better than nothing.

It was like that since I was a child, and I learned from my mother that those who have good looks will do something special.

However, I liked schoolwork, and even though I wasn’t as good as my brother, my grades were very good from an early age.

That’s why my teacher told me that I could be a scholarship student, so I was planning to go to a higher school near this town when I finished my basic education at the age of 13.

This year, in my final year of school, my teacher told me that I should talk to my parents about it because I met the criteria for a scholarship at the higher school, and I told my mother about it.

But she told me that when my sister turned fourteen she was going to send her to an all-girls’ school in Slend where my brother was, and that it was so expensive and difficult that I would have to give up my higher school and work to pay for her tuition and other expenses once she finished her basic education.

With my father’s salary as a schoolteacher, and my brother on a scholarship, I should be able to get by if I live a normal life. Moreover, if I was going to the higher school in this town as a scholarship student, it would not cost me much money.

Ordinary parents would be overjoyed to know that a commoner could go to a top school as a scholarship student with the recommendation of the school.

In fact, I remember that when my brother told my mother about it in the past, she jumped up and down and was overjoyed when he brought the news home from school.

So I thought she would be happy to hear it from me too, but that was a big mistake.

I don’t understand, my sister doesn’t like studying, so it’s always faster to count her grades from the bottom. When I asked why my sister, not me, needs to go to school in the city, she said that she looks so good that she can find a better marriage partner by going to a higher school.

So what about me? What about me?

What am I to you? Doing the winter water work that you wouldn’t let my brother or sister do, doing the heavy lifting around the house, doing the grocery shopping and preparing meals, cleaning the baths, and cleaning the house.

Isn’t that just a freebie housekeeper?

As soon as I got to a certain age was usable, my mother started forcing everything on me. She was always that way.

I wanted her to look at me, and at first I was a good listener and a good girl, but I found that it was no use.

It turned out to be a waste of time.

I managed to take the resentment that had been building up, almost blowing out of me, and swallow it.

Yelling and crying here wouldn’t change the outcome. I went back to the room I was using with my sister. My sister was out playing and hadn’t come home yet.

Looking around the room, I was sad to see that my side of the room was pale and tasteless, with no decorations or anything else, compared to the gorgeous accessories and decorations on my sister’s side, which was divided in half.

If true, I would have to go shopping for dinner when I got home from school, but that didn’t matter anymore.

If I wasn’t here, my mother or my sister would have to do a lot of things.

We could try to sort and do it together, and if we did that, then we could do everything in half the time it would take me to do it alone.

But my parents and my sister would always count on me if I’m there. I’m not going to let them use me anymore.

The school thing had uprooted whatever little faith I had left in my parents, and everything else I had left, they had taken away from me.

If I couldn’t go to a higher school, then it would be useless to dream of becoming a school teacher. If so, I’m done.

I had always dreamed of working and becoming independent as soon as possible. That’s all I was looking forward to, and now…

I was so angry that I couldn’t stand all of the things spinning around in my head and storming through my mind that I sat on the floor for a while until it died down.

In the meantime, I was seeing images in my mind like a daydream of a world that was not here.

I realized that in that world, fragments of memories of living in the country of Japan and growing to adulthood were connected to the solid, sensible sense of things that I had been told were not pretty.

As it passed, I got up and quickly went into my brother’s room, which was not being used, and changed into his clothes.

I had to leave this house.

I packed my clothes into my now unused backpack and took a pair of scissors and cut off the roots of my hair, which had been braided on both sides.

I decided to put the two trimmed off braids into a drawstring bag and take them with me. They say hair is worth money, right?

I also borrowed my brother’s hat while I was at it. For all intents and purposes, I looked like a normal boy.

And there is no way that my mother would find out later that he was missing a thing or two just because I took a few of his things.

I had done everything, even cleaned up the house.

I made sure that my mother was talking to my father’s sister, who was visiting me in the guest room, and then I went to the kitchen and took out my mother’s secret stash, which was hidden in the back of the cupboard.

I knew that my mother had hidden a good amount of money in there for a long time.

I’ll take it as my paycheck.

So I left the house through the back door and immediately headed for the carriage ramp.

I passed several people I knew, but no one noticed.

That’s probable, because in Elementia, all women, even the common people, have long hair. It doesn’t matter what rank you are.

It doesn’t matter what rank you are, girls don’t normally wear their hair short like this. That’s why I can only look like a boy if I am dressed like this.

From now on, I should take the last flight of the carriage and ride at night along the safe roads to the town of Mileanis in the morning.

Then, from there, there should be a carriage that would take me to the royal capital, or a boat ride down the river that would take me to several towns near the mouth of the river.

Either of these was fine. I can go as I please.


T/N: Ngl, it was really the name of the first chapter that made me first take interest in this novel \(⁀ᗢ⁀)/

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  1. Ooh, thank you for translating this interesting WN!
    And too bad for the MC tho. You work hard and don’t get paid with anything!!! Atleast you didn’t work yourself to death or suffer to death.

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