Chapter 41: End of the Duel

Brother Oluris suddenly appeared, but he was so translucent that unless one looked closely enough, he looked like a ghost.

He swayed around like an image reflected in the fog.

The expressionless being held his hands in front of him. Then, a sharp wind blew up from the ground and became a wall.

The ice wolf, which crashed into that wall with great force, was shattered and dissipated into the air.

At the same time as the wolf disappeared, Brother Oluris’s figure also softly disappeared.

“What…?!” Brother Will shouted in surprise.

I joined the audience and also shouted in surprise.

“What’s going on?…It came… that’s the…that!”

The translucent appearance of Oluris reminded me of the ‘that’ existence.

That’s right.

It was the green ribbon potpourri.

The name of the magic hidden in that potpourri was ‘Phantom Guardian.’

As the name suggested, the book said it was ‘the art of protecting the user with spirits that have borrowed the form of a magician.’

Many screaming voices flew out from around the gallery, especially from the women.

“What was that, why was there the appearance of that person just now?!”

“I wonder if it was a spirit form…?! How beautiful…! On top of that, he doesn’t even have to deal with the ice wolf…!”

On the contrary, the men expressed their admiration for the magic skills of the barrier.

Perhaps it was because he was so reclusive, but only a few people seemed to recognize that the figure was Brother Oluris.

But the match was not over yet.

Brother Will seemed upset, but he quickly recovered and kicked off the ground towards my father.


“Hahaha. I can’t trust you to guard my daughter if you’re the one being protected!”

Brother Will was upset, but he was serious with his dagger. In contrast, my father was relaxed.

Brother Will’s dagger techniques seemed quite quick and versatile to the untrained eye. However, my father who was above and beyond that, dodged it with ease.

“Well, this is a customary event that you can’t win, so it’s only natural. Don’t take it personally, Mr. Will!”

Saying that, my father accelerated around at once and took Brother Will’s arm and placed the dagger against his neck.

“That’s it!” Alphonse-san’s voice flew in.

Then, my father and Brother Will moved away and bowed to each other. They also bowed to the audience and then walked over to us.

Brother Will had a complicated look on his face.

“Thank you for your hard work, Father and Brother!”

“Well done, both of you!”

“Will, you did great!”

I greeted them with a quick clap and applause along with my mother and Aunt Felicia, who had joined us while watching the duel.

My father asked with a sparkling face, “How was it? Wasn’t your father cool?!”

“It was definitely cool, but what was that big trick?! Please consider the age difference between you and Brother Will!”

When I replied flatly, both my father and brother were terrified and overwhelmed.

“Alice got mad at me…”

An escort who is being protected…”

Oh, sheesh. Oops.

But Brother Will, who was the first to snap out of it, turned a confused face to me.

“Alice, that potpourri you said was a good luck charm, it must have been from my brother.”

“…Yes. I’m sorry I lied to you, Brother…but I didn’t think you’d accept it if I told you it was from Brother Oluris.”

“Huh…Well, yeah, but why…”

‘It would be better to hear about it directly from Brother Oluris,’ I thought.

I smiled vaguely while having trouble replying, and then the next duel began.

Next, the high-ranking nobles of the Heimer faction were having mock battles with each other.

As I watched, wondering what to say to the those blunt eyes, I heard the sound of a horse’s hooves and neighs coming from the backyard.

When I looked, I saw a shadow running into the garden.


Brother Will raises his tone with a raw voice.

That’s right.

The real Brother Oluris had arrived, unexpectedly.


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One thought on “Chapter 41: End of the Duel

  1. He probably sensed his magic activating! haaa that brother, why can’t he apologize and explain he lost control and didn’t mean to be bad!!!


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