Chapter 17: You Can’t (2)

After I bowed my head obediently, my brother let out a big sigh. Then he started giving me instructions one after another.

“Charl. Show me your ice magic.”



“Okay Charl, next is fire.”



“Now wind.”





—Rumble Rumble Smash!!—

The cheat was in full action.

Every time I used more magic, my brother’s eyes became more and more dead.

“That’s…not normal…”

This power was out of this world. Yes. I thought so too.

“The reason why the magic seal was broken and the red star started to glow might be because you remembered Izumi-san’s memories.”

“Is that what normally happens when memories come back, like mine?”

“No, at least not as far as I could tell. Charlotte might just be loved very much by the goddess.”

So, the “Gift of the Red Star” was sent by the goddess, right?

Suddenly, my eyes fell on the shirt my brother was wearing. Because of my earlier incident, his shirt had gotten bloody.

…I’m sorry, big brother.


As soon as I chanted those words, his shirt became crisp and clean as if it were brand new.

I awkwardly looked at my brother, who stared at me and sighed deeply once again.

Sorry for being a cheat character…

“Big brother…is this okay then?”

Would I still have to wait three days? Would I have to redo the test? I bit my lip and looked up at him while asking (puppy dog eyes!).

My brother looked very uncomfortable, but turned to me with a resigned look.

“……It can’t be helped. I’ll tell Father, and when the time comes, I may even tell him everything about you. You have to agree to that.”

“Yes. I understand.” I nodded widely.

“Even if Father says it’s fine, I’m not going to let you be the vanguard. Only an assistant. I don’t even want to let you attack.”


I can even use attack magic…

I expressed my dissatisfaction


—Suddenly, Brother’s voice became overly sweet again.

That’s dangerous!!!

I immediately prepared myself, but it was too late.


—Mmmphhh—both my cheeks were suddenly squished together.

“Charlotte? I’m worried about you. Do you understand~?”

“Ywes…Mm shorry (Yes…I’m sorry)…!”

In this kind of situation, the only thing to do is apologize as soon as possible. I put my hands together in front of my chest and stared at my brother.

“Haaah~…I feel like I’m going to have a hard time in the future.”

Brother was smiling bitterly while saying that, but he still seemed to be enjoying himself.

“…???” I wanted to tilt my head, but I still couldn’t move my face.

I had been having my cheeks squished at for a while now, and after about three minutes I was finally released.

“Your cheeks are so soft, Charl. It’s going to become a habit.” My brother chuckled happily.

It wasn’t my fault that this happened. Maybe.


When I looked up, my big brother who called me wasn’t smiling anymore.

“In this world, you have to be 16 years old to drink alcohol, you know?”

“Yes.” I nodded my head. I knew that. That’s what I was waiting so long for.

…Huh? Is it possible that I’m being threatened? A warning not to drink until I’m 16??

“No, no. Well, a little bit is…”

I knew it!

“One year later—”

Those words suddenly made me turn serious.

“—One year later, I’ll be sixteen and Charlotte will be thirteen.”

That was the year the stampede was supposed to happen.

“I won’t let the stampede happen.”

I didn’t want to lose anything. I wouldn’t lose anything. I’m going to do whatever it takes.

“We are collaborators and accomplices.”

‘Collaborators.’ I see. I now had a reassuring ally in my brother. ‘Accomplice.’ Perhaps my brother was telling me that I shouldn’t have to stress about this alone.

“Let’s overcome the stampede safely and then we can celebrate a toast together in secret, okay?”


I hugged him tightly while laughing like a naughty child.

“It’ll be a secret from Father, okay?” He gently stroked my head.

I would continue to do what I could in order to spend a happy life of laughter together with everyone. With my brother who had accepted me.

In that case, I would prepare a ‘special liquor’ for the time when that came true—one year from now.

That’s what I decided while in my brother’s arms.


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