Chapter 34: Athame

“I’m back, Alice-chan!”

“Welcome back, Sister Thulite!”

The day after my first study session with Brother Will, Sister Thulite returned from the territory where she was selecting study materials.

…She came back with a very large amount of books, tools and materials.

“Sister, you sure have prepared quite a lot for this…”

“Ufufu. I’ve cut back quite a bit on this though, you know?”

Father welcomed older sister into the house with a rare look of dismay on his face.

As it should be, as she came with a whole carriage’s worth of luggage.

By the way, the carriage was not the elegant type of carriages that noblemen ride in, but rather a rugged hooded carriage used for transporting goods.

The servants were transporting the luggage to the guest rooms one after another. My mother, who was watching them shouted out,

“How nostalgic! Look, this is the Athame I once used for practice.”

With that, my mother picked up one of the daggers.

“Oh, you had that one when you entered school. I missed it”

My father’s eyes narrowed with nostalgia.

“What is an Athame, Mother?”

My fantasy radar was responding sensitively to this. Like I had heard of it somewhere before…My mother held the small dagger with both of her hands as if it were important and explained it to me while handing it over.

“An Athame is what we use as a catalyst when using magic. It’s also used as a knife when making amulets and tools.”

So in other words…it’s a magic wand and a knife used to process materials! Woah! Just like a magician!

Then I remembered. I remembered that Athame was used by witches in my previous life, according to the ‘Fierce Occult’ book.

“Although, I often put this away when I don’t have to fight, and use something else as a catalyst. Eleanor uses a staff, and I use a ring.”

“But every aristocrat, at one time or another, makes his or her own personal dagger, their Athame, at the academy. That is proof that they have joined the ranks of the nobility.”

“I see…!”

Wow wow! I want to make my very own Athame as soon as possible!

“You’ll spend a lot of time in the fifth grade at Lovaine making your Athame. You’ll have to think about what kind of design you want before then.”

Sister Thulite, who giggled when she saw how excited I was, told me. Oh, right, fifth grade!

“Until then, we tend to use the daggers handed down in the family for practice…Siegmund, I think the Archelaus dagger was a bit large, so what do you think about letting her use the Heimer family’s dagger.”

When Sister suggested that, my father nodded with a serious face.

“It’s true that Archelaus’ dagger is a bit big for Alice. If it’s the Heimer’s dagger though, then it will be the one Eleanor used, so I’m all for it.”

“I agree, of course. How would you like to match with me, Alice?”

“Yes, I like that idea too!”

I smiled and agreed. Matching with my mother!

Once the conversation was settled, Sister Thulite and my parents began discussing the plans for the future. I stared intently at the dagger in my hand.

It was about 25 centimeters long. It was a dagger that felt quite old.

The hilt was made of a subdued dark brown wood, and the scabbard was also made of the same color wood, decorated with thin gold and silver lines that intertwine with each other.

There was a red gem embedded in the round handle head, and the scabbard and hilt were lightly tied to the scabbard with a string of the same color as the gemstone, probably in consideration of carrying it.

When I untied the cord and gently pulled it out of the scabbard, a small double-edged blade was revealed. My face, enthralled by the beautiful blade, was reflected in its beauty.

“It’s something that cuts very well, so you’ll have to be careful.”

“Yes, Mother.”

I nodded coyly and put the sword away in its sheath.

“Father and mother. I would like to see both of your Athame’s as well…Is that okay?”

“Sure, of course. I’ll show you when we’ve finished bringing in the luggage.”

“Fufu, you guys are the types who keep them so carefully close.”

My sister laughs meaningfully and my mother’s cheeks flushed.

“Oh come on, big sister…”

Hmm? When I gave her a strange look, Sister Thulite giggled and told me.

“When people get engaged or married, they almost always exchange their Athames for each other’s. They entrust the only sword that has passed through the power of their soul to their partner. Then they look upon it as their partner and keep it carefully. They will not let anyone see it, and will not give it to anyone else.”

My mother and father both look a little embarrassed when she explained it to me. Cute.

“Is Sister different?”

By the way, I asked her because she was always wearing a dagger, which she then lifted up with a wide grin.

“I’m the type of person who likes to show off my treasures! Besides, I have to make sure the ownership of it is clear.”

Ah. Oh. I see. Yeah.

So, she is trying to show people that Uncle Oedipus is her property. I’m convinced. It’s definitely like that, isn’t it Sister Thulite?

“I hope Alice will find someone to exchange Athame with someday.”

My mother laughs softly. Father, on the other hand, instantly looked like he was going to die.

“Alice, if such a person ever comes along, you can tell father first…That thing…well, yeah….I won’t let him bother you.”

……I promised myself that if such a person ever appeared, Father would be the last person I would introduce him to.


T/N: RIP Alice-chan’s future boyfriend

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  1. Stopping here for now. Going to try the other otome story here.

    Like, love this story a lot. The character’s are great, the story is wonderful, and the TN is amazing. You’ve really done a wonderful job bringing this story to life.

    It’s just an ever loving pain in the 455 to have to keep opening up the new chapters from another site, since the links here are all over the place T_T. Will probably come back in a few days to a week, to see if the links got all fixed up.


    1. I’m sorry for the confusion but there might be a misunderstanding! Those links you see are just added in the order I wrote the posts without my control—they aren’t actually “next” links and are just what pops up every time I post. However, the table of contents link I added will take you to all of the chapters of the current volume in order. I have multiple novels I post for which is why I did it that way—hope this helps!


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