Chapter 10: Return to Fiara’s House


The sound of the wind cuts through the air, and the dragon’s beautiful red armor-like scales gleaming and fluttering on its wings.

In the blink of an eye, it intersects with memories that came closer and further away…

A memory from a long, long time ago, when I was someone else…

But more importantly, the sky is beautiful in this world

A beautiful, cloudless blue sky…Strange, Cross Island…

At the end of a journey through time…A memory that goes back

My dear, Shion (light purple)…my precious…

The sadness of leaving behind…

How sad, how heartbreaking.

Whose memory is this?

The door to my distant memory is about to be opened.

The dream I caught a glimpse of in a moment of stupor quickly left my mind.

There is someone waiting for me. I’ll see him soon.


I looked outside and saw Akaino making a shrill cry.

“Almost there.”

Turning and slowly circling, Akaino landed in front of the mansion at the foot of the volcano where the fire-eating dragon lived.

As I emerge from the gently placed caged nest, I see Zak standing nearby, laughing and holding out his hands.

“You arrived early.”


I happily ran to Zak and jumped.

The long white and silver hair was dominated by the wind and his thin pale purple eyes flickered sweetly.

This is my precious person.

I found myself high up in the air, my arms around his waist, rubbing my head against his chest and feeling relieved.

I’m afraid to leave this man. I don’t want to leave him anymore. What is this strange feeling that comes out of my head?

I was surprised at how much I was dependent on him, even though I had only met him not too long ago.

Then, embarrassed, I unzipped her arms and looked up at Zak.

Then Zak took my left hand that pompously stroked my head and linked our hands together.

“Weren’t you afraid to ride in the dragon’s basket?”

“No, I wasn’t scared, because Akaino is very good at flying.”

“Oh, you named him.”

“Something was supposed to be attached.”

“Well, in that case, you’re the godfather.”

“I could have used a cooler name.”

“But he likes it.”

“Did you mind that I named it instead of you?”

“Yeah, well, that’s okay. It’s rare.”

“Is that so?”

“But it’s a good name.”

Zak smiled.

“Ooh, this is great, a good basket-nest-weaving dragon.”

A man I don’t know puts his hands on his hips and admires the caged nest, made by Akaino, suddenly looking at it.

He was taller than Zak, with waist-length black hair and a long black robe, and he was taller than Zak.

Zak said in a cold voice to the person,

“Did you instruct the red dragon to place the rotten egg in the path for Fii to purify it?”

“You’re really awful, aren’t you? It’s fate, it’s her purification, that’s why the dragon was born.”

“But I wasn’t going to force Fii to do anything. I would have told her that just bringing her here would strengthen the cleansing of the island, but I would not have made her do something reckless.”

“I wasn’t going to keep it for a bit longer. The fire-eating chief and his wife were about to break down if this egg didn’t make it, so I’m sorry. From now on, I won’t do this again without your permission.”

“I understand your concern for your family, but if you hurt Fii, I won’t allow you in my barriers.”

“Okay, I’m really sorry. I won’t do it again.”

Although it has a large and well-proportioned appearance, I thought that the appearance of apologizing making him become smaller, and the distorted tone were somewhat confusing. But he looks like he gets along with Zak.

Fire-eating dragons are said to be dragons that can transform into the form of adorable birds.

They spend most of their time in their little form. Now their numbers have dwindled and they are only found on this cross island.

From the eggs laid by the chief and his wife, the next chief is born and the next chief is determined.

They are long-lived and so they do not lay many eggs.

And they can’t transform themselves into people. That’s the kind of race they seem to be.

In rare cases, if the dragon approves, a master-slave contract can be made. It’s called naming.

“Well, that’s about as far as we can go this time around. Let’s go back to Elementia.”

“Yeah, I’m going home. Thank you for bringing me here, Akaino, and play with me when I come back to the island.”

The large dragon lowered its head near me and I stroked its head. It closed its eyes, looking comfortable.

Then Akaino let out a single cry, and in no time, a group of fire-eating dragons came overhead.

They spun around in a large circle high in the sky. Then they made an inexplicably beautiful sound.

It was similar to the sound of plucking a string.

“What’s that sound?”

“This is the song of the fire-eating dragon.”

When Zak muttered some incantation-like words, I saw that the transparent magic stone held up in his hands had turned red. He looked at it with satisfaction, and then dropped his gaze and looked at me.

“Let’s go home.”

I took the hand that was extended to me and nodded happily.

Zak and a glowing blue magic circle appeared at my feet.

Then he hid me as he wrapped me in his robes.

Zak always did this for me when we were relocating in the magic circle.

I feel the warmth of Zak’s body right beside me, and I feel safe.

“What, no introduction?”

“I will contact you again.”

Zak told his friend and took me away.


Back at the castle I opened the leather bag the dwarf uncle had given me.


There are at least ten white truffles in the rumpled bag.

I quickly put them back in the bag and put them in the remote storage room.

“You don’t have to be in such a hurry, there’s a spell on the bag to keep it in its natural state.”

“Glad to hear it! I’ll shave it onto a fried egg in the morning, and I’ll go and share it with the head chef later.”

After returning, I also checked my magic power.

“The flow of magic power is stronger and more stable than before.”

“Really? Good.”

“You’re not hurt anywhere, are you?”

“Yeah, I’m fine.”

As usual, I make a warm cup of tea in the living room away from the house. We sit on the couch together, drinking it and nibbling at the sweets.

Zak sits next to the sofa and silently nods and listens to me while I talk about my time on the island.

It’s strange, it feels nostalgic, like we’ve been doing this for a long time.

There was a part of me that wishes I could stay like this forever, and that I would be happy.


T/N: Zak and Fii definitely have an abnormal connection to eachother. Glad we’re starting to get a closer peek into Fii’s head as well.

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