Chapter 30: With my Father

After a brief play with Connie, I headed to my father’s study.

“Father, I’ve found out about the contents of the potpourri!

“Let me see it.”

At his prompting, I handed over the parchment with the list of herbs I had researched about—Calendula, Sage and Coltsfoot.

Then my father’s eyes widened.

“…You really did find them, didn’t you?”

“Yes! I did a lot of research!”

The research had been fun and I had written down quite a lot of details…it might have been too good for a pre-elementary school toddler.

However, it was the homework that Sister Thulite had given me as a tutor for a child. Well…it was probably at the level of what a nobleman’s child in this world should be able to do… right? It was. Probably.

“Hmmm, Alice might really have the makings of a researcher. It’s been well researched.”


I smiled at the praise.

Then my father continued.

“In that case, now it’s time to find out what kind of magic has being applied to it.”

“Yes. I would like to know some examples of magic using this material. Do you have any references for me?”

‘Hmm,’ my father stood up after thinking about it.

“I can’t let you read the magic book alone, because it’s dangerous. I’ve just finished my work, so I’ll go over it with you.”

“Wow! Really?!”

Studying with my father!

Father seems to be busy these days dealing with the work that had gone untouched for the past two years, so I was honestly glad to be able to do something with him.

I took the parchment with me, and then my father gave me a quick hug and left the room.

Honestly…At first, I was just happy because my desire to be pampered got ahead of me, but now that I’ve calmed down a bit, I feel embarrassed with my awareness of a 30-year old woman’s consciousness…Even more so because my father is too handsome.

“Father, aren’t I heavy?”

“Hmm? What do you mean? You’re light as a feather. Hahaha, don’t worry about it!”

Dad happily holds me back in his arms.

“Uh…I’m almost six years old. I’m a little embarrassed…”

“Isn’t that still a good age to be spoiled?…But six years old? It’s finally next month.”

My father muttered with deep emotion.

“Next month’s birthday party should be a big one. We have to invite a lot of people to celebrate Alice and Eleanor’s recovery and to unveil them to society as well.”

It was a rambling voice. Certainly, we needed to make a strong case that my mother and I had been completely cured, or rather, that the black magic curse had been dispelled.

“It’s time to decide on Alice’s aides as well. You’re preparing to enroll into the academy next year, and you’re also going to make a lot of good friends, right?”

“Yes, Father.”

I nodded coyly and obediently.

In a way, this was almost like my mini social debut. I have to be enthusiastic.

While we were talking about this and that, we finally arrived at the library study.

“Well, I guess this is the shelf is the one for spiritual herbs.”

After setting me down, Father approached a locked cabinet in the back.

“Spiritual Herbology?”

At the sound of my curious voice, my father turned around and gave a simple explanation.

“Spiritual herbology is, well, in essence, plant-based magic. You’ll be learning about it in the beginning at Lovaine Academy, so I asked Sister-in-law Heimer to prepare you for it.”


While puffing out to me with a sparkle in his eyes, Father selected a key from a small bundle of keys hanging at his waist and unlocked the cabinet.

Unlike the other bookshelves, the magic book-related items are stored in glass cases and cabinets with wooden doors.

They were also locked in the sense of preventing theft, as well as to be used as a so-called child lock to prevent me, a young child, from using magic prematurely and causing an accident. Tsk.

“Spiritual herbs…Spiritual herbs…Over here. It should be listed here.”

Saying that, my father took out a heavy, leather-bound book.

The title is “Spiritual Herbs and the Magic of Change.” Yeah, I’m drooling…

My father, who went to the reading desk with a book that was far more magical and tempting for even the fiercest of nerds, sat down in his chair and patted his lap.

“Come now, Alice. Come on. Let your father hold you and read with you!”

A cheerful smile.

Oooh. Because I had refused it a while ago, the close contact switch was back on…!


I’m happy. I’m very happy, but my 30-year old consciousness was also making me feel super embarrassed.

No, but…I’m still happy!!

Hesitantly, I climbed into my father’s lap, and with a hug from behind, father opened the book.


T/N: More father-daughter fluffy times~

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