Chapter 35: Lesson Plan part 1

“Wow, it’s beautiful…!”

After the enormous amount of teaching materials brought in by Sister were taken to the empty room, we all moved to the terrace for a tea break.

That’s where I was being shown my mother’s and father’s Athames.

“Yes, it’s beautiful. Don’t you think the decorations here are a true reflection of Eleanor’s lovely and delicate appearance?”

“Oh, that’s right.”

As it is said that the Athame represents the person, my father loved the Athame given to him very much as if it were mother.

“I usually keep this Athame near my bedside table where it’s safe. I periodically care for it and let my magic pass through it.”

“I also wear mine during official events. Well, it’s not just older sister who uses them on a daily basis, so it’s not uncommon to see them around town.”

So I understand that there are a certain number of people who are either single or want to show off their marriage partners.

By the way, my mother’s former Athame, which was given to my father, had a whitish metal scabbard that reminds me of the color of her silvery-white hair. The intertwined lines of decoration are beautiful.

And my former father’s Athame, given to my mother, is a chic-colored dagger with brown leather all over with blue jewels embedded in the handle. It wasn’t overly rugged, perhaps because it was intended to be a gift for mother, but it still had a bit more seriousness than my mother’s former Athame.

“Looking at it this way, there are still some differences between men and women…The dagger of Archelaus…was the original owner of that Athame a male?”

On the table where I turned my eyes to, there lay a single dagger.

It had a simple black leather design, and the handle had a diamond-shaped projection on the hilt, which seemed to give it a high offensive power.

It was a bit larger than any of the Athames here, and a bit more rugged.

“Oh, I’ve been told it’s probably one of our ancestors. Probably a male.”

“’It’s not that there aren’t other Athame, but this is the one with the highest quality. So if you’re going to use one anyway, I think a smaller Heimer dagger of the same quality and smaller size would be better.”

Then, the Heimer dagger that fit in my hand was presented.

I nodded with a smile.

Ufufufu. I already like it and I feel like I’ve decided on it as my partner until we become one.

“Now then, let’s present the lesson plan.”

When the conversation was settled, Sister Thulite cut in.

Oh yeah, although I had just received a magic item and was on cloud nine, today was actually a day for studies.

“Yes, big sister, please!”

I turned to face her, and Sister Thulite nodded, her dark hair fluttering.

“First of all, up to your third year at Lovaine Academy, you will be studying literature, history, arithmetic, music, and Alice’s favorite, magic. There are also detailed lessons in Medicinal and Spiritual Herbology, as well as Runes and Ancient Roan Script. There are some other small lessons, but if you don’t complete those five major classes first you won’t be able to advance, and at that point, you would no longer be considered a noble. Take heart!”

“Oh, no!”

I could be as good as done as an aristocrat, or at least I’ll be tested for it in the first grade…!

Well, if I think of it as a school with a retention system, it may indeed be almost as good as being socially dead…

“Also, you are the only daughter, and the only child of House Archelaus. Furthermore, because you will be taught by me, it is only natural that you should get a perfect score. If you don’t, then I will withdraw my hand from you at that point.”


Withdrawing your hand… or rather, cutting off…?…Excommunication?!”

“Now, now, Sister, please don’t scare her so much.”

“That’s right Sister. Alice is still frail, and she doesn’t necessarily have to cram in all of the subjects from the first year…”

“I don’t think you understand.”

My parents gave me a helping hand with that do-or-die statement, but Sister Thulite returned it with a snappy look.

“In an aristocratic society, being maligned and insulted can mean death…shouldn’t you guys know that best?”


My parents looked awkward.

Well, I guess that’s true.

When I remember Madame Verandel’s attitude the other day, I could understand what big sister means.

If you show some kind of weakness to the other party, such as being ill, unable to communicate, or being mentally unstable, even if it’s a Marquis family, the situation will be bad.

It was easy to imagine this because I had caught a glimpse of it from the poor relationships in the dark corporate company of my previous life.

Not worrying about the mental balance or sick subordinates, the next newcomers…sacrifice? A boss who quickly hires and discards those who are not in the right place at the right time.

A person who pushes you to do more and more complicated work and then leaves as quickly as possible, without helping your unprofessional colleagues.

A business partner who, as soon as he or she senses a disadvantageous situation, uses a weakness against the business partner to force them to do an impossible task.

In this world of survival of the fittest, if you don’t keep your head up, you will soon be eaten up by other people.

On top of that, this world, for all intents and purposes, does not have mature laws and morals. I don’t know if that was because of the fluffy, all-or-nothing element of magic, or if it was because our civilization here was much less advanced than modern Japan’s was but…

If I don’t protect myself well, I don’t know what kind of method will be used to kick me out…

That’s probably what Sister Thulite was trying to say.

If that’s the case, then I don’t have time to shy away from it either.

“Leave it to me, Big Sister! I will definitely show you that I can get a perfect score in the five major subjects from the first year!”

I clenched my fists tightly, stood up, and declared as such.

Then Sister Thulite gave me a shining smile, as if a large rose had blossomed.

“Excellent! That’s the spirit, Alice-chan! After all, you are worthy of being my student!”

“Thank you!!”

I was getting into the sports club kind of groove, but my parents seemed relieved that it was going to be a smooth transition, so that was okay.

“I was testing Alice when I said I would withdraw if she didn’t get a perfect score. I’m sorry…But if you don’t get a perfect score……you might think it would have been better to be excommunicated…”


I was scared of sister’s cheerful smile, but I was determined to do my best.


T/N: I don’t think I could survive in this world TT_TT

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  1. After the 400 pages book I definitely would gave up from all those studies xD… I was almost never at the top, but at least I ever keeps my scores over the 3/4.
    75% is justice hahah


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