Chapter 43: Eye Color

“I have heard the whole story!”

Sister Thulite, who seemed to have been watching us instead of the duel, said so with a huff and a sigh.

“Oh, Sister?”

As I looked to see what was going on, Sister Thulite, who was walking towards Brother Oluris in a flash, took both of Brother’s hands.

Brother Oluris’ eyes went black and white* at that. (***meaning his eyes went blank/looked confused)

“—The spirits love you too much which is causing these troubles. So come to our laboratory!”

“Um, Madame…?”

Uncle Oedipus followed up on Brother Oluris, who looked puzzled.

“My wife runs a research institute where she mainly studies spirit magic. It’s also compatible with the magic that people are born with. We may be able to find out more about your situation as well if we investigate.”


That was certainly just fine. In no time at all, the conversation was settled, and Brother Oluris was going to join the Research Institute while attending his current school.

It seems that the school that Brother Oluris is attending is the Mystico Prova Research Institute, which is like a university above Advenzia Academy.

As long as one had the proper documents and exam scores, they could get credit for their studies, so Brother had been working as a student.


Well then! A lot of things went wrong, but in the end, the situation was settled and the party came to a successful end.

Brother Oluris, Aunt Felicia and the other invited guests had also left, and now it was just the family and Heimer family relatives who were left.

The dinner was over and it was now reunion time in the living room, with wine in hand for the adults and bedtime drinks in hand for the children.

“Even so, I didn’t think you would suddenly solicit him on that occasion.”

My mother, illuminated by the evening lamp, suddenly giggled. They were talking about Brother Oluris joining the Research Institute.

“…Mostly, you just couldn’t leave someone like your old self all alone, could you?” Uncle Oedipus shrugged his shoulders and said so.

I was taken aback by that unexpected statement.

“Sister Thulite was like Brother Oluris…?”

With a grandiose hackneyed smile on her face, Sister Thulite chuckled, saying that it was a long time ago.

“I was bullied all the time because of this dark pink eye color, which was so close to red…I had no confidence. I looked like a ghost, growing my bangs out and hiding them like Oluris has done today. There was even a time when I was afraid to go out in public…”


I was shocked. I just couldn’t imagine a reclusive, ghost-like Sister Thulite.

“Ufufu. But my sister was changed by the power of love, wasn’t she?”

When my mother said this with a blush on her cheeks, Grandpa Richtlite, who was quietly drinking his wine, muttered to himself.

“Thula has really changed. There was no one who could stop her from getting married because of that momentum.”

Oh, wow. So many things had happened. I could imagine Sister Thulite cutting her hair off and being reborn with a loud laugh.

“But why were you bullied because of the color of your eyes? It’s a very beautiful color…”

When I asked, my father replied.

“There are a certain number of people who discriminate against others based on the color of their eyes. The closer one gets to the most hated red eyes, the more unwarranted insults they will receive.” (***T/N: my ‘red-eyed ML’ senses are tingling…)

“Hated…? Is there something about those red eyes?”

It sounded like a complicated story. Sister Thulite took over the conversation.

“Generally speaking, people with red eyes are said to be suitable for forbidden curses and blood-catalyzed spirit arts. Furthermore, they are often feared because they often possess high magical powers.”

“Is that so…”

My body twitched when I heard the word “curse.”

Surely, if such a theory existed, people might be afraid of red eyes.

“I had given up on studying that because there’s no way I could try a forbidden curse. But I wanted to find out the truth about how the blood-catalyzed spirit arts worked, so I started researching the Origin Slots—that is, spirit magic.”

I nodded my head in agreement.

No matter what the outcome was, she had pushed forward towards learning the truth about herself.

I thought that that was somehow very much like my sister.

—End of Chapter 2—


T/N: And with that, we’ve finally reached the end of Part 2! Next is Part 3 where we’ll finally be introduced to the Magic Academy and the Golden Rose game scenario! You can reach Part 3 here.

I also wanted to give a big thank you to everybody who has been reading and supporting this cute series! I hope people continue to like it! The more people I see enjoying it, the happier it makes me to translate it (≧◡≦)~♡

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