Chapter 45: The Verandel Household

Gabriella’s POV

“What the hell, what the hell?!”

I stepped onto the floor of my room.

My name is Gabriella Eustance Verandel.

…And Aira Hayakawa.

I am the main heroine in this world of the otome game, “Golden Rose: The Villainous Lady Blooms Beautifully.”

…and I’m also a reincarnated Japanese girl.

When I was three years old in this world, I fell asleep with a bad cold, and that’s when the memories of my previous life awakened.

I was not lucky in my previous life.

As soon as I had entered junior high school, I was not able to get along well with the people around me, and I felt like an idiot for trying so hard to fit in with my childish surroundings. That’s why I always stayed indoors.

I didn’t have any friends or boyfriends to follow me, so I had a lot of time to spare and enjoyed reading light novels and playing otome games.

I played all kinds of otome games. Pure love, Yandere, special settings…

And among them, I quite liked the newly released “Golden Rose” game.

The fact that the villainous daughter was the protagonist was a perfect fit for me.

I always used to point out facts that other people didn’t have the guts to say, and I’d always get hated by those foolish people around me, who’d tell me I should ‘read the atmosphere’ or that I ‘just didn’t get it.’

……Ah, it makes me angry just thinking about it. After all, I had only been saying the truth.

Anyway, that’s how I started out. The premise of the ‘Golden Rose’ was roughly described as ‘a villainous daughter protagonist who works hard in the face of adversity and supports a group of wacky guys by making them fall in love with her through boldness, persuasion and gap moe.’

I wanted to see the ending scenes with the handsome prince as soon as possible, so I went to the strategy site and quickly proceeded with only the fastest capture route of the game. Then I captured the prince, which had been my goal, but now I regret it a little.

I felt regret because I knew only a little about the other targets, and I didn’t know all the stories about the game’s side routes which could only be learned in the second round of playing. I had been hit by a car (***T/N: truck-kun strikes again) on the way to a convenience store to buy dinner and died in an accident before I could ever figure them out.

But, well, I was still able to be reincarnated as the main character in a real world of the prince of my dreams, so that’s good.


An unexpected development occurred at the tea party when I went to recreate an event.

It was a character who would be one of my rivals and could also be chosen as the heroine of the side-route.

Alice Rebecca Archelaus.

And another rival and side-route heroine.

Laurier Einzschutt.

These two characters behaved a little differently from the original game.

……No, the event that led to my becoming a villainous daughter, ‘Laurier’s Hairpiece’, had still occurred properly.

The fact that this event even happened was as good as a 100% confirmation that I am the heroine of this world. I was overwhelmed with joy.

‘Laurier’s Hairpiece’ was an event in which the dark-hearted and insecure Alice tried to steal the hairpiece that Laurier owned. She was jealous of the glittering hair ornament that has been passed down in the family from mother to child, and tried to take it out of spite.

I kept my eyes peeled to see when the event would take place.

And then Laurier took off her hairpiece and the event happened, so I quickly went to defeat it!

“Damn it!”

Alice was calm, didn’t admit her guilt, and more importantly, Laurier, who was supposed to feel indebted to me, even defended Alice. I have no idea what that meant.

Although I immediately realized that Laurier must have been threatened by Alice…It was still an unsettling event.

Also, Alice had been speaking quite a lot for a reclusive girl. That was another thing that bothered me.

But, well, that’s okay. I shouldn’t get upset just because the game and the reality are different from my thoughts.

Anyway, it’s been confirmed that I’m still the main character.

I would ruin Alice’s reputation, and I would take my first steps as a dashing villainous daughter.

If I keep up with the events, I should be able to marry the prince.

……Definitely. Absolutely yes.

Even if my mother was somehow scary and cold. Even that would be fine as long as the story can continue.

“Gabriella, come.”

My mother, who must have heard from her aides that I had caused a disturbance at the tea party, came to call on me with her blank expression.

But it would be absolutely fine.

In the future, if I bring the prince down, I’m sure my mother will understand me too. She would understand and say I was great.

Definitely, she will love me tenderly, just like my, Aira’s, mom had.


T/N: So the villainess is a reincarnater after all…but her personality is so bratty she seems to fit in just fine ¯\_(ツ)_/¯. I do kind of feel bad for Gabriella missing her mom from the original world, that still doesn’t make me not want to dropkick her at times.

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