Chapter 26: Mythology – Noyer – That Encounter

The gods are cruel.

What is the purpose of creating and destroying?

Creating different worlds and living things, testing them

I’ll try to give the creatures something that god doesn’t have, a life to repeat.

I gave the creature called man a piece of god’s body and tried to resemble it in one of the forms that god takes.

That’s why human beings are also cruel.

And why they are also cunning, petty and diminutive.

Just as a man submerges an ant’s nest in the water, god blows on a whim and freezes the earth.

I am going to rain down rocks of fire.

I am going to break the mountain down.

People run away, get hurt, yet get back up again…

The twin gods, too, exist only in god’s kingdom, imitating other gods, creating the world in a whimsical way, sometimes separating and sometimes playing together

For god, it’s but a moment, but for man, it’s a repetition of many lives, building, destroying, and building again.

And so, in a moment of peculiarity, I descended to the earth…

However, I met my fellow god, just like a drop of rain in the endless, dry desert.

There will always be a war somewhere in the world of humans, taking and killing each other

Maybe it is just human nature.

By chance, from the heavens, I was following it with my eyes.

The girl who runs away from the battlefield, running away with her wounds

That diminutive creature, a daughter in the form of man

Boring girl, she’s going to die sooner or later. What will she pray to god for in the end?

But the daughter did not pray to god.

There’s no god.

There’s no god.

There’s no god, there’s nothing god can do for you, and god is not the god the people want.

I don’t pray.

I don’t pray for anything.

I was bothered by that girl who did not pray for anything.

People usually just pray to god noisily…

So, unusually, I saved her.

I took her to an empty forest and left food for her.

“Who are you?”

She asked.

“I am what you call a god.”

“Why did you help me?”

“Just a strange whim.”

“…I see.”

It was not so bad.

In front of her, is a beautiful being who is not a man. It is a being who is not a man, but a cruel god.

She did not touch the food god had given her.

“Why don’t you eat the food?”

“What would I do when I ate it? I don’t have to live…”

This daughter says a strange thing.

“People are so filthy, you live so dirty, you would kill other people if you wanted to live, eat and you will live.”

“I don’t want to become that person, because such a person is sad. I’d rather be air, plants, or nothing at all.”

“…I do not understand what you are talking about.” The god said.

“I will not be a distraction to god.”

After saying this, the daughter closed her eyes.

“Take a bite and you can live for a few years. Eat. If you wish, I will kill all those who have hurt you.”

However, the daughter did not agree to what god said. There was nothing I could say to her.

She never looked at me again, never spoke to me, never drank water, and died the next day.

Even a god cannot bring a skeleton back to life.

He wanted to talk to her more.

However, even for a god, there was no choice but to wait for the time to come around again.

It didn’t seem like much of a big deal to a god with a thin conception of time.

And so, in the meantime, the daughter was reincarnated many times and traveled around the world of other gods.

A world of other gods that I couldn’t reach.

The thing that had interested me for the first time would live and die in a world I could not reach.

I never tired of watching the joys and the sorrows and the life the she sent me.

This daughter lived and died in the same way.

In the end, she always wished to become nothing…

For the first time, a god understood the feeling of sorrow.

Once I knew of it, other feelings overflowed within my heart.

And then the feeling of “I miss you” became known.

The next time she came to this world, I would protect that girl from sorrow.


However, that god’s sister-goddess noticed the change in her brother.

Her other half, who had been with her since the time she was out of reason and uncertain, was looking at something else that was not herself.

Jealousy, suspicion and hatred were the first emotions of the sister-goddess.

Those evil emotions transformed the sister-goddess into an evil god.

“I must kill the daughter who corrupts my other half. I must kill her and return brother-god to his original half.”

She took advantage of the brother-god’s opportunity, and kidnapped the girl he loved, carefully surrounding her.

The daughter called the name of Zecheyer’s (evil-goddess’) brother. She was the only one who could call him by that name.





She stretched out her hand to the heavens and called to him in a mournful voice.

By the time Noyer came to her rescue, the daughter was torn apart by Zecheyer, and she was no longer alive.

The daughter’s last wish to the gods was, “I want to see Noyer…”

The wish she made to the gods before she died was not granted.

Noyer had won the battle against Zecheyer, who wanted to swallow this whole world.

Without this world, he would never be able to have anything to do with that girl again.

Wounded and weakened by the battle between the gods, Noyer had to sleep here to stabilize this world.

From his own right arm, he created a man with flesh and blood.

I will surely rise again as a man in this land to meet her.


T/N: Finally some real insight into this world! I’m sure everyone reading has their own thoughts and theories about the rest.

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    1. Right! Right! It makes sense why Zak would be so scared every time Fii left his sight as well as explain why Zak never ages. Fii also remembers parts of her past life from the “other” world. I also believe she once mentioned that she doesn’t believe in the gods

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