Chapter 13: Lunch part 1

Although the table set in the corner of the garden was small, it had bench seating, so even four large adults could sit there comfortably.

And if there were only two early-mid teens sitting there, there would be even more room, right?

And if there are only two people, then it makes sense for them to be sitting while facing each other, right??

And yet—!!

My brother was sitting right next to me, perfectly attached to the hip.

W-Well, this time, let’s just say it’s okay to sit next to each other.

But is it really necessary to sit so close!?!?

Even if you don’t sit next to me, there are plenty of other spots available!

You can eat more comfortably that way, right?

As a desperate resistance, I tried to look at him with a criticizing look, but…

“Hmm? Aren’t you going to eat? It’s delicious.”

My brother was eating his lunch sandwich without even giving a second glance at my gaze.

I looked to the side and saw thick ham, lettuce, cheese, eggs, and other ingredients sandwiched between rye bread buns…


This was definitely a delicious sandwich…

—I’ll eat it.

I had succumbed to the temptation of the sandwich.

I regained my composure and opened my own lunch box that Marianna had given me.

The contents were almost the same as my brother’s, except mine also contained a sandwich with my favorite raspberry jam.

I’ll eat that one last! I decided to go for the ham sandwich first, and put it in my mouth.

The ham was juicy with a hint of spicy butter, followed by the mildness of cheese and a hint of smoked meat. The crisp lettuce and chopped onions added a nice accent to the dish, which was perfectly balanced with the soft and chewy bread that surrounded it.

As expected of a cook from the Duke’s family—it was absolutely wonderful.

Incidentally, it seems there was not much of a difference in the taste of the food in this world compared to what I had in Japan.

I guess the ingredients and seasonings were abundant.

In many novels about ‘reincarnating in another world,’ the food is never good, and the characters have to work hard to make it tasty (***T/N: I’m getting “Fake Cinderella” vibes). It must be a blessing for me to be able to eat good food without having to do anything.

When I was Izumi, I had lived alone and could cook to a certain extent. However, that was only possible because of the existence of seasonings in Japan. I could make mayonnaise at home, but I couldn’t make soy sauce, miso, and other seasonings.

If I had been born in a world where rice tasted bad, I think I would have had to continue eating the same rice for the rest of my life.

I’m not unhappy with the way things are now, but…

If I were to be selfish, I would have liked to have some rice.

Izumi never drank, but if I had rice, then I could make sake.

Better yet, I want to make sake that even I can drink easily…

As I closed my eyes and began daydreaming about sake—

“—You look like you’re having fun eating.”


That reminds me…I forgot about my brother…

“Hey, what were you thinking about?”

My brother had already finished eating his sandwich. He had one hand on his cheek and was staring at me sitting next to him.

“Geh…uh…it’s a delicious sandwich…I thought…while eating.”

I brought up the sandwich is in a weird place and it felt so awkward.

“Are you okay?”

My brother gave me a wry smile and patted me on the back.

What was I thinking about?

I can’t tell him that…

“Here, drink this.”

He held out a water bottle to me.

“…Thank you very much!”

I gratefully accepted it and took a sip.


The cool iced tea spread lightly in my mouth.

Not too sweet, and not too bitter. Just the way I liked it.

I felt relieved as my throat was finally clearing.

And then…

“Charlotte, what is [Japanese sake]?”


Big brother dropped a bombshell.

But this time, it was me who spewed out my iced tea.

“Hmm…Hey, why did you do that??”

I wiped my mouth with the handkerchief I was holding.

“You were the one who said it, you know?”

My brother tilted his head slightly and smiled.


T/N: Oh no! He’s on to her (0_o’)

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