Chapter 8: Hatching Fiara’s Egg

After finding the egg and poking it, I remembered my interaction with Silk at the mansion.

I was listening in the saloon of the castle when Silk said she would give me a brief reminder of what to expect before going to the island.

“My lady, there are many different species living on that island. It is the master’s island, so I don’t think you will be in any danger, but it is important that you read the book and judge for yourself, and if you feel that it is dangerous, you should not hesitate to defend yourself.”

“What’s with that?”

“As a human race, you are very fragile, so a little punishment for the bad behavior of the islanders would not do much damage to them. So I would like you to use these boots as the first tool.”

“These boots?”

“These boots were made especially for a young lady by the master to prevent you from getting hurt on the island.”

“Really, what’s so special about them?”

“In response to the lady’s wish, they will  jump, leap, climb and kick. Other than that, It’s just a regular pair of reinforced, waterproof boots.”

“It’s amazing what Zak can do.”

“Normally, no one would do such a thing, even if they were asked. It is always said that everything should be considered by the next generation. But the young lady is special to the master. Only you are special to him.”

“That’s because Zak is special even to me…”

“Yes! That’s right.”

For some reason, Silk is in a very good mood and seems happy.

“I’m very grateful to you. Thanks to the young lady, my master has been so energetic that I can’t help but be grateful. I sincerely wish the young lady a safe return home and that she does not get hurt.”

“Uh, thank you.”

That’s right, everyone in the castle is very friendly, even if they’re not human. They’re very nice and comfortable.

I’ve never had anyone treat me like that before, so I’m very embarrassed, and I can’t say the words to express how happy I am, especially since Zak is so kind and beautiful, which makes me even more flustered.

So now I’m wondering what to do with this egg.

Because this egg smells bad.

So, you see,

Smell → Bad smell → Bad things are stagnating?

I feel like that from my experience with Zak. The smell is the same…or something similar.

That’s why, like with Zak, if I touch it with my bare hands and purify it in a big way before I  might if you fall asleep in a place like this, and then I won’t be able to notice if something like the Mandragora tea has been poured into your mouth by mistake. If I’m going to do this, I have to be careful.

I can’t really say this clearly because I’ve only practiced purification by holding hands with Zak from time to time, but I feel that some bad things are accumulating.

I gently hold up my hand over it. This egg said, “Help me.”

“It’s an image of me sending my magic a little bit at a time…a little bit at a time, get rid of the smell…”

It’s an image of wrapping the egg in my own magic and pushing the bad stuff out, just like Zak taught me to do.


Then, surprisingly easily, something black suddenly came out in a puff of smoke.

“Oh, it’s out—!”

This time, I’ll wrap the egg with a little more of my own magic power. It’s an image that pushes out the bad things.

‘Shoo-shoo-wah,’ —more black, stinky gas came out.

“…Thank you”

The egg seems to have become healthy, too. The smell became much better.

I repeated the same thing again, and as I was watching the situation, I saw a crack or snapping in the egg.


To my surprise, the thing that came out of the egg was the same kind that those red bird-looking creatures had called the ‘red master’.

When it came out of the egg, it came rubbing up against Fiara’s leg. It was fuzzy and warm. It was as big as Fiara’s knees.

“Gupii, guppi?”

“It’s red—a red one’s egg.”

Fiara wondered why it was covered in so much miasma. It probably would have died if it had been left alone.

I was happy to stroke the red one that clung to my feet. Then it flapped its wings and bounced around happily.

“Good for you, red one.”




Apparently, he thought his name was ‘Akaino’.

He looks happy to say the words “Akaino” and “Akaino”.

“Well, it’s a good thing you look so happy.”

Well, I had to get going, and just as I was thinking about it, the forest began to rustle.

“Whoa! What?!”

Before I knew it, there were red birds like those from the Dwarf Autonomous Region gathering in the trees to fill the overhead.

It would be hard if anything was dropped. I look up while holding my head with both hands.

I thought the wings were regressed, but can they fly?

Then, “Akaino” that was by my feet suddenly jumped onto a nearby high branch in a breath-taking gesture, and spewed fire at the birds above in a threatening manner.


Dude, you’re blowing out fire!

“Oh, you’ll burn the forest down, no good!”

When Fiara told Akaino in a hurry, Akaino stopped with a snap, jumped down, and slipped closer to her feet as if he was being pampered.

Then one of the birds above his head did a somersault and jumped up into the sky.

Flap, flap, flap…

The red bird flew up and spread its wings wide. Its body surged up and became huge, the chubby form that looked like a kiwi bird changed to become a huge, beautiful, full-body, red-scaled dragon. The scales glittered in the sunlight.

The red birds flew up one after another, turning into a dragon and flying high into the sky.

“…Could those be the fire-eating dragons?”


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3 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Hatching Fiara’s Egg

  1. In the manga, Akaino was named Redwin. Aka means red. That’s how the name Akaino came to be. Quite cute 🙂


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