Chapter 20: No Way (3)

Haah~ I let out a deep sigh in my heart.

“Your Highness Christopher. I apologize, but I’m no longer the little child who doesn’t know anything…please forgive me.” I said so and bowed my head deeply.

So please give it up. Really, don’t get involved with me anymore.

“Even if I say it’s okay?”


I couldn’t make out his expression because he had his head down, but I could tell from his voice that he was sad.

Haaah~ I let out a deep sigh for the second time today.

Now it feels like I’m bullying him.

His Highness Christopher is not a bad person. I know that. He is a prince who is strong, righteous, beautiful, honest, and has a strong sense of justice. I honestly liked his character, but that was it—nothing more and nothing less. In fact, I don’t want to feel anything more than that. I didn’t even want to think about it.

My position was that of a Duke’s daughter, and although I wanted nothing to do with it, I was still the only daughter of the current king’s younger brother.

My father doesn’t want me to become royalty, but because of my position as the daughter of a duke, he has had me, his daughter, be educated as a queen since I was very young.

In other words, Charlotte of the Avi family is in an extremely high position as a Crown Princess candidate.

If I were to be perceived as being on good terms with the crown prince, there is a possibility that I would be made his fiancée, even if he did not want it.

I absolutely do not want that to happen.

There were also other reasons why I didn’t want to meet His Highness Christopher. I was worried that I would get caught up in some sort of ‘game correction’ and have romantic feelings for him after meeting him for the first time in five years.

But luckily that didn’t seem to be happening.

…I’m relieved.

But even if it was okay this time, it doesn’t mean that there wouldn’t be any game corrections in the future.

That’s why I didn’t want to meet His Highness Christopher, nor did I want to continue our relationship.

And so…

Although gentle, I stubbornly rejected him…

“Charl. Can you please give a little break for Chris?”

Big brother started to follow up on His Highness.

Why are you helping him!?

Is it because he’s the Crown Prince?

I see—you chose His Highness Christopher over your own sister, didn’t you? If so, I’m going to hate you!!

My brother just smiled wryly at me.

–Even if you apologize, I won’t forgive you! No way!!

Just as I was about to puff out my cheeks and turn away with a pout, my brother whispered in my ear.

“Ricardo Aker.”


What about Ricardo-sama?!?

My eyes twinkled.

“If Charlotte will do me a favor, then I’ll introduce you to him, okay?” My brother smiled at me.


Introduce me to Ricardo-sama!?!?

If that’s the condition of your request, then there’s no reason to ask!!!

“Yes! I’ll be happy to!!” —I was about to say that when I realized…

Since when did I even talk to my brother about Ricardo??? I thought about it, but I just couldn’t remember. Brother was too confident for it to be random, and in the first place, I don’t think those two have even met each other yet.

“Don’t you remember that day when you were crying and talking to me?”


I knew that I’d spilled out everything, but did I even reveal the person I loved too!?

I’m such an idiot.

“So, what are going to do? Don’t you want to meet your favorite Ricardo?” the demon Brother Lucas whispered.


Well, of course the answer is obvious!!!

“—If you break your promise, I’ll never speak to you again!”

I took advantage of the demon’s Brother Lucas’ words.

“Your Highness Christopher.”

I turned to face His Highness Christopher, who still had a sad look on his face.

“Lady Charlotte…?”

“I can’t call you brother, but may I call you Sir Chris*?” (***T/N ‘Chris-sama’ is what she says here.  ‘-sama’ is an honorific that one uses for someone who is of higher rank/deeply respected. Other translations could be ‘Lord Chris’ or ‘Master Chris’ but I decided to just go with ‘Sir Chris’)

When I said that, His Highness Christopher’s face lit up.

“I don’t even want the ‘Sir’ part—”

“—Sir Chris, thank you for your help in the investigation from now on.”

I forcibly interrupted His Highness Christo—Sir Chris’s words and held out my hand.

We should shake hands and reconcile like with my brother!

Sir Chris, who had been interrupted, looked puzzled for a moment, and then immediately took my hand…

…and kissed it


“Sir Chris!!”

Seeing me protesting with a red face, Sir Chris giggled like a mischevious child.


Oh no!!!

That face definitely doesn’t look bad!

I had lost something important at the cost of making a contract with the demon Brother Lucas…That’s what it felt like…

From that day on, the <<Big Brother Lucas, Sir Chris, and Charlotte>> investigation team was established.


T/N: Gotta love the dynamic between Charl and the demon Lucas~

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5 thoughts on “Chapter 20: No Way (3)

    1. yep, keep it as Chris-sama, since seeing “Sir” feels like I’m reading an old novel or something~


  1. I wonder if you should think about translating that as ‘the Devil’ instead of ‘the demon’. I think that’s what the author was intending.


    1. I thought about it, but later in the story, Lucas is often referred to as “Maou” in japanese which means ‘demon lord’ so I decided to stay consistent. The translation for demon and devil and monster are sometimes pretty similar in japanese, so it can get mixed up quite often, haha.


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