Chapter 21: Dungeon (1-1)

Dungeon 1 part 1

And so…the dungeon investigation team, led by my father and the other members of the ‘Leah,’ proceeded further and further into the dungeon.

The third dungeon level was the nest of the ‘starving monkey’s’ evolutionary forms, the [Crimson Monkeys], and the fourth dungeon level was the nest of the ‘black rain’s’ evolutionary forms, the [Blood Rains].

The “Crimson Monkeys” looked like a large bipedal monkeys about three meters tall. In addition to calling out to their friends like the ‘starving monkeys’ did, they also released an ultrasonic roar whenever their faces turned bright red. This was a nasty thing that attacked the eardrums directly and made the enemy unable to move.

The “Blood Rains” were huge birds that resembled a phoenix. They were less than two meters long. Their bright red bodies were reminiscent of fire. Their black rain attack, which normally consisted of sharp-edged feathers, also had additional flames. Those feathers also contained poison, and even the slightest scratch would cause pain like the fires of hell.

Do all the demon beasts in this world turn red when they evolve…?

As I was considering that simple question, my father and his team remained undaunted by the evolved demon beasts and swiftly defeated them.

…Huh? As I recall, I remember hearing that they had a hard time with the pre-evolved ‘starving monkeys,’ so why were the ‘crimson monkeys’ easy for them to defeat?

When I asked my brother that question, he told me that the reason was because of the magic stones that the ‘starving monkeys’ occasionally dropped.

In other words, Team ‘Leah’ (***name of her father’s team from her mother’s name) was sneaking in between dungeon conquests and investigations, accepting all the additional requests that they could handle. One of those requests had been for the demon beast stones dropped by ‘starving monkeys,’ and in order to collect as many as they could, they decided to increase the number of demon beasts to defeat, which made things more difficult.

In other words, everything became difficult for them because they were being greedy…

Well, you reap what you sow…(***T/N:The term used here is “jigou jitoku” which is a japanese idiom that basically means that they have to suffer the consequences for their bad behavior)

Since there was no longer a need to collect magic stones anymore, everyone was in a state of fearlessness.

As for me, I had no role to play here, so I just stayed back.


Now we were at the fifth dungeon level which consisted of grassy fields.

Of course, there were no ordinary flowers and grasses in this dungeon. Instead, there were plants similar to those famous insectivorous plants, such as  the venus flytraps and pitcher plants. The plants that resembled them had grown to about two meters in size.

These giant plants were magnificent man-eating plant demons.

There was no specific name for each type, and they were collectively called [Killer Plants]. They would swallow their prey when approached, and slowly dissolve them in their own bodies with digestive juices, before absorbing them fully. It was also said that they could attack violently with a seed-like machine gun. (***T/N: Anyone else thinking about those plant monsters from Mario?)

When a killer plant is attacked, it splits. Next, its root changes. That root then creates legs to move in order to protect its own life.

Thinking about being chased by killer plant…it makes me think of something similar from old retro games.

Why didn’t father and the others just burn them down before they could grow any more?

By the way, in case you were wondering…my brother, Chris-sama***, and I were waiting a little further back inside of the barrier I had set up. Apparently, Chris-sama was my escort. (***T/N: I’ve changed ‘Sir Chris’ back to “Chris-sama” due to a reader request. However normally, I will omit japanese honorifics in place of standard English terms to avoid confusion. If anybody dislikes this change, feel free to bring it up to me and I can put it to a vote ^_^)

I don’t need Chris-sama…

My father and the others seemed to be attacking in vain for a while now.

Were they planning to increase the number of killer plants in order to collect more magic stones?

…At this rate, these grasslands would turn into a dense jungle. Slowly and surely, I could see the number of killer plants increasing.

“Brother, I think it’s not a good idea to increase the number of killer plants any further. I think it would be better to just burn them off with super-heated flame magic.”

When I suggested this to my brother and Chris-sama, who were standing next to me, they both gave me a ‘perfect smile’ for some reason.

What? Was there…something weird about what I said??

“…Lady Charlotte has become quite a tomboy, hasn’t she?”

“She’s too much of a tomboy even for me at times.”

“Well…I suppose. But it’s good that she’s well.”

“It is quite fun to watch, as long as it’s within my sight that is.”


Don’t whisper to each other like that when I’m right in front of you!!

You’re saying bad things! Are you cursing me!?


I don’t need you guys to tell me what to do of all people, okay?

A brother who uses unbelievable magic with a smile on his face, and a sparkling prince who uses a magic sword to slice through demons with no change of expression. It’s the two of you who should be talked about!

“Well, I think it’s about time for me to go. I’m sure Father and the others know that…but I’m skeptical. I’ll be back in a bit. Charl, stay right here, okay?”

My brother began running towards the front group past the barrier.


Hey—!!! If you leave now, then it’ll just be me and Chris-sama!!

And thus, the two of us were left separate from the group.


Do I have to say something? I don’t want to…


The silence was awkward.

As I was thinking about that, Chris-sama began talking to me.

“Lady Charlotte…you are a Duke’s daughter. Even so, are you going to continue investigating the dungeons?”

“…Is that not okay?”

‘You’re a woman’ or ‘Because you’re a girl’—Is that what he was going to say?

I quietly got into my fighting stance.

I was aware that there were people who didn’t like the idea of me being part of the investigation team. Mainly, those who hoped I would become the Crown Princess.

“It’s nothing personal. I just want to know why. As a child, Lady Charlotte was…well, she was often frightened.”

—Huh? He wasn’t going to stop me?

I would have thought that Chris-sama, the prince, would want to prevent girls from fighting. In the game, there was even a scene where he regretted his inadequacy, because the heroine was forced to fight.

“I think it’s normal for young children to be frightened.”

The truth was, I was still scared. However, I was not afraid of vague or unknown things I didn’t understand like a young child would normally be.

“I joined this investigation team because of a goal I must achieve. Unfortunately, I cannot tell even you what that is, Chris-sama…”

Losing the people I care about is what scares me the most. Because I knew what was to come, I had no choice but to act.

“Is it something so great that you are even willing to risk being attacked by demon beasts to accomplish this?”

“Yes. I want to achieve it no matter what. That is my desire.”

I would even risk my life for this. This was the reason I had been born again, so I would not let it go to waste.

“May I help you?”

Come again!?!? No well, I don’t want that!!! Should I just refuse with all my might!?!?

“…No, no. It is something I have to do myself.”

“Is that so…”

Chris-sama’s shoulders slumped.

Now he looked like a sad golden retriever.

I don’t remember Chris-sama ever being this kind of person…was he always like this?


T/N: Lmao, I don’t think Charl has to be too worried about ‘sad puppy Chris.’

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  1. Thanks for the chapter

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    1. Would you like to use an new but untested gun or the perfectly maintained service gun~?

      Surely you’ll choose the service gun since it’s tested and reliable, it’s kinda like that~


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