Chapter 53: New Room

Ray-sensei led the new students to their private quarters.

I followed Yulena and Matilda up the spiral staircase and into the upper level Aurum Ward.

“Wow–! It’s beautiful!”

I responded with an agreement to Yulena’s impressed voice.

The Twilight dormitory was shaped like a huge tower, with a spiral staircase in the center. You can get to each room by going out from that spiral staircase through a passage.

My room was in one of the upper Aurum areas, and when I walked out from the stairs into the corridor, I saw a line of about five other rooms in addition to my own.

The Ward was named ‘Aurum’…meaning, ‘Gold,’ and with its passageway decorations, it was really beautiful.

The gray, almost white, stone walls were fitted with splendidly decorated golden sconces.

The evenly spaced sconces were fitted with magic stone lamps instead of candles, which flickered and elegantly illuminated the corridors of the windowless old castle.

Due to the structure of this dormitory, only the private room side had windows. The corridor between the spiral staircase and the private rooms had no windows.

A lamp was installed as a light source for this purpose, and the shape of the lamp was said to be the name of the compartment.

“I heard that the Aurum Ward has a gold candelabra, but then is the Diamante Ward something of a diamond, as the name suggests…?”

“Maybe it’s more like a chandelier. Hmm, I’d love to see it…I’m sure Platina’s is as beautiful as the name suggests.”

Yulena and Matilda were excited. I nodded in response, my cheeks tinting as I opened my mouth.

The passageway leading to these five rooms sloped down to a gentle staircase with small steps.

As I was gawking at the decorations and beautiful furnishings in the hallway, a person came out of the top room.


“Oh, Sister Athena!”

I scampered over to a smiling Sister Athena.

“Congratulations on your enrollment, Alice. I knew we were in the same Aurum Ward, but I’m so glad that we’re even in the same compartment!”

“Thank you. Yes, I’m surprised too. I’m very happy!”

Normally, Sister Athena tended to stammer and had a quiet voice, but she seemed to be unusually pleased and was talking a lot.

“Alice’s room is over here.”

A small hand pulled me in to the third door from the top.

“…!! Oh, wow–!”

My tension and excitement was so high that if this were a manga, glitter effects would be popping up all around me.

When I entered, the first thing I saw was a small room for the aides.

A dark brown rug was drawn over the stone room about the size of eight tatami mats, and bunk beds with curtains of the same color were placed against each wall. Across the room was a large arched door that was currently open. Beyond that, I could see a bright room, illuminated by the lights outside.

“Oh, it feels like a dormitory…! Lovely~!”

I sniffed involuntarily. As I walked through the aides’ room and into my private quarters, I felt dizzy and staggered with a giddiness of joy.

“Ah, Alice-sama?!”

“Oh my gosh, are you okay?!”

Yulena, who moved quickly, supported me. As I thanked her, I turned to my room.

It was an old-fashioned stone room with two large windows.

The bay window-like space were decorated with flowers and a red cloth hung on a heavy wood table by the window. On top of the cloth were the candelabras and a book I had brought from my parents’ house, all neatly arranged.

I looked over the classy dark red rug and then looked at the wall and saw an arched groove that looked like it had been hollowed out. It was the bed.

This is–!!

It’s a Nau****a bed…!!! (***T/N: Not too sure what ‘Na*****a’ means, but I’m assuming it is a certain type of bed that is indented into the wall. EDIT: Thanks to a friendly helper, I learned that this is a bed from the show “Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind” and that it was just censored by the author. The bed is basically like an alcove bed and you can see examples at the end of this chapter and in the comments!)

This was the cause of my dizzy excitement.

Certainly, it was an alcove bed. The type which was hollowed in the wall, making it an ideal space to step into.

It was lined with fluffy bedding, the same color as the rug, and looked like a comfortable place to sleep.

There were also small shelves and bookshelves by the wall, making it the perfect space for seclusion.

This kind of room was the best, but the arrangement of the chic colors, linens, accessories and furniture was perfect.

I had been excited just by the fact that it was a dormitory, but they even made it look like an old princess’s room with a romantic finish…

“Matilda, Yulena! Thank you!!”

I turned around and hugged the two of them and a cute squeal came from the two of them. I rubbed their cheeks and played nice with them both together, and a flower effect flew out of them. Hehehe, the cutest faces ever. I repeat, my aides are the cutest.

“Ah, Alice…she’s surprisingly bold in her expressions of affection.”

With a look of awe, Sister Athena was surprised.

I realized that as I let them both go, though I regretted it.

“Ehehehe…the main supervisor was Matilda, I chose the fabrics, and the furniture arrangement was decided by the two of us.”

“We only allowed a man’s hand when moving, so Wilhelm and Johann came in and worked a lot, too.”

Is that so? I’ll have to thank both men a lot later!

“But then again, the floor space is quite a lot for only two bunk bends, isn’t it? There are two girls amongst the aides, and isn’t the night shift a daily change…?”

Big sister Athena popped a question. Then Matilda huffed proudly.

“As Alice-sama’s aide, my own private room is no longer a storage room! I’ll live here completely…And above all, there will be many who will want to be one of Alice-sama’s aides, so I’ve prepared for them first!”

“Oh, is that right…?”

Sister Athena was overwhelmed by the mysterious confidence that gushed out of Matilda.

As I recall, her aides consisted of five girls and a few boys, but apparently they were not living in, but doing night shifts on a daily basis.

I did think there were a lot of beds, but I guess that was the reason.

Well, if they were going to live in the dormitories, the more friends I have, the better. It’s like a girls’ dormitory where it’s perfect to hang out and have fun.

I had been thinking that I already had enough aides, but if I ever found a good girl, I might try to scout her out.


T/N: Yulena and Matilda are the cutest~

Also, in case anyone was wondering about the ‘alcove bed,’ I’m guessing that it looks something like this:

I agree with Alice–I want one too!

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  1. Alcove bed is a bed with another folded bed that needs to be pulled if you want to sleep on it, it may have some drawes too


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