Chapter 47: The Einzschutt Household

Laurier’s POV

My name is Laurier Julia Einzschutt.

I am the eldest daughter of the Einzschutt margrave family.

For some reason, the Einzschutt family is a house where many women are born, and has thus been a family that has produced many female lords, even while taking on the role of defense as a margrave that guards the border.

For that reason, even if I am a woman, there is a high possibility that I will become the main householder. Even if a younger brother is born, that wouldn’t change.

Always be calm. Always stay resolute. Be wise and noble, without letting anyone step on you.

That kind of upbringing in anticipation of becoming a leader is very harsh…but it wasn’t painful because it really wasn’t so different from my natural temperament.

“Dad! Meryl needs a new dress for the next tea party!”

“Oh, good. What color do you want next?”

“Let’s see…”

Looking at my sister, Meryl, who is a year younger than me, I am struck with an insurmountable complex.

As an illegitimate child of the family, I had always received a strict, even cold, upbringing from my father.

However, I think my father had really wanted to raise a daughter to be a woman and to love her.

As soon as my younger sister Meryl was born, he began to dote on her.

My sister is the type of person who has a knack for knowing when to be selfish and who to tell to get what she wants.

That’s why she’s so clingy with my father, who really wanted to adore her, and she’s also sensitive to my mother’s good and bad moods, so she spoils her too. Mother also seems to spoil Meryl in that way.

She also uses her name in the third person, and smiles like an angel to her servants, which is why she’s so popular.

My response to that was clumsy and unfriendly.

She’s my sister, so be patient. I’m going to be the lord, so be resolute.

She’s my sister, so give it away. I’m going to be the lord, so don’t cry easily.

I followed those voices desperately while becoming the character I was required to be because I didn’t want to discourage my parents.

I can no longer be pampered by others like my sister is.

Because I was always observing my surroundings, I was aware that I lacked the kind of childlike qualities appropriate for my age.

I know that compared to my innocent younger sister, all of the servants talked behind my back, saying that I was not as pretty as my sister and that I was weird and uncomfortable to be around.

……I’m not a fan of my sister.

No, rather, I’m jealous of her. I’m jealous of my sister for what she has that I don’t.

A sister who looks good in cute things and is loved by everyone.

I do not look good in cute things, and I am always forced to endure as an older sister.

It’s not that I don’t think my parents love me. It’s just that the only things I have are the future title and this hair accessory that was given to me by my mother.

This hair accessory was the only thing that I would not give up to my sister even if she begged for it, and my parents did not ask me to give it up either.

I had been leading a depressing life, but recently I’ve been having a lot of fun.

It was because of Alice-sama and Letitia-sama, who had become my friends before I entered Lovaine Academy.

I have a lot of fun when I’m chatting with those two.

Alice-sama is the daughter of the second largest family of the Heimer faction.

I heard that she had been fighting a long illness, but she was a dignified girl who didn’t make it seem that way.

Her golden eyes sparkle in the sunshine and shine even brighter when talking about her favorite topics.

She has good posture and always looks forward, and her silvery hair sparkles when it flutters in the wind.

Her gestures are lovely and her face is beautiful.

And above all, Alice’s openheartedness and friendly personality is her charm, which contrasts well with her beautiful appearance.

I can’t thank her enough for being the first one to talk to me at the tea party, when I hadn’t been able to make friends due to the fact that I seemed so difficult to get along with.

To me, as a future lord, I always had my guard up, but for someone my age, Alice-sama’s combination of coolness, cuteness, and friendliness made her an ideal match.

And then there was Letitia-sama.

I had avoided the adorable looking girl at first, thinking that she was the same type as my sister. But Letitia-sama was such a clumsy child that I couldn’t help but think that.

When I first met her at the tea party, she had been involved in a quarrel between young ladies asking for her opinion.

However, she didn’t really understand the situation and was dawdling.

If it was the me from before, I would have turned a blind eye to Letitia-sama, who looked like my sister. But then I suddenly wondered ‘What would Alice-sama do?’ and I was helping her out before I realized it. That was the first time.

Since then, she had gotten lost in the house she was invited to and was half crying, or was floundering because she couldn’t keep up with the conversation at the tea party.

Whenever I saw her, I couldn’t help but help her, and as I did so, I began missing her. Most of all, while I was suddenly feeling vaguely gloomy at the thought of home, she would squeeze my hand with eyes that seemed to ask me if I was okay.

She took me seriously and was concerned about me…

“Laurier, it’s time for you to practice.”

“Yes, Mother.”

I am being called for a music lesson, which I am not the best at.

But now that I had made two wonderful friends, I could practice with the eager feeling to surprise them after we enrolled in school.

I stepped out of my room light-heartedly.


T/N: This chapter made me love and root for Laurier so much more TT_TT

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