Chapter 11: After the Exploration part 1

So, what should I do now?

The plan had originally been to explore more of the backwoods, so I now had some extra time.

There was still some time left for lunch…

I couldn’t go back to the backwoods because brother had hit me with that piercing gaze.

–That’s right!

I would go straight to ‘that place’ after having a boxed lunch prepared

I quickly returned inside the mansion and asked Marianna for some lunch.



It was beautiful as always…

Lovely seasonal flowers and dozens of varieties of gorgeous roses were beautifully arranged. This was the Avi family’s prized garden.

It was also Charlotte’s favorite place.

In the corner of the garden, there was a small covered table set.

I put my basket of lunch on the table and headed straight to the flowers.

Slowly taking my time, I walked around the garden and came back to the corner of the garden where the table was set.

“It smells good…”

In this corner of the garden, there was a section of edible flowers.

The ones I smelled came close to was a lavender-like flower called ‘Labelle.’

I picked one of the petals and put it in my mouth.


The Labelle flowers tasted like muscat.

Just one petal was enough to enjoy the sweetness of the Labelle.

There was also a white flower called Sheelah that tasted like apples, and a flower called Suuri that tasted like strawberries.

When my memories as Izumi returned, I had wondered if I could use these edible flowers to create a new kind of alcohol.

Speaking of alcoholic beverages, in addition to ale, there was a famous fruit wine in this world called “Kuran” which is made by soaking cherry-like fruits.

I had always wanted to try it while playing games, and now I can finally drink it!

What a blessing!

I can soak the flowers of the Labelle, Sheelah, and Suuri in a liquor with a high alcohol content, like shochu, then transfer the sweet taste and smell, and drink it on the rocks.

I can also make a syrup with the flower petals and then mix it with alcohol.

I liked the idea of mixing it with carbonated water to make it fizz before drinking it.

…I wonder if carbonated water exists in this world?

Let’s look it up later!


I can’t wait for the next four years when I can finally drink alcohol!!!

However…in order to be able to drink alcohol slowly and with a peace of mind, I must first remove all elements of anxiety.

Defeating the ‘starving monkeys’ and other demon beasts, and making sure that the stampede doesn’t happen.

Even if it does happen, I want the strength to deal with it.

In my flashback, all I had been able to do was tremble, with my whole body tensing up.

But that wasn’t good enough.

This time, I want the power to protect both myself and the people I love.

I don’t want to lose anyone…

In the game, Charlotte had barely been able to use magic. The only magic she could use had been water and ice magic.

She was only able to produce the amount of water one would use in a watering can, and her ice magic was so weak that she could only make a few pebble-sized ice cubes.

Both Father and Mother were able to use magic, so there was no way that Charlotte should be limited to such weak magic.

In order to use magic in this world, the image was more important than anything else.

You still have to cast a spell, but the words of that spell can actually be anything as long as you have a developed an image in your mind.

In short, it was all a matter of preference.

The villainess Charlotte had used a spell with the incantation, ‘Ice! Obey me who is beautiful!’

…Charlotte, you’re killing me…What kind of a spell is that??

But hmmmm, ice…

A piece of ice…a piece of ice…

I created a mental image.


With my palm turned upwards, I attempted to cast a spell from a certain adventure game.


A lump of ice the size of a soccer ball fell onto my palm.


I hurriedly caught it with both hands.

Why is it so much bigger than what I pictured!?!?

Charlotte had only been able to produce ice the size of a pebble, right?

It’s gotta just be a fluke, right…?

I lowered the ice ‘soccer ball’ to my feet and tried chanting again.

Ice…pebble…pebble, pebble…



A lump of ice the size of a soccer ball fell down again.

Why is it so much bigger!?!?

—Pwah!— I threw away the second ice soccer ball.

Calm down…

…Calm down. Okay, Charlotte!?

It’s a good thing that I can use magic.

I closed my eyes, crossed my hands over my chest, and took many deep breaths.

Charlotte the otome game villainess–wait, that’s a long title.

I think I’ll go with ‘Evil Charl.’

I could see ice magic without saying Evil Charl’s ‘obey me’ chant!

…Positive. Positive. I am staying positive!

…Well then, next is water!

Evil Charl’s chant:

“Water! Obey me who is as pure as a clear stream.”—But of course, I refused to say that.

Instead, I created an image in my mind of watering the flowers with a watering can.


—Kersplash!! Shuaaaaaa!!!—

A fountain gushed out of my right palm.

……Why did this happen?


T/N: Charl’s ‘isekai cheat’-ness is starting to show~

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