Chapter 1: Awakening part 1

IMPORTANT NOTE: Just in case, if you haven’t already, please go read the prologue first! This chapter doesn’t make as much sense without it.

When I woke up, I saw a high ceiling.


In a daze, I slowly raised myself up.


I held my head with both hands due to the sudden intense pain.


I recognize this pain. This is definitely it.

I have a hangover.

The pounding in my head was making me tear up.

What I saw through in my teary eyes was a white, elegant piece of furniture. A white clawfoot table and a pretty white sofa.

The bed I was sleeping on was fluffy and puffy…and obviously expensive.

…Or rather, the whole room looked completely luxurious…

With my salary, I would never be able to afford it even if it took me a lifetime.

…Where am I?

As I looked around, my eyes stopped at the pretty white dresser on the right side of the bed.

In the mirror are honey-colored curls that extend to my waist.

Amethyst-colored eyes that were large and slightly angled, framed by long eyelashes.

A beautiful girl reminiscent of a Western porcelain doll was shown.

Said porcelain doll was holding her head with a pained expression.

I wonder what was wrong with her? Is she sick?

“Are you okay?”

When I opened my mouth to say so, the girl in the mirror also opened her mouth.

When I tried to wave, the girl did the same…

I waved bye to her to test it out again.


The porcelain doll who was holding her head disproportionately was……me.

I got out of bed and walked over to the dresser.

As I stared into the mirror, I gradually began remembering various things.

I was [Charlotte Avi], 12 years old.

I am the youngest daughter of the Duke of Avi.

My father’s older brother, Uncle Alberto, who was also the King of Yunaishia, came to visit us in secret…

He offered me some ale at dinner, and I drank it as he suggested and collapsed.

As it turned out, the ale didn’t taste very good.

After all, beer should be chilled and chugged down quickly, right?

I thought it was the reward for finishing the day.



I’m 12 years old and am not supposed to drink yet.

…So today should be the first time I have ever had a taste and collapsed, right?

Why did I think that beer was good?

Why did I think I was too young to drink alcohol?

My mind is a mess. And it hurts, partly because of the hangover…

As I tilted my head back to stare at myself in the mirror, I heard a thumping noise in the distance. The sound stopped in front of this room…


Suddenly, the door was violently opened, and a man and a woman came into the room, looking quite flustered.

“You’re awake! Is it okay for you to be up?”

The beautiful young man in his mid-thirties who came running up to me, looking worried, was my father.

He has honey-colored, softly wavy hair that is pulled back in an all-black bun, and beautiful turquoise eyes that stare into mine.

The loud voice echoed in my head.

“My head hurts a little, but it’s okay…”

So please be quiet.

“I’m sorry about my brother, Charl…I was worried about you. Don’t be too reckless.

My father looks worried.

[Edward Avi]

The head of the Duke of Avi. My father, the second son of the royal family, fell in love at first sight with my mother, the only daughter of the duke at the time, and became the son-in-law of the Avi family. When he became a son-in-law, he gave up his right to the throne permanently and chose to support his brother, the king.

“I’m glad. I was worried about you, you know?”

The woman who moistened her eyes and gently hugged me was my mother.

“I’m sorry, Mother.”

[Julia Avi]

She has long honey-colored hair that is loosely tied back into a single bun. A mother with the same amethyst-colored eyes as me. She was a kind and beautiful person who also fell in love with father at first sight.

Anyway…apparently I’m a beautiful child born of beautiful parents.

“Charlotte sure is a tomboy.”

From behind my father and mother, I heard a giggling, still-young voice.


T/N: If you’re interested in seeing what Charlotte looks like, she is the blonde girl on the cover page!

IMPORTANT NOTE (Repeated): Also, if you haven’t already, please make sure you read the prologue first! This chapter doesn’t make as much sense without it.

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