Chapter 44: Tea Party with Neutral Aristocrats

The season has continued on since my birthday party, and it is now spring in April.

When the New Year had come in January, we had a party with my relatives again, and Brother Oluris would even occasionally join me for a study session at the Virgil’s household.

There were also some minor changes and events, such as my friends and family members being surprised by my study curriculum and starting to study harder, but other than that, there were no major incidents.

……Until now.

“–What?! I stopped you because you were doing something you were not supposed to do!”

The one screaming in front of me was the young lady with the blonde drill-curled hair.

Yes, it was the daughter of Marquis Verandel.

There were a number of reasons why we had arrived at this situation in which I was catching her raised hand and holding it back.

First of all, as I had continued to go through my hellish boot camp of intense studying, I finally received the OK from Brother Will and Sister Thulite, who said that I’d pass the entrance level.

To begin with, my arithmetic knowledge was like a cheat from my previous life and I didn’t need to study it. Sister Thulite was always tilting her head because I was too good at it, but the mathematics in this world, at the general education level, was really not that well developed. That’s why once I was taught arithmetic, I tested it immediately and cleared it, and almost passed.

I was able to devote that amount of time to other studies, which was quite helpful.

In any case, I felt a little relieved about my studies, and since there were only six months left until I entered school, I decided to focus on socializing as well.

Even though I had showed off my energetic appearance at my birthday party, it was only to a few nobles. Many upper nobles, neutral nobles, and almost all emerging nobles still didn’t actually get to see me. Many of them still thought that I was a ghost of a daughter after being withdrawn for two years.

Because I had promised the previous Alice that I would protect the Archelaus family and my parents, I couldn’t just let that bad reputation stand.

That is why this incident had occurred at today’s tea party which I attended.

The incident started out as a batting match.

I was invited to a tea party of the Aideena family, a neutral-leaning aristocrat, so I headed there with Laurier-sama, who was also invited. Yulena was the aide.

Then, to my surprise, the daughter of Marquis Verandel appeared at the tea party.

Seeing that the butler of the house was in a panic, it seems that he had called her on the same day by mistake.

However, I couldn’t afford to make a U-turn, so I took a seat and joined the tea party.

Fortunately, it was a large tea party with more than a dozen people who were called. All the children of many families were eager to make friends before they started school.

That’s why I was thinking we could have a separate table and not have to get involved…

Until I felt a tremendous gaze on me.

It felt like the eyes were piercing holes into me, so sometimes I stole a glance and would see them chatting at the separate table, but occasionally, she would still look at me with her eyes blazing.

I left it alone because I wasn’t always being glared at, but then ‘that’ happened while the three of us, Elicia-sama the host, Laurier-sama, and I, were chatting.


“Well, Miss Alice. I’m sorry about today. I made a mistake and it’s…”

“No, please don’t worry about it. It’s not like we’re at war with each other.”

Elicia-sama apologized as she glanced at the daughter of Marquis Verandel.

As a neutral aristocrat, she’d have to deal with both sides*** and would probably apologize to the other side later. I thought vaguely that it must be tough. (***T/N: This will be explained again later, but there are two opposing factions in this kingdom, the Heimer Faction (Archelaus’ side) and the Edmund Faction (Verandel’s side). NOTE: The Heimer faction was previously called the Jaime faction in previous chapters (Jaime family, etc.), but I will be going back and changing it to Heimer because that is a better translation)

I wanted to bring the conversation back to something more tea party-like, so I complimented Laurier-sama’s hair ornaments that I noticed.

“By the way, that hair ornament of Laurier-sama’s is very nice. You wore it when you came to the birthday party, didn’t you?”

“It’s true. It’s very nice.”

The golden moon-shaped hair ornament looked great on Laurier-sama’s glossy purple hair.

Elicia-sama also seemed relieved to be able to talk about this.

The usually cool Laurier-sama smiled, as if she was happy to be praised.

“Thank you. This is something that has been passed down in the Einzschutt family for generations and is very important. This gemstone is a speciality that can only be found in Einzschutt territory.”

