Chapter 49: The Day Before Enrollment (1)

Finally, the season has passed.

“Matilda, where was that cloth again?!”

“I think it was in the antechamber! I’ll clean up the mess, so Yulena, please take care of the mirror stand!”

“I understand!”

The house was very busy right now, and the maids and aides were running around left and right, busy preparing this and that.

That’s because it was the day before the move.

The academy has a dormitory that most of the students use, so my aides and I will be moving there.

In other words…


Finally, starting tomorrow, I will be a first year student at the Lovaine Imperial Magic Academy!

“…Hmm…Nnngh…!!!! I’m so excited I can’t sit down! I need to do something too…”

With that, I stood up with a clatter and tred to help with the packing, but each time, I was gently put back in a chair, and repeatedly given a warm cup of tea to drink.

Connie, Matilda and Yulena work together strangely well, and this line of defense was impossible to break through.

Even though the large luggage had already been moved into the dorm rooms, everyone was busy packing up the things I had been using until today and finishing up the move themselves.

I’m not familiar with this, so was it really a nuisance for me to help them…? I’m not sulking, though, am I?

I was just waiting and sitting like that when my father and mother suddenly came over.

“Alice, get ready to…ugh…are you…U-u, uuuuuhhhh.’’

My father started crying as soon as he saw my face. This was something I had gotten used to over the past few days and I was no longer fazed by it.

My mother giggled and pat him on the back.

“You’ve already cried a lot this morning.”

“Ugh, but…but I’m not sure if I’ll be seeing her for a while…”

Ugh, the quivering father managed to make a crisp face as he sniffed. His nose was red.

I answered with a bit of a laugh.

“The preparations are progressing smoothly, thanks to my aides and maids.” (T/N it rhymes!!)

“We have already brought in and checked the most important things, Siegmund-sama.”

Brother Will also replied to my father in a polite tone. As he had officially become one of my aides, he made sure to use respectful and honorific titles for me and my parents as well.

My parents nodded after hearing that.

Incidentally, the reason why my father was so fretful was not just because of my admission.

An entourage and friend who had been acting as the local overseer of the territory for a long time had sent a letter saying, “I know I said it would be until your wife and daughter were healed, but hurry up and come back now!” Father was going to return to the territory soon and waited for the end of the summer social season.

That’s why I decided to enter the dormitory.

……No, honestly, even if there was no reason, I think I would have joined the magic school dormitory or anything else for that matter. No matter what people think, it’s interesting.

For me, I’m not too worried because the Archelaus territory is relatively close to the imperial capital, and I was told that they would come to visit me from time to time.

As for my mother, to my surprise, she and the Virgil’s Aunt Felicia have started a small new business together because of the praise for the decoration of sweets and the lovely sense of flavors at the birthday party.

My mother supervised the design and image proposal, while Aunt Felicia assisted her and communicated with others. The Virgil family was also in charge of the sourcing and acquisition of the materials.

Well, rather than a new business, it seemed more like a group of mother’s inner circle of friends. I was happy because this was only possible because my mother was full of energy.

This is a bit of a digression, but for that reason, my mother was basically staying in the territory, though it seems that she planned to come to the Imperial Capital more often than my father, so she’s relatively calm.

“I’ll be inviting some of my closest people this evening for a celebration of your entrance into the school and a debriefing for our return home. Connie, have you properly prepared the right dress to wear at that time?”

“Yes, ma’am, I have a complete set ready for you.”

When asked by my mother, Connie, who was walking around and packing, answered with a smile. Come to think of it, she did say she was going to have such a party.

Some of my relatives haven’t seen me in a while, so I would have to participate in a lot of conversations with them.


T/N: Alice-chan heading off to Hogwarts~

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