Chapter 51: Entrance Ceremony at the Magic Academy

……Is this world a world that was created because of that game?

Or is it the game that this world reflects?

No one knows.

“What do you think of the vine plant?”

A high and dignified voice, like the sound of bells, echoed in the cathedral-like majestic hall.

…Either way, this world is here now, and I’m here, and real flesh and blood people are stirring in real life.

No matter how much I thought about it, there was no way to know whether that game or this world came first.

“This vine is a parasitic plant that lives on trees. It is a weak grass that cannot support itself.”

Hundreds of people were now gathered in the great hall of the Lovaine Imperial Magic Academy.

……In this solemn occasion of the entrance ceremony, I was quietly listening to the voice of the person on the stage.

“These vines are actually quite strong. It’s not easy to tear off them off, even when pulled, and they run endlessly in all directions, and even have a certain kind of beauty. The vines creep over old trees and buildings like a proof of their history, as if it were an appropriate decoration. Vines and other roses, which are extremely graceful, have been valued and loved by the people for their appearance alone.”

Everyone in the room was overwhelmed by the voice that rang out from the top of the raised stage, in the front of the hall.

…I looked down, unable to bear what was in front of me.

“The aristocracy is just like a vine that lives on the single tree called a country. But will they end up being mere weeds? Or will they end up a noble rose loved by the people?…That answer is up to you, ladies and gentlemen.”

Those words spread unrest.

Some were impressed, some were confused, and some believed that they were called weeds and showed anger.

But I, Alice Archelaus, was upset for a much different reason.

“The name of our school, Lovaine, has the meaning of the vine of justice in the ancient language! You have just been admitted to this school. Be sure to become a prosperous and righteous vine that colors the Great Tree and protects its prestige.”

The being who said that laughed high in the air, fluttering her body as much as she could.

At the sight of that, my internal tsukkomi gauge reached its highest point.




Why the hell did the ‘Golden Rose’ creators shove a ‘loli hag’ into an otome game?!?!

“Phew. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a speech. Take care of the rest, David.”

It wasn’t just any loli hag who said that, it was the supreme authority of Lovaine Imperial Magic Academy. Headmistress Ortensia sashayed down from the stage.

Her hair fell in pure white waves that reached her ankles, braided with beads.

She had a slender frame, a lovely young face, and rosy cheeks.

The girl in the long, slim white dress that matched her hair color, somehow looked almost identical to the newly enrolled students, and yet she opened her mouth and announced herself as the oldest head director of the school.

Headmistress ‘loli-hag’

After delivering a grandiose speech in an elderly tone, she passed the baton to David, the head director of Advenzia Academy, gave him a pat, and quickly took her seat.

“Good grief…the content of the speech wasn’t bad, but you still haven’t done anything about explaining the crucial details about the school or anything else.”

“Hmm, do you want me to do that kind of work? You should be the one to do that.”

The headmistress snorted as she said that. She didn’t want to move from her seat anymore.

David, who laughed bitterly at the fact that it couldn’t be helped, was a strict bearded man in his late 50s.

He was the opposite of the all-white Headmistress Ortensia, having black hair and black eyes. He was also wearing black cassock-like clothing.

Headmaster David turned to the students, straightened his back and cleared his throat in a low voice.

“Well, really. Congratulations to everyone on your enrollment. I am David, the headmaster of Advenzia Academy. Unlike Mystico, which is an independent research institute, Advenzia is like an extension of Lovaine. Because the two academies are connected to each other, you’ll probably meet with people from both sides a lot. If you need any advice, feel free to visit us.”

His voice was dignified yet gentle, and those who had been confused by the Headmistress of the school earlier, sighed as if they were relieved.

“You will be studying the basics of aristocracy for the next six years at Lovaine. As we discussed earlier, the word “Lovaine” is an ancient word for the vine of justice. The vine has a strong life force and it grows powerfully in all directions. I hope that you, too, will play an active role in a wide range of fields and fulfill your roles as noble members of our Holy Svelastrian Empire.”

Ah, he was very much like a normal headmaster…I’m so relieved…

While I was relieved, Headmistress Ortensia spoke in a whisper.

“Hey David, it’s a good idea to give them a warning, too.”

To Headmistress Ortensia, who tugged on the hem of Headmaster David’s clothes, and to Headmaster David’s…Is it okay if I think of them as Headmaster David and Headmistress Ortensia in my brain?

Headmaster David smiled bitterly and whispered, ‘I know, I know.’

“Well, Headmistress Ortensia, as you can see, has a young appearance. But her physical age is that of an old woman–ouch!”

“Who’s an old woman?!?!?! No, you guys, I’m just a little girl who’s very fragile. Weak! A little girl! It’s true!!!”

“Ugh. It’s not a good idea to hug her or shock her just because she says she’s a frail little girl. In the past, a student tried to surprise Headmistress Ortensia, but then he became unable to move for a week because of a cracked back…be really careful.”

Oh, uhhh…

The students all understood the precautions and the power relationship between the headmaster and our headmistress.

“Yes, you must be wondering why I look so young when I have so much history in my body, right? As a matter of fact, I was exposed to all sorts of chemicals in my quest to create a shape-shifting potion, and before I knew it, I was in this position! I don’t know which drug was the one that did it, but if you want your skin to stay shiny until the day you die, you’d better work hard on your research!”

It seems that Headmistress Ortensia, who laughed with a smile, did not want to use the words ‘old body’ or ‘old age.’

Once the story was put to an end, Headmaster David resumed his explanation. He explained the flow of simple school life and introduced the dormitory directors who would be entering.

I had wondered what else would happen after such amazing things occurring from the beginning, but it seemed to be fun anyway.

As I managed to stifle my grinning, fidgeting and enthusiastic feelings with a blank expression, the entrance ceremony went off without a hitch.

For the time being, I am finally enrolled in the magic academy!


T/N: The headmistress is so cute! Looking forward to reading more about her.

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