Chapter 56: Elective Classes

Ray-sensei’s POV

“Um, well, ehem. There’s a little too much irregularity going on, and the teacher is confused. Anyway, I’m going to stop the test for a moment and explain the electives first.”

I am Rayas. Also known as Ray-sensei.

For some reason, I am living in the world pretending to be a female teacher.

This year’s new students include the factions’ second-ranked daughters, both of whom have come in together, as well as the sons and daughters of other notorious families, and even the prince, so I was prepared for a certain amount of trouble.

However, I didn’t expect anything to happen from the very first class of the first day. It was a blunder on my part, and I was so shocked by the series of incidents that I momentarily lost my voice.

It was that idiot headmistress who started it all in the first place, but then again, it was also the lady of the Archelaus family who was a factor in accelerating that idiocy.

At first I thought it was cheating and dishonesty, but apparently not. Even though there were areas of strength and weakness in some of them, she kept on solving the test problems, which had questions randomly scattered from the first to the sixth grade levels, until she was stopped.

It would have been fine if the portion of the test she solved had all been correct answers to all the questions. But that wasn’t the case.

The unevenness of the answers, which was a mixture of correct and incorrect answers, and the traces of thoughtfulness of her answers, were way too realistic. It wasn’t a full copy or simple memorization…It’s just that her knowledge of the subject was still a bit limited, but she had the thinking skills of an advanced student. It wasn’t a bad thing. (***T/N: basically, he is saying that because the answers weren’t all perfect and seemed well thought out means that Alice actually had advanced knowledge and didn’t just cheat/memorize answers)

As an added bonus, this Lady of the House of Archelaus…was it okay to use ‘Alice’ in my head because the name’s so long?

Alice’s default expression was a fixed, non-emotional look.

It’s not that she was expressionless. She had a classy, slightly pouting face that didn’t look too moody. However, such a thing was the kind of expression an adult would normally make. Emotions were harder to read from a fixed facial expression.

I caught glimpses of her smiling at her friends and aides from a distance, but I didn’t know which one was her true nature…

That’s not the only thing that was unusual.

Back when I stopped her from solving the test by herself in the midst of that silent environment, she was hardly upset when I stopped her. A normal kid would have had more of a reaction…

But when I instructed her to hand over the answer sheet, all that came out of Alice’s mouth was a calm ‘Here you go.’ It was a calmness that you wouldn’t expect from a 6-year-old.

This kind of genius, this kind of mysterious calmness, was just like a certain junior colleague that I disliked so much that I inadvertently felt like poking at her a little bit.

Having created such a monster egg–what on earth is the Archelaus family?

No, rather, what is the Heimer Faction up to?

While I was vaguely thinking about this, I explained to the students.

“Originally, our goal for today was to look at the grades on this test and decide which elective classes you should take other than the five major ones. But since the headmistress is planning to make some kind of big change…the actual sorting will be done tomorrow or later.”

Oops, I was about to be exposed again. Gotta watch out.

For the time being, I would explain about the elective classes one by one.

Spiritual Medicine—This course is a combination of spiritual and medicinal herbology, combined into one in recent years. Students will learn about magical materials comprehensively, including magical stones and animals in some cases.

Elementary Runeology—This is a basic subject to learn the forms and meanings of ancient characters used in the north and how to apply them in primitive magic. It’s an introductory course for the subject.

Elementary Ancient Roan Philology—This class is an introduction to the Roan script and Roan grammar, the prototypical characters used today.

Elementary Astronomy—This is an introduction to the basics of the relationship between magic and the position and influence of the moon and stars.

Basic Magic Pharmacology—A class that can only be taken by those who have some familiarity with spiritual medicine. The work is slightly risky, so some requirements must be met.

Swordsmanship—Less than 10% of young ladies take these courses at present. The decline in the percentage of noblemen using Athame in real life is also thought to be a factor.

Originally, there were other subjects as well. But the reality is that they are not functioning due to the absence of a teacher who could do it along with various other circumstances.

By the way, all the explanations made the classes seem too difficult, but the contents were limited to age-appropriate levels.

“There are these six elective classes that the first year students can choose from. The magic department can choose whatever they want depending on their grades.”

Students of the Department of Magic, whose role was to obey those of lower rank, were encouraged to acquire power beyond human knowledge, which also served as an authority in addition to practical matters such as defense. That’s why it was not called a ‘noble’ or ‘householder’ department, but a magic department. There were the most opportunities to learn.

However, there were also many spoiled children now that there were no major battles or wars taking place. It would be a good idea to pick one subject on average, three subjects at most.

“It’s not really relevant because the students here are from the Twilight dormitory…In other words, it doesn’t really matter because you are students of the magic department, but I’ll still explain a little about the other departments as well. The knight department has compulsory swordsmanship classes, and there is also a ‘knight department only’ class. The general education department does not require these classes, but instead has other classes such as home economics.”

I was about to say, ‘Any questions?’ when one of the students raised her hand on the dot and asked permission to speak.

Hmm? Let’s see…


Hey, hey, hey. What the hell—what now…?!

“…………Archelaus. You are cleared to speak……What is it?”

Alice, who had just been recognized as a heretic in my brain, was quietly asking for permission to say something.


T/N: Ray-sensei: “For some reason, I am living in the world as a female teacher.” –does this mean he doesn’t know why or something?? (・_・)

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3 thoughts on “Chapter 56: Elective Classes

  1. “For some reason” I’ve seen that phrase being used in Novels to convey that the character is not going to say “why” to the reader, because it’s part of the mystery, JP authors are very straightforward when doing this kinds of plot devices and lack a certain… tact?? how can I say it… they can’t really “lie” or “hide” things… at least not in novels of this kind, I guess because of their inability to maneuver the “secret” without revealing much of it they just do this kinds of devices where they tease the reader “Yes! it’s a secret and I’m not going to tell you!”

    It’s fine for this kinds of novels.

    Also… he’s the antagonist??? or a spy of the kingdom checking out the two factions???… perhaps another reincarnator??

    AAAAnd that’s exactly why the author uses that device in WN, so that the readers can speculate in the comments section just as I did, while giggling at the outrageous ideas of his readers “I know but I’m not gonna tell you!!! please keep reading my Novel!”

    It’s amateurish, but it’s fine! I got used to those kinds of devices haha.

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