Chapter 19: No Way (2)

“—And therefore, as part of the Knight Order’s training, His Highness Christopher has agreed to participate in the investigation of this dungeon.”

In front of everyone, His Highness Christopher was introduced by my father.

What do you mean by “therefore”!?!

My heart was filled with an uncontrollable resentment.

He looked a little younger than when he had condemned me in the game. His straight golden hair was longer than his collar and not yet long enough to be put into a single bun.

As I recall, His Highness Christopher had been a member of the Knight Order since he was thirteen.

The discovery of a new dungeon had the possibility of affecting the country’s tourism and other businesses, and its presence might also cause demon beasts to appear or cause damage to the general population.

In light of this, it was not surprising that the future king, His Royal Highness Prince Christopher, came to inspect the dungeon under the guise of ‘training for the Knight Order.’ In addition, this was also the territory of the current king’s younger brother.

“I’m Christopher Heaven, and I will be conducting the investigation along with everyone here from today. Although I am the crown prince, this time I am participating as a trainee from the Knights Order. I am still not well-acquainted, so I would like to be treated the same as everyone else.”

His Highness Christopher gave a polite greeting and then bowed his head.

Was it really okay for royalty to bow so easily?

As I tilted my head in confusion, I met His Highness Christopher’s sapphire blue eyes.


His Highness Christopher was coming towards me at a steady pace.

“Are you…Lady Charlotte?”

Even though he was the last person I wanted to see, I couldn’t just turn away when dealing with the royal family. I had to give a proper reply…

Regardless of the situation, Charlotte was still the Duke’s daughter.

“Yes. It has been a long time, Your Highness Christopher.” Holding up the hem of my dress, I wore a calm expression and gave a ladylike curtsy.

His Highness responded with just a glance.

“You’ve grown up, haven’t you?” He muttered sincerely.

You’re just my uncle’s son!!

But that wasn’t the point…

“Yes. I will be thirteen soon, so it’s probably been five years since I’ve seen His Highness.” I put my hand on my cheek and smiled.

“Can’t you…”


“Can’t you call me Big Brother Chris?”

His eyes, like those of an abandoned puppy, were staring right at me.


…It is true that five years ago, I think I called His Highness Christopher, who played with big brother Lucas, as ‘big brother Chris.’

My royal cousin whom I haven’t seen for five years—I can’t just call him that so easily!

Moreover, because I remembered him as Izumi, I also remembered how strict the royal hierarchy truly was.

And above all—!!

—I don’t want to have any more contact with His Highness Christopher!!

In the event that something should happen, I don’t want to be condemned for disrespect. I don’t know what to do…

While I was at a loss—

“Your Highness Christopher. My sister…Charlotte is feeling troubled.”

—My brother came to save me.

Big brother!! My savior has arrived!

“Lucas? I’m looking forward to working with you.”

His Highness held out his hand to my brother. My brother shook the offered hand.

“Yes. Thank you for your service to the Avi territory.”

“Lucas. Stop talking so stiffly.” His Highness smiled bitterly.

“Your Highness is going to be my lord, though.” My brother let out a little sigh, and then,

“…You really haven’t changed at all, have you Chris?” He laughed.

Oh—I can see the friendship between them. They’ve always been good friends, haven’t they? Although I haven’t seen him in a long time, I’m sure that he and my brother have met and talked to each other many times.

Okay! I’ll just take this opportunity leave…

With a smile on my face, I began to move away from the scene.

At that moment—

“So, Lady Charlotte, you really won’t call me big brother anymore?”

—His Highness Christopher looked at me.

Attempt to escape, failed.


T/N: Personally, I don’t see a problem with Charlotte establishing herself like the Prince’s ‘little sister.’ That way she should be safer too ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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