Chapter 33: Medicinal Herbs and Spiritual Herbs

Lovaine Imperial Magic Academy is a school where students enroll in October.

Therefore, from the present time of November, there would be less than a year for me to prepare for my admission into the school.

With that in mind, I decided to speed up the pace a bit.

First, I was going to ask for a week’s worth of study sessions taught in bulk.

Then, starting the next day, I would make sure to memorize the material one by one each day, preparing for the next plant, memorizing it completely the next day, and then look over the next plant again to study on my own…That would be like 1.5 plants to learn a day.

After that, once a week, I would present what I learned at a study session with Brother Will for us to review.

That’s why he agreed to lend me his picture book.

Of course, the Virgil family’s plant-breeding style—a way that was authoritative in the world of botany—did not end there.

“I will prepare a whole year’s worth of Lovaine’s classwork, and if you can, we’ll speed it up to the realm of the second year,” said Brother Will

Oh, thank goodness. I was so grateful, but…I sure hope my little head was not going to explode from all of this.

After all, when Sister Thulite returns from the territory after selecting teaching materials, I will be studying hard in other subjects as well.

In addition to the ultimate course of magic, there are, of course, basic liberal arts subjects such as history and literature.

Even Brother Will, who thought it was normal was wondering what kind of speedy lesson plan Sister was planning…

Ahhh, I can’t help but want to stick my head in the sand, but Brother Will is in a good mood.

“I’m really happy to be able to do things for Alice…Let’s do our best together.”

After he said that, he stared at me with gentle eyes and stroked my head…I had no choice but to nod with tears in my eyes.

Kuh, how gentle. I like it.


Well then.

After setting up that rough schedule, it was finally time to start studying.

“This is Sentry. The dominant star of the sun, the element of fire, the properties of heat and dryness, written as ‘fel terrae’ in ancient times, restoring poor eyesight, enhancing cardiorespiratory function, improving cowardice, and—”

I take the picture book and read it aloud.

After I finish it my Brother Will gives me a more detailed explanation of the material. I write down as much of it as I can on parchment.

Then I return the book to Brother and recite the description of the plant I just saw without looking at it.

After a week’s worth of material memorization with this method, the next step was to start learning about herbal medicine.

“Do you know why we call them medicinal herbs and spiritual herbs?”

“Hmm…I don’t know.”

I have him lecture me in front of a well-worn textbook.

“Spiritual herbs and medicinal herbs are both considered herbs. That’s why some people just call them herbs instead of using them interchangeably. However, it is often the case that spiritual herbs are used in magic, and medicinal herbs are used in common medicine.

“So that’s it…”

I had wondered why people were using them differently, but that seemed to be the reason.

“But you can think of some of them as medicinal herbs that have just not yet been successfully established for use in magic. The Virgil family’s specialty is to discover and spread such things.”


So in other words, if you’re good at scouting out ordinary herbs buried around town, you might be able to make some amazing discoveries!

I make a note of that while interpreting it in such a way that helped get into my head.

“Anyway, medicinal herbology is a study where one learns how to make medicines that have few magical elements and are made only with ingredients as substances. On the other hand with spiritual herbology, you will learn how to process them into amulets, magic circles and magical incense.”

“Yes, I understand!”

Ufufu. What an exciting explanation.

I can’t wait to put it into practice…!

So with that, the first day’s study session ended with a detailed overview.


T/N: Otome Botany 101

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