Chapter 12: After the Exploration part 2

—Kersplash!! Shuaaaaaa!!!—

A fountain gushed out of my right palm.


All I could do was laugh awkwardly.

The fountain drew an arc and even created a rainbow.

If angels existed, were they gonna come down now?

No, no.

The title of the game was [Lovely Heaven], so it wouldn’t be surprising if they really existed.

No more flags!


The fountain continued to gush out from my right hand, but for some reason, I wasn’t getting tired at all.

I’m still fine, so can I use some other magic??

I stopped the fountain and looked back on the the memories from Izumi’s mind.

In addition to water and ice, common magic in RPGs included fire, wind, earth, aid, recovery…?

First, let’s try some fire magic that even ‘Evil Charl’ couldn’t use.

I pictured a cute little fireball.

Now I’ll take that mental image to the limit…


…and cast the spell.


A two-meter-long pillar of fire appeared from the palm of my hand.

“…Are you kidding me!?”

I couldn’t help but think that things were coming out completely different from what I was picturing…This cheat like feeling…



A tremendous lightning bolt crashed towards the back mountain.

…Ah, I can hear screams coming  from inside the mansion…

I mean…


Why can I use all the magic I’ve ever imagined!?!?!?

…I’m a cheat!? I’m not actually a cheat, am I!?!?


Dear Mother,

Forgive me for dispensing with the preliminaries, but I hasten to inform you that your daughter who has been reincarnated in another world, has become a cheat character.

I was on my hands and knees on the ground, slumped over, and trying to escape reality.

So I decided to change my perspective!

Cheating is good!!!

I’m going to take this as a positive sign that the possibility of changing my future has increased!

There is nothing better than having a ton of abilities to use, and I might even be able to use them to make the alcohol I’ve always wanted (this is the most important)!!!

I wondered if I could even use these abilities to make carbonated water?

I even thought about a few other things…Tehehe!

I don’t know if it’s a god or a goddess out there, but thank you!

I stood up, made a pumped up my right fist, thrusting it up towards the sky.

“Cheats are the best!!”

“…It sounds like you’re having fun.”

—Suddenly I heard the voice of someone who was not supposed to be here.


My body jumped up like a little child who had just been caught doing something wrong.

I turned around fearfully and looked in the direction of the voice.

Of course, there was a person right there.

“Br-Brother Lucas…!”

That’s right.

Lucas looked down at me with a smiling face.

That smile is super scary…

“I knew you’d be here. Charlotte likes it here, doesn’t she?”

“Oh, um…Brother? Have you finished talking to father?”

Surprised at my brother’s sudden appearance, I tried my best to compose myself.

“Yes. And your skirt is dirty. A lady shouldn’t get her dress dirty, right?”

He stands right beside me and brushes off the dirt from my skirt.

“O-Oh, thank you very much…”

“It’s no problem.”

After smiling, my Brother suddenly brought his face close to mine…

“However, don’t be too reckless, okay?” He whispered in my ear.


I grabbed my ears and backed away from him while he looked on with a smile.

But his eyes weren’t smiling at all!

My instincts were telling me to run.

But as soon as I was about to turn on my heel and escape—

“You haven’t eaten lunch yet, have you? I brought my own, so let’s eat together.”

—That smiling older brother grabbed my hand.

His grip didn’t hurt, but it was strong enough to prevent me from escaping.

‘I’m not going to let you go, okay?’—That’s what his eyes were telling me.

He pulled my hand, which was quivering like a scared puppy, and led me to a chair at a covered table set in a smooth, gentlemanly manner.


T/N: Lucas here giving off ‘yandere’ vibes (0_o).

I also appreciate how Charl has decided to fully embrace to OP-ness.

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