Chapter 18: Treasure Chest of the Gods part 2

That day, at the 5th Division meeting, there was an explanation of the “Treasure Chest of the Gods”.

First of all, the Treasure Chest of the Gods is a blessing from the gods that is given to the poorest of the poor, and the accompanying ancient magical tools are of no importance to the townspeople.

This is because the ancient magical tools are chosen by the people who use them.

The ancient magical tools are magic tools that can only be used by the ones chosen amongst the royalty.

The power and effectiveness of the tool is dependent on the magic power of the royal family that uses it.

In other words, even if some nobleman with high magic power takes the tool, it can’t be used. It would only react to the blood of royalty.

Moreover, not everyone in the royal family can use them.

In recent years, there are records that they were used by a king three generations ago.

That’s what was said, but in this case…

The choker and the ring that I’m wearing are like that…

They are powerful ancient magic tools that protect me with Zak’s magical power.

However, if you bring the greed of man into the ‘treasure chest of the gods,’ as Count Eznoa did, you will incur the wrath of the gods. In the dungeon there are highly potent herbs, rare fruits, nourishing vegetables, and minerals that change with the seasons and enrich the good people who live there.

It is said that if you pollute the land with greed, the whole land will be taken away from you.

According to old records, when this happened in the past, heavy rains and landslides caused the entire land to collapse.

*Do not defile the grace of God.

However, Count Eznoa forgot about such remarks, and was dazzled by the ancient magical tools.

Because the magic tool was not passed on to any aristocrats other than the royal family, they could have been distorted for their own convenience.

“The first thing we must do is to capture Count Eznoa. It’s already been three days since the “Treasure Chest of the Gods” appeared and Count Eznoa sent out his first private army. They’ve been wiped out, and they plan to send another private army. We must stop that.”

It’s a good thing that Count Eznoa is in a remote area, because as expected, he doesn’t seem to have a clear idea of what the strength of the magic division is all about. They don’t even realize that their misdeeds have been exposed.

If they had sent a report to the royal capital when they confirmed the Treasure Chest of the Gods, the magic division group would have handled it without danger and fixed the dungeon.

After that, everything would belong to Count Eznoa’s territory, but now they didn’t know anything about it.

As I was listening, everyone in the magic division looked at colleagues nearby, and made an expression as if to say “idiot.”

If an ancient magic tool was produced, it would belong to the royal family. But that’s a given. Even if the nobles have them, they can’t use them. What Count Eznoa is doing is treason against the royal family.

“We will pick out the members of the expedition by the end of today, and tomorrow morning, we will go through several places and get to Kupuka.”

Afterwards, they shared information on the geography and territory of Kupuka, and everyone split up the medicines and luggage for the 5th Division expedition to the basement under the jurisdiction of the Dairoku. We would be the logistical support. We must also prepare our own provisions.


Meanwhile, on the other hand, in Count Eznoa’s domain…

The appearance of the “Treasure Chest of the Gods” made Count Eznoa leap to his feet.

He had thought it was an earthquake, but a neighboring lord noticed a large cave opening up near the rocky mountain, and when he entered, he found the cave was brightly lit by faintly glowing moss, and there were fragrant herbs that looked like medicinal plants growing inside. Even if you plucked them, they would grow back immediately.

Surprised, he called for his neighbors to come over, and they went deeper into the cave, where they found a maze-like staircase that led down to a tree of rare things never before seen. When he took a bite, he could smell the sweet aroma of the tree.

As he was gathering the villagers together to share, the Earl heard the commotion and came with his soldiers.

The people of the fishing village who gathered by the order of the Earl said that the his tax collection was unreasonable. It was an impudent thing to do with what belonged to the lord, so  the soldiers beat them severely. Among them were even young children.

He had them watch the entrance to the cave, and after making sure that no one could get close to it, he ordered them to get the ancient treasure and put ten men into the cave.

While the torch was being lit, a small, green, fierce monster came out and all the soldiers were killed in a flash. Inside, the screams of the soldiers running around and screaming for help as they ran around and screamed go their deaths.

Only one survivor came out, crawling out without arms or legs, but he died of exhaustion.

But Count Eznoa didn’t give up.

This next time, he armed everyone with monster countermeasures, providing more torches, weapons, and food.

The second group was sent from the lord’s mansion, and when they arrived at the cave, a large amount of water suddenly shot out of the cave.

Before they knew what was going on, they were swallowed by the water pressure, and most of them were caught up in it, and became unconscious.

“Ugh, Uhhhh…”

One of them was still conscious.

“I see, so some of them have a bit of magic power.”

Nikhil Marc, the 1st division commander, said with admiration.

But it’s at a level that anyone in the magic division’s attack squad would avoid first.

That last bit was only like a little greeting from Nikhil.

“Originally, I was supposed to be celebrating my beloved boy’s first birthday with my family today…so thank you for disturbing me!”

I gave sympathy to him. At least the light blue troop uniform is very refreshing.

“All right, everyone, capture them.”

The guards that were at the entrance to the cave were quickly captured and tied up.

“What happened to the Earl?”

There were five people waiting in front of the cave, including Nikhil, who was waiting in front of the cave.

Ten people went to the lord’s mansion.

There were two purifiers and two healers over there, including Fiara.


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