Chapter 36: Lesson Plan part 2

For now, I was going to ask about all of the subjects with renewed enthusiasm.

“As I said before, the five basic subjects we’ll be studying this year are literature, history, arithmetic, music and magic. I was going to take some time to teach herbology as well, but I’ve been in touch with Virgil, and he is very enthusiastic about it, so I’ve decided to leave it all to him. It’s better to learn from an expert. But still, keep me posted on your progress.”

“Yes, I understand.”

Indeed, with Brother Will, the last time he said something like “just more one more little thing from me,” he brought all these textbooks and said that we should do a year’s worth! A year’s worth of work isn’t a ‘little thing’, right!?

“In addition to building physical strength and studying etiquette, I am going to focus on teaching you the five major subjects from now on. I have to support my husband and my house, so I won’t be able to do it every day, but I will stay here half a week at a time. I look forward to working with you.”

“Yes. I look forward to working with you!”

With a glance, I looked at my parents who nodded happily at us.

Big Sister Thulite also has children, so was it okay for her to be so busy teaching me? I asked her about it, but she said that it was good for her because her younger son just enrolled in the school and is no longer in need of help.

Somehow, the atmosphere had become like an overnight training camp, even though it was still my parents’ house.

Apparently the large amount of luggage included Sister Thulite’s luggage as well.

And so, because a week was seven days, three or four of those days would include a study session with Sister Thulite.

Then another day would be a study session with Brother Will, so all in all, I had about five days of study sessions.

Hmm. So the other two days are free other than the prep and review…That sounds good.

My parents and Sister Thulite were also discussing how they would start to solidify the new schedule changes.

Among them, the topic of my birthday party came up.

It made sense, so I talked to my mother.

“Mother, it’s my birthday party in a month, so may I also join in the preparations?”

“Oh, of course you can. What is it all of a sudden?”

Ufufufu, I laughed.

“I promised mother that I’d invent some sweets with you, and it’s a celebration for a lot of people to come. I want to entertain them!”

“Well! That’s lovely. Then let’s surprise all of our guests with lots of nice things.”

My mother smiles happily with flushed cheeks.

Yes, it would be my filial duty to make this birthday party even more exciting.

“If it’s coming up next month, we should hurry. Have you sent out the invitations yet?”

My parents nodded. I instructed the maid to bring a list of invited guests, and Sister Thulite and my parents started discussing the seating arrangements.

When it came to those kinds of discussions, I was like child in a relative’s New Year’s party. In other words, I was bored out of my mind.

The seating chart was not something I could understand, let along help out with…I was in a daze when I saw Connie standing by the wall, also in a daze.

I suddenly had an idea and decided to turn to Connie and play a game with her. (***T/N: I believe that the game Alice is playing with Connie is the one where you try to point in a direction, and the person being pointed at has to try to turn in a different direction.)

When I looked at Connie, she immediately reacted and made a face. I quickly took the same stance I had taught her before.

Connie also took a stance with a look of surprise on her face.

By the way, I didn’t want to interrupt my parents’ discussion, so of course I had to turn around and face her without sound.

I gave a small wave of my hand and adjusted the timing…and then I threw out a hand!

The hand that came out went to the left, and Connie turned to the right. I win.

Silence… and turn! And when I indicated the right, Connie looked up with a gasp.

Then she slowly looked back down, a smug look on her face.

I stifled my frustration and immediately took another stance.

And so, turn! Turn! Turn turn turn! And the fight continued, and the speed kept increasing, and when the advanced techniques exploded with feints and timing shifts to catch the opponent off guard…Suddenly, I felt some eyes on me and turned around with a gasp.

Before I knew it, even Alphonse-san, who had increased the total number of people before I knew it, was looking at me with adoring eyes along with my parents and sister.

How embarrassing…Connie was also looking down and blushing.

My father, who saw such a situation, suddenly opened his mouth.

“After all, we still need to set up some potential friend candidates before the birthday party. Even though she’s so bright, she’s at an age where she needs someone to play with.”

“Well, even though she’s so mature, Alice is still at that age where she could use a playmate.”

Uhh…I couldn’t exactly say that my mental age was of a 30-year old woman or anything like that…

So that why this place turned into a meeting on thinking about my potential friend candidates.


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