Chapter 4: What is to Come part 2

Now, as for my future path (drinking route), I will think about what more I can currently do!

If Charlotte follows the usual route…

(1) Fall in love at first sight with His Highness Christopher at the age of 12 —> Forcibly get engaged.

(2) At 15, enter the Royal Academy of Ravitz.

(3) At 16, a saint (the heroine) is summoned and enters the academy in the same class as her.

(4) The heroine goes on a mission to subdue demon beasts along with His Highness Christopher. They are always together (there will be a sleepover with everyone).

(5) His Highness Christopher’s eyes become soft and gentle —> Charlotte witnesses it by accident.

(6) A jealous Charlotte begins tormenting the heroine.

(7) His Highness Christopher confesses his love to the heroine, who is not defeated by the abuse and does her best to defeat the demon beasts. Charlotte is told that her engagement is broken.

(8) Charlotte laces the heroine’s drink with poison in an attempt to kill her —> This is witnessed by the capture targets.

(9) The fact that she tried to kill the saint comes to light, and she is condemned in front of the king. She will be executed by beheading or banished to the land of demon beasts.

(10) Death. The End.


As I recall…it was currently March.

The entrance ceremony for Lucas and his brothers was in September, so…

Half a year. Just barely in time!

I’m so glad that I remembered…

If I had only remembered after getting engaged to His Highness Christopher, the situation might have been helpless.

Now all I had to do was not attend the entrance ceremony in six months.

I felt like I could see hope.

Now I can live longer!

I’ll be able to live in peace until I can drink alcohol in four years.

This way, I might be able to meet ‘that person’ who was my top choice in the game.

Or maybe…I’ll just sneak off to see him on my own!

No, no, no…

It’s too dangerous. If I force myself to meet him, I might accidentally make contact with the capture targets, and in the first place, he doesn’t even know me yet.

At the very least, I should avoid contact until I’ve taken a safer route.

……I really want to see him.

I want to see him, but I can’t. This distance is so frustrating.

Even though we live in the same world…

–Ahh! I can’t do it!

When I think about unnecessary things, I fall into negative thoughts.

As long as I stay in this world, we will definitely meet someday.

That’s all right. That’s what I think.

‘That person’ was [Ricardo Aker] (***Some translations also call him ‘Richard Arker’ but after looking at the Japanese, ‘Ricardo Aker’ was actually a closer translation in my opinion)

A schoolmate whom Lucas meets at the academy. He was one of the few close friends that Lucas had.

He is a kind and gentle wolf beastman with silver-gray hair and clear blue-gray eyes.

I, as Izumi, had loved him even though he was not one of the capture targets.

In order to meet Ricardo, I kept on choosing Lucas’ route. He only appeared in Lucas’s route.

Come to think of it…Lucas had not been on good terms with Ricardo, whom he met at the beginning of his second year.

Though, that was just because Lucas had a one-sided dislike for him, and Ricardo was avoiding him.

—Huh? Then how did they become friends from there???

How did Lucas, who was supposed to be kind to everyone, become a ‘tundra-dere’ character with a default icy stare…?

From what I can remember, he has always been sweet to me, his sister, and has also been honest with my parents and kind to the butlers and maids.

However, in the game, he was always expressionless. In the beginning, he was cold to the other heroine and threw a lot of horrible words at her, didn’t he?

Also…when did I become such a selfish villainess…?

Well, even now, I’m still wielding my authority as the youngest child and being spoiled by my family and the maids…

I (Charlotte) shouldn’t have been raised to be an overbearing, self-centered, and even murderous young lady.

Was jealousy enough to change Charlotte that much?

In that case, why…?

I couldn’t find an answer to the question, and whether it was because I was tired from thinking too much, or because I was hungover, my consciousness sank into a dream before I knew it.


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