Chapter 3: What is to Come part 1

Charlotte is currently 12 years old.

It will be three years later, when she is fifteen, that she will meet [Kanata] (the heroine) at the Royal Academy of Ravitz.

There are five capture targets.

The first one is the crown prince, [Christopher Heaven].

He is three years older than me, a close friend of big brother Lucas, and also our cousin.

He is a royal beauty with sapphire blue eyes and long, straight, honey-colored gold hair that is tied up in a bun.

His personality is that of a prince. He is a sparkling and warm person whose ideal is to be strong, righteous, and beautiful.

There was even a story that the ‘Heaven’ from “Lovely Heaven (the otome game)” came from the Crown Prince. He was a regular route character.


The second capture target is…

[Howard Odette] who is the same age as His Highness Christopher.

He is the eldest son of the Marquis family, and although he is a student, he is also a member of the Knights. His father is the Commander of the Knight Order.

He has short ash brown hair and brown eyes. He is an athletic man with a refreshing smile. As a knight, he has a good amount of muscle and is attractive.

He is also known as the “Muscle Dog.”


The third capture target is…

[Mira Boulangère] who is the same age as Charlotte.

He and Charlotte will be in the same class.

He is the second son of the Count family.

Mira has silver-white hair that falls to his shoulders and curls around his ear. He also has large reddish eyes and has a neutral appearance, looking almost like a girl. His skin is extremely white due to his albino complexion. He is concerned about this, so he only wears long sleeves even when it is hot, and usually hides the color of his eyes with his bangs.

Mira is also a research idiot

He is a young genius with a promising future who is constantly developing new magical tools.


The fourth capture target is…

[Silas Myuuhen] who is the same age as His Highness Christopher.

He is half-elven, with long platinum hair and amber eyes. As a half-elf, Silas’ ears are long and pointed.

When he smiles with his narrowed eyes, it is said that any women hit by his sex appeal will  be on the verge of fainting.

Silas specializes in magic, and can use anything from attack, recovery, and defense types. He appears mild-mannered, but is in fact quite black-hearted. He is a character who hides his poison-tongue with a smile. Of course, you can’t make him angry!


And the fifth and final capture target is…

[Lucas Avi]. Charlotte’s older brother.

He is His Highness Christopher’s best friend and cousin.

He is also a follower who plays the role of a strategist.

He is a man of both intelligence and martial arts, and is both smart and skilled as a knight. His expressionless, absolute zero gaze made him popular as the “Ice Nobleman.”

Also, when the ice finally melts, he becomes very sweet.

In case you were wondering, Lucas was my second favorite character.

‘Tundra-dere’ is the best!! (***T/N: Kind of like a play on the word Tsundere. ‘Tundra’ is like the ice from his moniker, and ‘dere’ means affectionate. So he is like a cold/icy-then affectionate type of character)


Those were the five capture targets.

The characters drawn by my favorite artist were all very beautiful and a feast for the eyes. Moreover, each character had a good personality.

Of course, the heroine, [Kanata], was no different.

She had long, silky, straight black hair and large, dark brown eyes that tended to droop a bit. She appeared fragile and unreliable, but once she made up her mind, she was very strong. She was a dignified and beautiful girl.

I, as Izumi, didn’t hate [Kanata].

In fact, even though I was forcibly summoned to another world, I liked the healthy girl who had desperately tried to save this world, and I wanted her to be happy.

So then what should I do?

<<I’ll live my life without getting involved with anyone capture targets other than Lucas>>

That was it!

As I remembered everything, I didn’t want to bully the heroine, and although His Highness Christopher was likable, I didn’t want to marry him.

The Crown Prince was nothing but a hassle.

His Highness is the heroine’s property!!

Even if she chooses someone other than His Highness, and even if she goes the harem route, it’ll be okay as long as everyone is happy.

And fortunately, it looks like Lucas and the others are still waiting for the entrance ceremony event where I fall in love at first sight with my cousin, His Highness Christopher.

The Royal Academy of Ravitz is a boarding school, so Lucas wouldn’t have been here if he had already been admitted.

With this, I can avoid the whole event of ‘falling in love at first sight with an older His Highness whom I haven’t seen in a long time → asking father, who is reluctant to make his daughter a royal family member, to make her to become his fiancée.’

It was going to be difficult not to meet him, but as long as I didn’t raise any unnecessary flags and spent my time in secret, I’d be fine!

It was the same with Howard, Mira and Silas.

It’s fine if I don’t meet them. And even if I do, I’ll just avoid any more contact than necessary.

Lucas, the only close relative and capture target, is kind and good-looking and is my second favorite, but I don’t like him in a romantic sense.

If anything, I don’t mind if he is my brother.

It’s enough for me to be by Lucas’ side as his cute sister and see him happy.

I won’t become a little mother-in-law, okay?

Even though I’m a villainess, I’ve been reborn as a beautiful girl who will have a nice body in the future, so…

I just want to live in peace, doing what I like.

That’s right.

As long as I live in this world, I can drink that alcohol that I’ve always wanted to drink while watching the game!

I’m going to spend my days happily drinking my favorite liquor and enjoying all the delicious drinks this world has to offer!!


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