Chapter 33: At the Southern Border of Yvold

The joint military exercises of Rhodocaius take place in the eastern border city of Yvold.

Yvold is divided into a trading town and a military base. A protective wall runs along the border from the Inner Sea to the Outer Sea. The border gate, which was opened for trade with the east, was heavily guarded, and the building of the customs checkpoint, where military personnel dispatched from the west and soldiers from the allied forces were always stationed, was located after passing through the gate. There, all of their belongings would be searched by the officials.

However, drugs and poisons sometimes found their way in and out of Yvold by some clever trickery, and the punishment for that was extreme, whether one was from another country or not.

The window for all of Rhodocaius’s business affairs was here in Yvold, and to the west of this place, one must have citizenship rights of the south or west to enter. Immigrants from Domon were also transferred to the immigration gate here.

Moreover, the entry and exit from the two cities of Hassad and Catanid, which bordered Yvold, was also called the second border and was strictly enforced. Chaos and order were two conflicting things mixed together in Yvold.

The military facilities in Yvold were vast, and half of Yvold could be called a military facility. Perhaps it would be better to say that Yvold itself was tailored as a buffer in consideration of the time of war.

There were originally a few beastmen and wizards in Rhodocaius, but in the last battle, the majority of the people died.

Because of the reconstruction after that, most of the immigrants were from the east and west. The immigrants from the west were the common people and there were no magicians. On the other hand, many of the immigrants from the east were beastmen.

Dosa was a country that took notice of the beastmen’s physical abilities and caught them and made them slaves. When they were caught, they would take away their will with drugs. The beastmen, fearing the hunts, fled to Rhodocaius in the south.

The drug used in Dosa was a very strong drug, and when used over a long period of time, it destroy the brain cells, so that the only thing one could think about is killing other creatures.

When that happened, the creature became untouchable, so a drug was used to kill them at the first sign of it. This reduced the number of beastmen, so the breeding of beastmen was implemented. That is why the beastmen in Dosa were essentially like puppets without a will. They had been completely brainwashed with drugs.

The outrage, which could be taken as a declaration of war from the east, happened on the third night after beginning the joint exercises.

First from Dosa, there was a surprise attack on Rhodocaius by the beastmen under the cover of night. The purpose was to destroy the border.

They wrapped explosives around the bellies of the beastman troops and had them attack from all over the place to destroy the borders. They must have thought that the beastmen’s physical abilities would allow them to easily cross the borders, but this, too, was also accounted for 10 kilometers before by the sensing magic tool that was prepared with the Dairoku’s “birds” and “insects”. The collateral damage had blown the majority of Dosa’s beastly forces into a mass of flesh and blood.

The Zikvah’s dragon riders hadn’t even sailed out of Zikvah, but something happened suddenly, in the dragon house. The dragons were out of control. The dragons attacked each other, destroying not only the dragon house, but the castle, and even the fire dragons attacked the city and set fire to it. The castle was a sea of fire and burned for a week. No one would ever know that something went in the dragon’s ears and went wild. After all, it will be solved once done.

For some reason, it even spilled over into Dosa, and the drug-growing area where their evil deeds originated suddenly turned into scorched earth without a dragon in sight.

Shortly after, a beastman unit on the Allied side was sent in from somewhere to protect breeding beastmen and combat beastmen, and all the nobles and merchants who were involved in it were captured. Suddenly, it seemed as if they had sprung up out of nowhere.

And so, afterwards, relief supplies, relief squad tents and temporary tents for the burned homes were erected.

Amidst the busyness of a field hospital, the members of the 5th Division were on the verge of exhaustion, purifying, and healing, and purifying, and healing endlessly, wondering when the next changeover date for the shift would be. I was exhausted and wanted to go home.

The 1st and 2nd Divisions were no longer just doing heavy lifting, but using various useful specialty magic to clean up the scorched earth, maintain, and complete various chores.

Even so, it was the beastwomen who were held captive and the beastmen who were controlled by drugs that were the most heartbreaking. After repeated purification and healing, their condition had improved considerably, but from now on, the Beastmen’s Union of Rhodocaius had to set a guideline for a while to set up facilities outside the border and carry out rehabilitation.

The borders of Yvold were closed for a while.

The second border between Hassad and Catanid was also closed, and only personnel from the allied forces were allowed to enter.

In the midst of all this, Cerezo of the Dairoku used the Transitional Gate to deliver “Saint’s Eyes,” with an improved wavelength of the Rutile Emerald, for the rehabilitation of beastmen, which proved to be remarkably effective in healing the beasts. It is a very expensive green pillar magic stone, but after that, it was loaned to me for a long period of time in the name of helping collect more data.


As of yesterday, the transfer with the replacement staff has ended, and today, Judy and Helena spend the day looking around the stalls in Yvold. The border closure has been lifted, and things are slowly returning to normal in Yvold.

“Uncle, give me a chocolate banana and a chocolate pineapple.”

I was going to gobble up whatever I want to eat at this very moment. These are only found in the south, and there’s no way I’d ever find  perfectly ripe, fluffy, super sweet bananas coated with chocolate made of high quality cacao in the west.

“Oh, I want a chocolate banana too! And a chocolate orange! Make it a long one.”

Judy got a skewer full of oranges and was glued to the row of oranges as they sank into the plentiful chocolate.

“I don’t often eat many sweet things.”

Such is the case with Helena, who is eating some grilled squid.

I’ve already worked so hard on so many things, so I’m allowed to do what I want with this much.

I’m going back to Elementia tomorrow.

I’ve been so busy that I haven’t had time to see Zak. Well, Zak also has a lot to talk about with the higher-ups.

Speaking of which, Pikuri-kun, aka Mini, became a little brown bird when I pulled out one of my hairs and made it, but I was a little worried about bringing him over, so I left him behind.

I adored the silver colored bird, but I really don’t want Zak to pull or tear out that beautiful hair too much…hair roots are important, and just thinking about a beautiful Zak getting thinning hair makes me feel sorry for him.

For now, Yvold’s long expedition is coming to an end.

I can’t wait to go home and see Zak and Pikuri.


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