Chapter 1: The Night Before the Story Begins

On a dark, rainy night, hidden by the moon, a man gallops through the night on his horse.

He doesn’t pay any heed to the rain splattering on his cheeks as he heads for his destination.

He is only thinking of speed as he rides his horse quickly forward without looking aside.

The man was in a hurry. In another hour or two, the thing he feared might happen. That disaster must be stopped at all costs.

The horse’s hooves beat on the cobblestone road. He must get there before the horse becomes exhausted.

After what seems like an eternity, lights start to appear in his path. A mixture of streetlights and magic guide him to his goal.

He is drowning in hopelessness as he arrives, and in all likelihood this feeling will only get worse. But still he moves forward, chasing after that sliver of hope.


T/N: A very short first chapter, but I hope you enjoy! From what I’ve seen so far (especially in the later volumes), this novel is a family love/magical prodigy/fun fantasy type of transmigration story. It’s a cute read!

Also, the first 20 or so chapters are already up on novelupdates by someone else (Carnation Scans–they did a really good job as well, so you can go check it out here), however, I like to translate from the first chapter to keep the over-all read more consistent. I also like adding pictures from the manga in the chapters. I have all 20 (and a few beyond) already translated, so feel free to read from wherever you’d like!

Hope you enjoy!

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