Chapter 52: Dormitory

After that high-impact entrance ceremony, we were all walking along as we were ushered towards the dorms we would each enter.

I was now walking down a corridor out of the main hall, with a view of the beautiful lawn and courtyard. The old stone structure had a nice atmosphere that was very exciting.

“The special name of the Imperial Magic Academy comes from the Lovaine Palace, which was originally located here. This academy is a castle from the same era as the ruins of the old royal palace in the imperial garden, including the great hall area where we are walking now, as well as some other dormitory and classroom areas. The rest of the classrooms, dorms and facilities were added after the school was established, so the building is relatively new.”

The young teacher who is leading us around was called Ray-sensei.

‘She’ had long, lustrous black hair that was glossy and wavy, a cinched waist, red lips and glossy nails. What can I say…this person seems to have a lot of sex appeal.

But, well, while ‘she’ looked like an amazingly beautiful woman, it was very hard to believe that ‘she’ was a primary school teacher.

Ah…looks like it’s ‘him.’

I was not a fan of this kind of thing, but it was my honest opinion.

The reason for that was because of Ray-sensei.

If my prediction was correct, he was not a woman, but a man.

Of course, it had to be true. A capture target from the Golden Rose otome game…The memory of my junior’s voice was tugging at my mind…

“Senpai, hey Senpai, the big sister character who becomes a handsome man when you take off the cross-dressing is…eh, nothing? Oh, my, don’t you like it senpai?…Che, Ray was my go-to guy…”

Yeah. When I thought back on it, it was like the preview for the next episode of a famous card game, containing all sorts of spoilers.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but Ray-sensei seemed like a woman for all intents and purposes. I couldn’t help but think that his disguise skills were really good.

Even on the back of the game package, I had wondered why there was only one bewitching woman. I remember catching a glimpse of it…

Hello beautiful lady man

…How did he come to start dressing as a woman?

But well, I was definitely more focused on the school for now. It was an old castle with a great atmosphere—The excitement was bubbling up inside me!

While listening intently to Ray-sensei’s academy tour, the new students finally arrived at the dormitory area.

“So then, let’s enter the dormitory. From this hall, the one that leads up those stairs is the ‘Twilight Dormitory.’ Across the corridor there, in the other tower, are the ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Venus’ dormitories. Does everybody know where their own dormitory is?”

The new students nodded at the question.

In this school, the size of the dormitory and the rooms that could be used were dependent upon one’s status and gender.

The first was the ‘Twilight Dormitory.’

This is a dormitory that was open to the eldest sons and eldest daughters, and, depending on their status, also the second sons or daughters.

Although it was small, each person was assigned a room, and in addition, it was equipped with small rooms for the servants and aides to sleep or work in.

By the way, as a remnant of what was originally a castle, this Twilight dormitory was said to be slightly different in size and shape from room to room.

By principle, it was not divided by faction. However, in order to divide the group into smaller groups based on the area of the room to which they were addressed, they were naturally divided by faction.

I was entering the ‘Aurum Ward.’ The older noble families were mainly distributed here.

On the other hand, the newer nobles were distributed in the ‘Diamante Ward.’

The less powerful nobles, neutrals, wealthy and strong families, along with foreign students all seem to be placed in the ‘Platina Ward.’

Next was the ‘Moonlight Dormitory.’

This was commonly known as the Knight’s dormitory. It was a so-called ‘men’s dormitory,’ where two or three people each shared a room. Johann was staying here.

The last was the ‘Venus Dormitory.’

Needless to say, this was a women’s dormitory. Among my aides, Yulena and Matilda would be staying here. However, they would probably sleep in my aide’s room.

For those who were set to become my aides, this place was mostly a spot to keep personal belongings and used as a home base for holidays or when they are sick. The same was said to be true for the boys in the Moonlight dormitory with their male masters.

The origin of the names of the dormitories was that ‘Twilight’ is likened to the god of beginning, and ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Venus’ were the names given to help illuminate them.

By the way, men and women were also firmly separated in the Twilight dormitory. Moreover, the rooms of the nobles would have their own aides on duty, and guards would also patrol the corridors.

……Ah, this over-the-top setting. It’s seriously a magical world. This felt like a magician’s dormitory…

I was about to squeal involuntarily, but I held on and tightened my expression.

…I think I was probably doing a good job at it…Yup.


T/N: Alice finally joins Griffindor the Aurum Ward~

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