Chapter 21: Greenhouse

T/N: Hello everyone! To anybody who is reading this, the first 20 chapters of this novel are already up on novelupdates by Carnation Scans here (this is actually the first chapter that hasn’t already been translated). The reason why I chose to translate from the first chapter was mostly to keep my own future translations consistent. I also like adding pictures from the manga in the chapters.

So to anyone who is starting from this chapter (21), I recommend skimming back on some of my previous chapters (here) if only to get used to the slight translation differences, or even to see the illustrations that I grabbed from the manga/LN. Of course, that is all up to you! Either way, I hope you enjoy! I’ve roughly translated up to around chapter 50ish I think, so the posts should be coming out fairly quickly after editing/reformatting!

Thank you and please enjoy!


A few days after I went to the gardens, I visited the nearby Count Virgil’s house, carried by Brother Will, who had come to pick me up.

“Good day, Aunt Felicia!”

“Well…! Oh!! Alice-chan!”

The person who ran up to me with an emotional voice was Felicia Iris Virgil. She is Brother Will’s mother.

She’s also a relative of the Archelaus family, and is a plump ‘motherly’ type of person.

“I had heard it before from Will, but you really are doing much better…! Oh, such good news!!”

Aunt Felicia hugged me tightly.

“I’m sorry for worrying you, Auntie. Please, let’s get along again in the future.”

As I lowered my eyebrows and said so, my aunt nodded, wiping her teary eyes and happily agreeing.

“Mother, I promised to show Alice the greenhouse, so I’ll take her there.”

“Yes, you do that.”

Smiling, the older woman told us she would have special tea prepared, and left.

“Let’s go then.”

Brother Will, who said that, took me by the hand as we walked through the Virgil mansion.

When we stepped out into the backyard, I saw a large greenhouse.

The Count Virgil family is good at plant-related industries, and agriculture and medicinal herb cultivation are actively carried out in their territories.

That is why they have a large greenhouse in the upper mansion in the imperial capital as well.

“Wow…!! It’s been so long since I’ve been here, but it really is big.”

The greenhouse was divided into several areas, varying from low temperatures to slightly hot areas. There was a variety of ‘fantasy’ tropes in this area.

“Speaking of which, where are Uncle Appicchio and Brother Oluris?”

By the way, Uncle Appicchio is Brother Will’s father.

When I asked him about it, Brother Will gave me an ambiguous look.

“Father went back in the territory a little earlier. My brother is……well, I think he’s in his room.”

Oh. Also, I’m not very clear on the situation with Brother Oluris.

I’d really like to see him to be sure…

Ah, my suspicions are growing…

“Alice, there are a lot of new flowers from the region. Should we go see them?”

I got distracted, so for now I followed Brother Will through the greenhouse.

The second area from the entrance is a little warmer. It’s an area with many bright flowers.

“It’s beautiful!”

There are some flowers that I had seen in my previous life, and there are some I had never seen at all. I was getting a little excited.

“You mustn’t touch any of these though, Alice. Some of them are poisonous, and some of the flowers will release pollen when stimulated.”

“Yes, Brother.”

As I was walking around while having such a conversation, one of the maids came to call on Brother Will.

“What…? Oh, that. Hmmm…Okay, I’ll go take a look.”

Brother Will turned to me with a troubled look after the maid said something to him.

“I’m sorry Alice. I think there is a potted plant that needs to be checked on in a hurry. I’ll be right back—can you wait in here and look at the flowers?”

“Yes, I understand! Don’t worry about me, so go on ahead and have a good time!”

I smiled and replied, and Brother Will left at a fast pace, although he also looked worried.

I’ve heard that the Virgil family, who are good at plant magic, use their magical powers to manage particularly delicate medicinal plants and flowers. I’m sure it must be related to that.

Fortunately there was still plenty to see, so I continue walking throughout the greenhouse.

“Oh wow…there’s so many medicinal herbs!”

Noxious colored grasses and flowers with suspicious patterns are all spread out.

Their flowers are beautiful, but the thorns seem highly dangerous, and the shrubs also have berries that I’ve never seen before.

Everything I saw was interesting as I continued walking on and on.

“Hmm. I wonder if we’ll do something at school like mixing medicinal herbs to make magic potions? I’d love to do that. Ufufufufu.”

As I let out a suspicious laugh, I saw something swaying at the corner of my eyes.

Hmm? I look in that direction, but there is nothing there. There was nothing but an open door to the next area.

I strolled over to it and peeked through.

……I was shocked.

After all…

After all, I knew it all along.

Such words circulate in my brain.

In the corner of my eye was a beautiful person.

It was Oluris Phronse Virgil.

I had seen this beautiful man in my previous life…This beautiful young man who looked just like the character from that game.


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  1. >The Count Virgil family is good at plant-related industries, and agriculture and medicinal herb cultivation are actively carried out in their territories.

    Well yeah, he did planted a HUGE ASS DEMON TREE while chilling on his plastic chair~


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