“Well, it’s lovely!”

It was truly a hairpiece that represented the territory. Laurier-sama took off her hairpiece and placed it in her hand and showed it to us.

“Wow, how beautiful…”

I looked at it with Elicia-sama, and that’s when it happened.

A red dress moved roughly at the edge of my vision.

“What is this?!”

I was very surprised to see the daughter of Marquis Verandel walking towards me with a triumphant smile on her face. And then she suddenly waved her hand in the air!


I almost involuntarily moved the white item out her hand. Yulena, who was serving behind me, screamed.

The daughter of Marquis Verandel shouted loudly in that position.

“You are disgusting for trying to forcibly take away someone’s things!”


That was the opening scene.

“No, I wasn’t taking it! She was just showing it to us!”

While I was surprised and denied it, Miss Verandel began to scream.

“No! I’ve been watching you! You would have taken off that hair accessory! And I was simply gathering the courage to say it!”


She started to say something that made no sense to me with amazing momentum. Then Elicia-sama came in to follow up.

“Um, really, she was just showing the two of us her hair ornament.”

Lady Laurier hurriedly denied the claim as well.

“That’s right. Alice-sama never said anything about wanting this!”

Then, Miss Verandel looked at Lady Laurier with a look of disbelief.

“What?! You. I was just trying to help you! Why aren’t you more grateful?!”

Huh? What?? Is she okay in the head???

Apparently, she was the type of person who only believed in her own assumptions.

The children at the same table had also seen our last minute exchange, so they were looking at the Miss Verandel with suspicious faces. However, the children at the other tables further back didn’t know what was going on, so they started looking at me with an uncomfortable expression.

Wait, perhaps this is bad…

But then suddenly with a clatter, Laurier-sama stood up.

And then she slapped away Miss Verandel’s arm, who was still trying to hit me. (***T/N: You go girl!! Follow up with a dropkick!)

“Ahh–!” The girl was so surprised by this that she stumbled back.

Laurier-sama declared in a clear voice.

“I swear in the name of the Einzschutt family. Alice-sama has never tried to take what is mine by force!”

When the tea party participants heard that, they looked confused.

‘Huh?’ I also made a face.

But with that single declaration, Miss Verandel began shouting once more.

“Poor thing! You’re just under orders to say so!”

In response, the participants all looked confused again.

They didn’t seem to know what to do with this incomprehensible development. The daughter of Marquis Verandel pointed a finger at Laurier-sama with a flourish.

“Okay, you?! I saved you. Don’t be afraid of my courage! Hmph!”

‘Then I’m leaving!’ With that, she turned on her heel and left. Her servant hurried after her.


I didn’t understand the reason and was confused. And then, Laurier-sama quivered and let out a low, angry voice.

“Even though the margrave family is lower than the marquis family…that attitude…! She makes it sound like I’m a weakling…! In addition, misguidedly insulting Alice-sama for something like that–!”

Oooh, I can see the Hannya in the background. (***Hannya is that angry Japanese mask that’s often depicted when people are very angry)

Certainly, there was definitely a patronizing feeling coming from Miss Verandel, completely disrespectful of Laurier-sama.

What’s with that…

Although I thought as such, I was convinced from Miss Verandel’s words and actions. Rather, I had been wondering if this was the case ever since I first encountered her in the Imperial Gardens. But the fact that this incident had occurred like this made it decisive…

Incidentally, this day’s tea party ended up being clouded with a disturbing atmosphere.

In the end, I was unable to make a lot of connections with people.


T/N: Ugggghhhh this villainess is so annoying and immature. ヽ( `д´*)ノ

Also, just in case you didn’t read the earlier note, the “Heimer faction” was previously called the “Jaime faction/family” in previous chapters, but I will be going back and changing it to “Heimer” because that is a more accurate translation.

But in any case, at least we’re off to a start with the third part of this series. I hope everyone continues to enjoy and support as we embark into the Magic Academy!

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