Chapter 30: With Zak

Zak’s POV

The sound of her breath and the muttering of my name, which I can’t even begin to describe, as the “snake” returned, and this inexplicable thought that spread in my chest…I wondered if it was the feeling of “sorrow.” I’ve lived long as a human being and now it finally resonates in my heart.

It’s the same as it was so long ago, one by one, given to me by her.

The color in this world…

It’s sad…

It’s lonely…


My memories of my life as a god are coming back to me.

Little by little ever since she came back into my hands.

And now I already know why I was born as a man in this world, and what it was for.

I was born into the world of man, and no matter how much my brother loved and cared for me, I never possessed many of the undulating human-like emotions.

It was the same as when I existed as a god.

She was the only one who gave them to me…

Then the snake wrapped itself around my left wrist and returned to its original gold bracelet.

“Come on, let’s go pick you up.”

A white shining hexagram appeared at my feet, and one after another, ancient letters and engravings were absorbed into it, building it up.

With the light and wind blowing up from below, long silvery white hair danced, pale purple eyes like jewels were closed, and a smile was printed on his mouth.


Fiara’s POV

Not long after the golden snake left the room, the floor began to glow blue-white and a magic circle of six-pointed stars appeared.

From the center of the hexagram, the head, face, shoulders, and body emerged as if to stand up, and in the blink of an eye, there was a black-robed Zak at my side.

I recognized him right away, but I was so happy that I ran to him.


I hugged his waist tightly and looked up at him.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting.”

He looks down and laughs at me. The height difference is too much.

Oh, he smells good, like a flower, a nice Zak scent. His silvery white hair is beautiful. I hug him tightly and feel reassured. It’s warm.

Then I gently check to see if there is any stagnation in Zak’s body. This is important.

“It’s okay, it didn’t take long.”



I wanted to stay there until I felt better, but I’m a believer in taking care of what’s on my mind first, so I faced Zak and asked him the questions I wanted to ask him.

“Where is this country?”

“On the eastern continent. There are ten small nations, some growing, some shrinking, all vying for territory. Dosa, Zikvah and Heidel have gained in strength, and Fii is now in the domain of Domon, in the country of Heidel.”

“…Yes, I was wondering what the situation was because it seemed like the people in this village had been taken hostage and sent off to war.”

“The Domon territory is located in the outskirts of Heidel, so there is a lot of warfare. They tend to find and discard the minority tribes with special powers that originally lived hidden in the mountains and lived quietly. It’s better to crush the seeds of wonder. If they make the mistake of going to the enemy, then they will be in danger. Besides, the people of the East have been raised to hate the people of the West for their magical powers. They have a strong sense of backwardness and fear of those with magic power. If we continue like this, it will be hard to live in the East as it is.”

Zak looks down at Mini-kun, who is hovering around me and listening to him.

“I must be a descendant of a person who came from the west in the distant past, who happened to come across the land where our little spirits escaped and were saved by the magic of the land. The spirits met have found their way into their favorite mud puppets…in any case, they seem to be with the tribe.”

“Okay, so that’s why they treated me like that…”

“So what do you want to do about it, Fii?”


“You want to do something about it, don’t you?”

“That’s…but I know it’s not right to ask Zak to do it.”

“That’s right. And even if we only save this tribe, it’s like water with on a hot stone. As long as the original source is not gone, the same thing will happen again.”


“But I don’t want Fii to return to Elementia with sadness, and for it to cause her pain.”


“It would be nice to let the people of this tribe choose their own future. For the sake of my peace of mind.”

I didn’t quite catch the last part of what Zak said.

Then Zak accompanied me to the square where the tribesmen were gathered.

The people who greeted us seemed to be prostrating and waiting for our words.

“It’s God, it must be the Great God. He must have come to give us an oracle.”

Zak’s beauty is so god-tier that it’s hard to believe he’s human. I guess he just looks like a god.

“I can rescue and bring back your valued companions in captivity, but if I do so, the men of Domon will try to chase you down and destroy you. Do you still want to save your people?”

As expected, I’m impressed that Zak can speak another country’s language, too.

“““““““““I want to help!!!!””””””””

Without a second thought, everyone chose the same words.

“Then I will let you choose whether you will stay in this country and run away, or go to another country where I will invite you to a new land.”

A commotion spread through the tribesmen, who had no idea what this was about.

“From now, until the ninth bell tolls, I will rescue your people and bring them to you. Then I will open the gate to the new world. The land is in the south and the climate is different. There is no discrimination, but we will have to stand and fight together in times of war. If you still want to go there, go through the gate. Wait for a moment and the gates will be closed.”

“There are still four hours between now and the ringing of the ninth bells.”

“Thank you, Zak.”

“It’s still early to be saying thank you.”

He strokes my head fondly and holds my hand.

“Come on, let’s go see the town of Domon for a bit.”

With Zak’s cognitive inhibition magic, I was able to walk around and look everywhere, blending in with the people who lived in this land. Mini-kun also came with me.

The people here are wild and desolate. There are many fights here and there, and the air is stagnant with many desolate soldiers, mercenaries and beggars.

“I hate to leave Fii in such a desolate place for so long, but it’s good for me to see and hear all kinds of things.”


“If we don’t do something about these eastern countries, they will eventually push south and target the west. I hope the north will disappear naturally…”

Then he took me by the hand and went to a stall lined with colorful dried candies.

“Let’s buy sweets. Which one is better?”

I broke down laughing as he said the same line as kindly as he did the first time we met.

Zak seemed to get used to it and laughed, pulling coins out of his drawstring bag. It was a strange sight to walk through an exotic, unfamiliar town in the dusk with Zak holding my hand, but I wasn’t worried.


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