Chapter 22: Dungeon (1-2)

Dungeon 1 part 2

…What should I do about this situation?

Do I comfort Chris-sama, the pouting golden retriever?

Aah! It’s too troublesome!!

I was on the verge of pulling out my hair.

“There you are. As I thought, they were wasting time trying to earn magic stones by adding more killer plants.”

My brother came running back.

“…What’s wrong? What happened with you two?”

My brother looked at me and Chris in turn with a strange expression on his face.

“Did I…interrupt something?”

I grabbed my brother’s arm tightly as he turned to face me.

No!! Rather, I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!!!

My Brother (Savior)!!

“No, it’s okay, I was just asking her to answer my question.”

I shook my head vertically in response to Chris-sama’s words.


“Why did Lady Charlotte participate in the investigation?”

“Oh, I see. So did Charlotte tell you why?”

My brother’s eyes narrowed.

Is he…up to something?

“No. She said she had a wish that she wanted to fulfill no matter what, that’s all.”

Chris-sama shook his head and answered.

“Ah, in that case, I should just say it.”


I raised my voice in reproach.

It’s not something that can be said so easily. I’m sure you know that…

I squeezed my brother’s arm and turned my face down.

He gently laid his own hand on my palm, which he was holding tightly.

And then…

“Charlotte said she joined because she was worried about me.”

He said that with a smile.


“She didn’t want to be separated from me, because she loves me. You want to be with me forever, right? My Charl is so cute!”

Brother was exaggerating his voice and making a smug face at Chris-sama.

This…must be a deception, right?

When I thought about it, there was no way my brother would easily tell someone else about our secret.

My brother and I were accomplices. To change the future.

“—I love you, Brother!!”

I deliberately jumped on my brother.

He hugged me when I jumped in, and gently stroked my head.

“It’s not fair that it’s only Lucas!”

Chris-sama tried to intervene between the two of us.

“I also want a sister like Lady Charlotte!”


“Lucas is always bragging about it to me. That Charlotte is the cutest little sister in the world.”

Br-Brother…what are you saying about your cute sister with the fish-eyes and bad eyesight…?

“Just the other day, he said, ‘Charlotte was so adorable as she was crying and hugging me.’


You told him that?!?

Don’t you know that I’m twelve years old!?!?

I glared at my brother with a bright red face.

In the game, Lucas was definitely sweet to his sister and doted on her, but…I thought it was because of the loss of our parents.

To be honest, I didn’t know how much of his true feelings my brother was actually showing me. Sometimes it seemed like he was acting or calculating something.

“Hahaha. I’ve been exposed.”

He stuck out his tongue like a naughty boy.

“My sister is cute, so it can’t be helped, right?”

…My brother said that without hesitation.

What if he’s really just a little sis-con?

“Why don’t you call me your brother!? Lady Charlotte!!”


Do you really want a younger sister that badly?

“I even asked my father and mother the other day, but they said I couldn’t have a sister…”

Chris-sama’s shoulders slumped.

I see a golden retriever whose ears are drooping…

—I mean, did you really ask for one!?!

And just the other day at that! Isn’t that too recently!?

It’s true that the King and Queen are still young…

…At any rate, it seems that I am not currently a love interest.

So then am I… the ‘ideal sister’ type?

This is probably due to Brother’s brainwashing.

I don’t want you to exaggerate about me…

[I don’t need an older brother like Chris-sama!]—If I said that, you’d cry, right?

But even so! I must refuse!

“I can’t call you “Brother” but you can call me ‘Charl’ like Brother Lucas does, is that okay?”

That was my utmost concession. Almost giving up.

I felt like I could be safe as long as I continued on “like a little sister.”

Even if I’m still not comfortable with this, I think we’ll have to be involved in someway in the future…

“Is that true!? Lady Charlotte—no, Charl!”


This time, I see a golden retriever happily wagging its tail.

It was neither a bad or good idea. In that case, I would sneak into the ‘younger sister’ position.

…At this time, I still didn’t know that I would later regret my choice.


T/N: Chris-sama be like:

Much cute, so begging, little sister~

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