Chapter 15: Mythology

The world was once enclosed in darkness.

Over time, that darkness took on a will of its own.

It developed purpose from solitude, and wished for change.

Change was born.

In the beginning, the first change was Light.

The Light began to change everything, healing the loneliness and solitude of Darkness.

In the hope that Light would spread its power to the world, the Sun God was born.

The ice that had existed from the beginning was melted by the light of the sun.

At that time, when Darkness wished for a time where the Light and the Sun could rest, he inadvertently created the Moon God out of Light’s reflection.

Even so, Light continued with creation.

It created a ripple that made the Light sparkle beautifully, the Water God.

And as Light’s power spread through the void, it created the Wind and Air Gods.

As a place for the power to dwell, it created the Earth God.

Light continued to bring further change to the world just by existing.

From the places where power was gathered, the Fire God was born.

From of the places where Light left from, the Blizzard and Ice Gods were born.

Out of the trails from Light’s path, the Lightning God was born.

Darkness cried tears of joy at this new world and abundant that had been enriched.

From those tears, grass and flowers sprouted from the soil and creatures began to move.

Seeing the prosperous world, Darkness gave the gift of gratitude to Light.

A child running through the world of darkness and light, one that changes and gives birth to life anew, free to roam the Earth.

It created ‘humans.’

In order for the humans to grow up, Darkness created both things that harmed human beings and things that that helped them.

Thus, the world of nothingness that Darkness had feared was gone.

Our world was born.


The myth is told by Connie’s gentle voice.

“They used to make us recite this every week at the orphanage. I’ve learned it well.”

“I see. It’s amazing how much you know by heart.”

Connie laughed at that compliment.

“This myth is wonderful, isn’t it? I always thought it was like light and darkness were lovers.”


When I asked that question back, Connie’s cheeks flushed and she continued.

“Darkness is powerful, and yet it can’t do anything alone. Then Light appears and shows it many new things. Darkness responds to it with joy. Then a child, or a person, is born, and it has a happy ending. It’s kind of like a human love story.”

Hearing it that way, it makes sense.

But well, from the rough and tumble perspective of a 30 year old woman, I can’t help but think Darkness seems like a huge yandere…It’s like Darkness was so dependent on Light, that Light was basically its whole world. Plus, it even went as far as to create things that would threaten its own children! (***Alice-chan, you’re being so serious (O_O;) )

“Sure, it’s romantic.” I say, to be on the safe side.

We returned to that without incident.

Afterwards, I looked around at the altar and sculptures and asked Connie to explain the stories depicted in the stained glass windows.

As a sidenote, in the Middle Ages, stained glass paintings in churches were also a means of proselytizing to the illiterate townspeople.

Connie is almost completely illiterate, but she knows the stories that were passed down in the orphanage and she explained them to me.

“The picture over here is the story of the Great Hero Siegfried…”

Siegfried, huh?…Rather, it seems like the myths of my previous life and the myths of this world have names and stories connected to each other. The regions and times are all mixed up, though.

I was sitting in the congregation pews like that, listening to the stories, and as I listened to the gentle voice in the soft sunlight, I naturally became drowsy.

Seeing me, Connie chuckled and picked me up and brought me back to my room.

Then I took a nap for a while, ate a fairly light lunch and dozed off again. When I was woken up, it was almost time for tea.

I hear that today we are taking our tea at the little table in the backyard garden.

I was happy with our family reunion teatime plans, so I was happily swinging my arms back and forth as I skipped out of the room. Connie, was a step behind me, following my lead.


There are multiple ways to get to the backyard.

The first is the path out the back door of the private section.

The second way is through the back door of the public section and out through the courtyard.

Lastly, there is the path from the main entrance of the public section through the side of the building.

Because my goal today is to walk as much as possible, I take the main entrance, which is the most roundabout way.

I walk from the private section to the public section, which is connected by the grand corridor. On the way, I passed a maid who was cleaning, and Alphonse-san who was preparing for a tea party, and waved to them. (By the way, Alphonse-san waved back at me while holding his mouth and trembling. Apparently he still hasn’t diminished his excitement at my recovery).

I finally enter the public section and reach the main entrance, so I step out to the small square in front of the entrance with Connie’s help.

The clear autumn sky is filled with fresh air, and I take a deep breath.

Fuuahhh~~~ I’ve been thinking it since I woke up, but this is so different from Japan.

I remember working in Tokyo where the smell of the air was pretty bad.

“Young Mistress, how are you doing?”

Connie gave me a strange look when she saw me take a deep breath.

Well, clean air untainted by industry is rather normal for Connie.

“Well, the air is so clean that it makes me want to take a deep breath. I’m thankful for a clean and beautiful world.”


Connie’s eyes sparkled.

“How lovely it is to be grateful for even nature that you wouldn’t normally be aware of…! Young Mistress has a truly beautiful heart!” For some reason, Connie was even trembling a little bit…No, besides that, did she have over-exaggerate so much…?

Ever since the incident with Rouge, it feels like she’s been idolizing me over every little thing.

“Look, there, Connie, shall we go?”

I was just about to walk away while tugging her forward, when a loud voice called out to me from the main gate.


T/N: Personally, I’m glad the author chose to add a background/mythology chapter.

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  1. That one reminded me about world reformer’s novel. Creation starting from the Darkness and a lot of things.
    But Alice’s comment saying that the darkness god is a yandere makes sense as well hahha


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