Off-Topic 1: 6th Division commander gets a souvenir

The division commander of the 6th Magic Division of the Kingdom of Elementia is Edion Gato Meltides.

What he looks like is a mushroom-headed uncle who doesn’t seem to have much work to do.

He has a loving wife and two daughters.

He has a mushroom-like head of pale golden-brown hair (no longer fluffy), and if you ask him, he wears it like a mushroom.

His face is not particularly ugly, but he always wears black round glasses, and at first glance, the impression he gave was that his explosive head and black round glasses were so strong that most people don’t remember what his face looked like.

His round glasses are a powerful magic tool, an optional item that softens his own evil eye (Evil Eye).

The Meltides family was a family of sorcerers, and a rather dark one at that, but that’s all gone in his generation.

Aside from that, today, his beloved and beautiful Kingdom of Elementia, General Commander of the Magic Division, is scheduled to sneak in today.

In the Kingdom of Elementia, there is a magic division that is said to be elite.

They are the 1st through 6th magic divisions. They have a lot of money to spend on their own.

Each of them is assigned a division commander, and the head of the division is the general manager.

The 1st to the 4th division are the attacking units.

The 5th Division is a purification and healing unit.

The 6th Division is known as the Dairoku, and is responsible for magical tools and other tasks related to the country’s secrets.

It requires control of magic power and cleverness.

The divisional commander of that 6th division (Dairoku) was unusually nervous.

A magic circle appears in his office on time, and the owner of a beautiful appearance that is said to be unparalleled appears.

“Welcome, General Divisional Commander Valmonter, we’ve been expecting you.”

He bowed at an angle of 45 degrees, closing his eyes and returning to his posture after a count of five seconds.

Edion bowed sincerely for the first time in a long time.

“Oh, don’t be so formal, here’s a souvenir for you.”

A red magic stone on a fluttering white palm is presented before him.

“This…this is—”

“As you said before, “I need the song of the dragon.” This is the Fire-eater’s song, and I just happened to acquire it.”

After saying that, he dropped the red magic stone into Edion’s hand.

“It is sealed in a magical stone. You said you wanted to use it at the Grand Transitional Gate?”

“Oh, thank you, General Division Commander!”

Laughing, he said, “Well then,” and disappeared with the magic circle that had appeared.

Facing the place where he disappeared, Edion bowed deeply and sincerely.

His beloved Duke Frederick Zakash Valmonter, was the royal king’s brother from three generations ago.

As far as he knows, his looks had remained beautiful and undiminished since his childhood.

He is said to be an throwback ancestor, a hero and his benefactor, with a magical power that is orders of magnitude more powerful than that of the rest of the royal family.


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